Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Reform Rabbis "Fress" Chazir at Trefa Banquet in San Francisco

Excited like an inmate in an asylum , David Wilensky a proud Reform Jew, writes an article published in JTA,  relishing the fact that "Rabbis" of his soon to be extinct religious sect, enjoyed a banquet that served "little neck clams" and "soft shell crabs.,"  adding with glee that, 
" the mouths of rabbis and foodies dripped with Peanut Butter Pie with Bacon, a Rabbit Crepinette and a Pulled Pork Potato Kugel with barbecue sauce."

Wilensky with the chazir still dripping from his lips  boasts that the event was supplied with "an array of Bay Area chefs that presented a buffet meal of treif, treif and more treif."

It is no coincidence that this Trefa Banquet took place in San Fran-Sicko, since the event was  loaded with an assortment of dysfunctional Chazir-fressing "Rabbis" and gays. 

Thank G-D, no one except Wilensky wore a Kippah at this sicko event...... 
Oh ... did I mention that there was another attendee wearing a Kippah? ......... It was a Lady Rabbi .... the venerable Rabbi Sydney Mintz........more from her soon...

Wilensky himself never wore a Kippah until Trump became president and in his own words, says that the fact that he wears a Kippah now "has nothing to do with G-D"....

Now I hope you are sitting ...and  I hope you have nothing in your mouth, because he writes on his own webpage that he wears a Kippah because ...... because ........
Ready for this????? 
I'll put it in his own words.... because if I paraphrased it would accuse me of lying:

"Since the surprise of Election Day, members of the alt-right, white nationalist groups and racists, misogynists, Islamophobes, homophobes, ableists (against the disabled) and, of course, anti-Semites of every stripe have been emboldened. As a Jew, I want the bigots and their victims alike to know that I stand with the outsiders.”

Crazy......... meshiginar ....... 
Instead of thanking his Creator that there is a man in the White house who has Jewish grandchildren and who just cut funds to the Palestinians because they use American taxpayer money to fund murderers of his own brothers and sisters, and who was brave enough to carry out US law to name Jerusalem the capital of the State of Israel ............
Instead he writes that he wears a Kippah not to identify as a Jew, Chas Ve'Sholom, or because of his religion ..... no ... he wears a Kippah because Trump got elected😂🤣

Wilensky, sounding like a mad cat that just ate a mouse, scribbles that the event started with a "Bracha" by the above mentioned, Lesbian Rabbi Sydney Mintz who made a "Shehkol" on bread  and not the required Bracha of "Hamoitzie"....... adding that,
 "In this version, G-d is praised for bringing forth “everything” from the earth, not just bread — and not just kosher food."

I'm wondering what Bracha she would make on a worm, since that also comes "from the earth."

When Wilensky asks her what she just popped into her mouth, the good "rabbi" cheerfully answers "Bacon".... and tells him "“I would rather eat food that’s humanely and ethically raised, than kosher."

 That's a "rabbi"?? .....What should we now expect of the ordinary Joe Shmo Reform Jew???
Rabbi Mintz 
Wilensky then strikes up a conversation with another Reform GodolRabbi Camillie Shira Angel, another lesbian of course, who "identifies as a “second-generation lobster-eating rabbi,” who says that her family ate lobster all the time and boasts that she even had a special bracha for it..
 “‘Thank you for all gifts of land and sea,’ motzi " 
The misguided "Rabbi Angel" then reminisces: “My mother loved sending me to school during Passover with a lunch of matzah with ham and cheese” 
Looking at her photo, one can tell that she was never famished.... not even on Pesach, it seems food never "passedover" her.
Rabbi Angel (Facebook photo)

But what's a "Jewish" article without mentioning the Holocaust???
Don't you worry....... he has that covered too....
Wilensky, takes an excerpt from a talk that was given to this dysfunctional circus, from the event's organizer Alix Wall, a chef, who once mockingly wrote in reference to the Charedie community that the "haredi community,  continues to move further and further toward a parody of itself,"   

This Wall character wrote a column called "The best Jewish-American-Muslim-Pakistani wedding ever" in The Jewish News   that basically endorsed Jews marrying Muslims. 

