Sunday, January 21, 2018

Satmar Chassidim rescued from massive California hotel fire Visiting the Holy Rebbe

Dozens of Satmar hassidim were rescued by firefighters after the California hotel they were staying at went up in flames on Friday night.

The hassidim were spending Shabbat at California's Royal Hotel in Palm Springs in order to be near their Rebbe, or grand rabbi. On Friday night, the hotel was mysteriously engulfed in flames for reasons which firefighters are still investigating. While no one was hurt, many lost their belongings in the blaze.

"A fire broke out at the Royal Hotel in Palm Spring on the night of the Shabbat. The hotel was attended by nine families of Satmar Hasidim who came to be near Satmar Rebbe, and in a miracle, everyone was saved, but we did suffer property damage" tweeted Asher Wagshal, one of the hassidim at the hotel.

"Members of the local Jewish community found places for them to stay until Shabbat was over," Wagshal added.
According to CBS 2 California, the fire started at the hotel's second floor on Friday night and quickly spread to the hotel's third story. "The fire was lapping up and it extended into a room on the third floor directly above the main fire unit," recounted Palm Springs Fire Department Batallion Chief Robert Wright.

A cause has yet to be determined.


AishKodesh said...


Baruch Hashem Yisborach.

To everyone here: This does at least prove that some Satmar Chassidim are deserved of being saved -- otherwise Hashem would not have made them be saved...

jancsibacsi said...

1:55 PM--Oy gevalt Aish who said they were not deserved to be saved whoever said it it was cruel dont be so pesimistic

Chafraud-Depravitch said...

"and in a miracle, everyone was saved"

A miracle he calls it! A miracle! It's a miracle the Satmars didn't get other hotel guests killed.

Oh gosh... just a guess here...

Dumbass Satmar primitives started the fire with their Shabbos candles without taking precautions to ensure the protection of hotel guests and property (because their holy Sabbath is so much more important than other people's lives, property, and safety).

"many lost their belongings in the blaze"

I hope the Palm Springs Fire Department investigators examine this possibility. The fire was pretty localized and it was Satmars who lost their junk. If the fire originated from one of the Satmar's rooms, Shabbos candles are very likely the cause.

Candle lighting time was at around 4:20 PM for Palm Springs
Given some burn time, and that PSFD was called at -approximately- 6:00 PM, it seems likely that Satmar candles were the cause.

"Palm Springs, CA -

At approximately 6PM Friday evening Palm Springs emergency dispatch was notified of a structure fire in the area of South Palm Canyon Drive and East Twin Palms Drive in Palm Springs.

Emergency crews responded to the location in less than 5 minutes.

Upon arriving on scene, Palm Springs Fire identified heavy fire and smoke coming from back three floors of the Royal Sun Inn hotel.

Firefighters made an interior fire tag and were able to put out the blaze, containing it to two rooms. One on the first floor, the other on the hotels third floor."

Perhaps next time they should rent a cave.

AishKodesh said...


@Jancsi, I was jumping to assert that in order to prove to others. :)

Reb C_D, I would say that is pretty pesimistic...

Abe said...

That’s what happens when you permit Satmar into your community. Not necessarily because they might have caused the fire, but because it’s Hashem’s way of informing you to keep the Satmar Israel haters out of your community.
Stay in Williamsburg or Kiryas Joel and burn down your own town.

Chafraud-Depravitch said...

4:20 seemed a bit early to me, so I checked. In Los Angeles it was closer to 4:50, so I suspect my source for Palm Springs may be off and that candle lighting time may have been closer to the time of the emergency call.

Aish, what's pessimistic? I'm optimistic in my belief that Satmar couldn't burn down a cave.


"Stay in Williamsburg or Kiryas Joel and burn down your own town. "

Is it some kind of schnorring tour? Perhaps the smell of California wealth brings them out here. CA would be just fine without them no doubt.

AishKodesh said...


@Mr. C_D, No... I mean it's pessimistic that they caused the fire.

BigFatGetchka said...

"but because it’s Hashem’s way of informing you to keep the Satmar Israel haters out of your community."

Abe, if you're attempting to interpret God's message you've got it completely wrong.

The article states "Members of the local Jewish community found places for them to stay until Shabbat was over," Wagshal added."
God caused this fire as a clear message to tell the community welcome them in.
Oh well.. I guess that's why you're not a prophet.

H said...

"Pessimistic that they caused the fire"????


Maybe it was your 'Aish' that did it. It's not a coincidence that this happens year in and year out. But you'd rather 'hope' it wasn't them - a real method to prevent it happening again. Rolling my eyes.

AishKodesh said...


My dear H, I wasn't even there. :) But secondly, you must assume it wasn't them in this case until (if) it is proved otherwise. Because this is not a matter of having to stop them.

H said...

I mustn't assume? Why not?
If yesterday was Tuesday, do you need to check your calendar to know the next day is wednesday? It's not like there aren't hundreds of similar examples of careless selfish idiots ignoring rules, and Shabbos candles.

AishKodesh said...


Because it actually might not be true. We have to dan them l'kaf zechus for now. This isn't an incident of taking action, so we need to judge favorably. It can't be "guilty until proven innocent"!

Let me ask you, my dear friend, if always judge others unfavorably, what will happen to you on the final Yom HaDin?...

Anonymous said...

Amazing; first time Satmars are saved by a working smoke detector.