She is also in midst of producing a documentary of some lost silly yiddish tune written about her mother and grandmother, and spends all her free time traveling all over, to search for people whose "lives were somehow touched" to keep this forgotten irrelevant dead boring song, alive.

After watching the trailer, one can't help but notice  that the real motive behind this documentary, that will go nowhere fast, is really to compare the Holocaust Refugees, that had basically no where to go, and whose families were just murdered .......... to Arab Refugees who have caused havoc and mayhem all over the world and who have 22 Arab countries and all of  Europe to escape to and that welcome them with open arms... 
Wall laments the fact that Trump is restricting those Arab refugees from coming to the USA!
Wall tells the crowd of San- FranSicko misfits ..... 
"that her mother was a child during the Holocaust, hidden with a family of Poles; and she grew up eating what they ate, including plenty of pork." ...... 
Wilensky writes that 
 "In this family, an essential 20th-century Jewish story of Holocaust survival is tied to pork." 
How sick and morally deficient is this group? And how far has Wilensky strayed from his rich and beautiful heritage???

Every single human knows that Pig is an anathema to Yiddishkeit, the Nazis would taunt their Jewish victims calling them "Schweinhunt" ...."pig dog"!
Jews, not observant, would never want to be caught eating bacon in public, because they have some decency and wouldn't flaunt their indiscretions.
 Yet these lowlife degenerates decide to congregate proudly in a cesspool of chazir to openly defy their G-D and heritage and shlep the Holocaust in for good measure.

It then comes to no surprise that according to the Pew survey of US Jews ..done in 2012, Non-orthodox Jews intermarry at the rate of 71%, eventually assimilate and disappear as Jews.
It is noteworthy to note that in this survey they found, that of this dying group, the most popular element in their Jewishness was remembering the Holocaust.
But if remembering the Holocaust is "tied to pork" what will be left of the next generation??
Zero! Unfortunately!
And now for the kicker, Wilensky signs off on the description of this "parody of itself" event.....
" A Reform Jew by heritage and an enthusiastic chronicler of our religion in all its unusual forms, I love it."


Anonymous said...

He's about as Jewish as that Pork Chop is Kosher.
This clown and the Satmar Twins...2 sides of the same non-jewish coin

Abe said...

Anonymous 4:50 PM,

I disagree.
As much as Reform is denounced for their abandonment of Orthodox Halacha, Satmar is much much worse. Reform is no threat to Israel’s existence as Satmar is. Reform doesn’t actively seek Israel’s demise unlike Satmar which prays everyday for its destruction. Let’s hope that Satmar meets the fate that they cherish for Israel.

smart ass said...

Abe I think you disagree with yourself, when you're not bust arguing with others. There is no Chesed in de-formed way of life.they are questionably nominal jews.they stand for nothing and sit for one thing. havea good day.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how his grandkids will turn out.

BigFatGetchka said...

In what way is Satmar a real threat to Israel's existence?

Dusiznies said...

You got to be kidding us??????
Satmar davens 3x a day for the destruction of the State of Israel...
over 6 million Jews live there........
They lobby against the State here in . the US....they support anti-Israel candidates...
Those bastards in Monroe wrote letters to Congressmen to vote FOR the Iran deal, a country that has vowed to wipe Israel off the map....
What's Satmar's solution to the State? To hand it over to ISIS???? ...

AishKodesh said...

@DIN, Not to be naive or anything as I know that they are heavily anti-Zionist, but doesn't Satmar just Daven for the destruction of the STATE, i.e. government of Israel, not it itself? I mean, although I big-time disagree, there were still a lot of Yidden living in Artzeinu HaKedosha before it became a State, plus it isn't the government that makes it ours and holy...

Dusiznies said...

You write
"doesn't Satmar just Daven for the destruction of the STATE, i.e. government of Israel, not it itself? "

so walk me through this .... please....
How will this work? WE are going . to destroy the "government" and not "Israel itself" ?????

So what do you propose that we hand over the government to the Arabs ...who kill each other??

Oh... no.... you propose we hand it over the the EU???

Were't 6 Million Jews murdered in Europe not too long ago?
And how did the British work out ???? They allowed Jews to be massacred ....and turned back boatloads of Jews that escaped Europe during WW2 and who were then murdered??? How did that work out???
Stop being naive .... even the Satmar Rebbe in his comic book Al Hagilah had no solution....
Lets instead daven 3x a day that G-D protect .....yes ... the secular government of Israel . ..
G-D Forbid if the Chareidim took over .....🤣

Abe said...

AishKodesh 10:54 AM,
The term “useful idiot” was coined to describe one who was a dupe of the Communists,
usually a citizen of a non-communist country sympathetic to the Soviet Union who is susceptible to propaganda and is cynically misused.
That term “useful idiot” should be applied to you in the Satmar context to Dan L’Kav Zchus because you might not understand how you legitimatize them simply because they don tefillin just like you. Like Stalin, the Russian mass murderer’s description of those sympathetic to communism, you are Satmar’s useful idiot. To the rest of us, you’re a useless idiot, an ignorant simpleton — unwittingly participating in Israel’s destruction.

BigFatGetchka said...

Din, I know what they do.
I question the impact that any of that really has.
Firstly, do they actually pray for the death of the 6 million Jews living in Israel?
Praying for the downfall of the State does not mean that.
In they're twisted ideology having a Jewish is State is itself the danger to the Jews living there and worldwide. So they think they're praying for the good of the Jewish people.

Has they're lobbying actually caused any harm to Israel?
I don't know. Can you point out any examples where it has?

Do you think there was any Congressman that was going to vote against the deal or was on the fence about this and letters from bastards in Monroe is what swayed them?

Their solution is to have a non Jewish government until Mashiach comes, that will be allow Jews to live freely and peacefully.

Their ideology is misguided, insane and twisted and has to be stopped before it does cause any real harm.
But they think it will protect and save the Jewish people.
Call me an apologist if you want.
I do not justify what they do nor am I sympathetic to their cause.
I get very angry at them in the moment for what they do.
But I have yet to hear a valid alternative explanation.
If anyone has an explanation other than "they're antisemites", "Romainan Gypsies" etc.. I'm definitely open to hearing it.

H said...

They're poor misguided fools who think that anything one of their Rebbes farts out is akin the the word of G-d.
They look down at other Jews with contempt and have no ability to see the Holocaust that ALL OF US would suffer should Israel fall.
They are not respected because they deserve no respect. Their desired outcome is unacceptable.

AishKodesh said...

I see your point, DIN. Indeed basically every Shabbos I Daven for the IDF and Medinas Eretz Yisroel. But I disagree with the last part of your post... "G-D forbid if the Charaidim took over". What do you mean by that?

Chafraud-Depravitch said...

BigFatGetchka said...

"Firstly, do they actually pray for the death of the 6 million Jews living in Israel?
Praying for the downfall of the State does not mean that."

Well, then they're clearly not big thinkers. It is the state government that protects those 6 million Jews.

Depending on God to do it when He gives us that ability isn't wise.
And depending on IDF-hating haredim to do it is laughable.

These hypocrites do take state financial aid though, correct?

"So they think they're praying for the good of the Jewish people. "

It could be a case of the road to hell is paved with good intentions. But I can't even believe their intentions are good.

Berel said...

As much as Reform is denounced for their abandonment of Orthodox Halacha, Satmar is much much worse. Reform is no threat to Israel’s existence as Satmar is. Reform doesn’t actively seek Israel’s demise

You got to be kidding. You never heard of J Street?

Satmar (as distinct from the Neturei Karta)doesn't lobby to put Israel's security at risk, doesn't try to force Israel to take security related risks and doesn't try to give credence and gain international political respect to those who are looking to murder Yidden living in Eretz Yisroel.

J Street does.

The head of reform, Rick Jacobs, is a board member of J Street.

Anonymous said...

Berel - they are as bad as each other. Don't equivocate.

AishKodesh said...


@5:36 AM, No...

Gut Voch everyone, by the way.

Abe said...

Berel 10:20 AM,

According to J Street’s website, Rabbi Rick Jacobs is not a board member. See here.

Satmar doesn’t lobby to put Israel’s security at risk? You gotta be kidding. They lobbied for Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal that puts Israel’s security at risk. Satmar supports BDS.
Satmar publicizes it’s detestation of Israel with public demonstrations which includes hundreds of brainwashed yeshiva children cursing Israel.
I don’t see Reform as virulently anti Israel as Satmar. But even if you consider that they are, it doesn’t speak well of Satmar that they would be in agreement with Reform?

I’m not defending Reform. Their movement is
frittering away. But Recent Chareidi denunciation of Reform calling them as bad as holocaust deniers is outrageous and dumb. That accusation only alienates people that in the most part support Israel. You think that American support for Israel will always be so adamant? The Democrats will not support Israel like Republicans do. If Democrats regain power, Israel will need all the support it can get. Alienating Reform is politically stupid.

Cohen Y said...

Aish Kodesh,Berel,etc.,
Keep Up the Good Work responding to all these lowlifes

Rav Edelstein
Only said what he did on video because
1)he was unaware it would be broadcast worldwide
2)In response to the Satmar statement

Some/Many People when given an inch,grab a mile..

Was told by a gentle old Jew a"h that he himself asked in the '50s, whether 'twas proper to say Yemach Shmo on Herzl (or was it Ben Gurion) and he was told Yes! albeit ill advised to say it publicly

Dusiznies said...

Chaya Cohen
Rav Edelstein had no clue what the Satmar Rebbe said, and I doubt whether Rav Edelstein knows who he even is...
It was Avi Fishoff that questioned Rav Edelstein ...and yes as a response to the Satmar Rebbe's foolish statement.

P.p.s. A "gentile old Jew a"h" told me "that he himself asked in the 50's, whether 'twas actually Santa that comes down the chimney on the eve of December 25th...

What a stupid comment .....
1) Who was the "gentile old Jew" .... what does the fact that he was "gentile" have anything to do with your stupid comment?
2) Who did he ask in the 50's?????...............don't you have a psak from Rav Sonnenfeld that one shouldn't use those terms on a Jew??
3) so the "old gentile Jew" was told its permitted to call another Jew YM"S but was advised not to say it "publicly" how come the "gentile old Jew told it to you????
I doubt he was "gentile" I think he made it up and was a miserable old man ...

Cohen Y said...

Try harder next time

The 'gentle' old Jew was an old fragile Novardiker who told this to us at a Shabbos table in Yerushalayim. He personally asked the Chazon Ish

There a Concept of some things are better off unsaid in public ( Which ,my mistake, likely includes this venue)

Dusiznies said...

Chaya Cohen
I have the Bio of the Chazon Ish titled "20 Years Beside The Chazon Ish" written by his best friend R' Raphael Halpern, and he brings down this story ... and he writes that this story was a rumor spread by "vicious" people, and he knows for a fact that the Chazon Ish z"l would never utter those words out of his mouth...especially at a Jew!
The Chazon Ish actually wrote many letter to Harav kook z"l and tilted the page with "Hagoen, Hatzaddik, Light of the Torah" ....
unless you want to call the Chazon Ish z"l a liar !
So the "gentile" old Jew that you met was an old cranky lying mamzer!

AishKodesh said...


@Chaya Cohen, thank you for the encouragement.

However: I believe that Rav Edelstein shlit"a's approach is almost overall: We draw close with love. That is how we do it. ALthough in certain cases of Gedolim (such as the Alter of Slobodka zt"l) who knew what method to use in each circumstance, we usually must act very nice and loving (forgive the mushy-sounding stuff). Aside from that, we must do our best as parents, educaters -- anyone, to try to be a good person and set a good example ALWAYS, because a picture is like a thousand words (in the case of influence, maybe it is worth more).


Also, I don't think it's proper to call any Jew YM"S. Maybe Amalek YM"S... or the Nazi Leader, YM"S. But Yidden shouldn't be destroyed, C"V.

In fact, the Gemara in Gittin tells us that when Onkelos was thinking of converting to Yiddishkeit, he went and asked some (dead) people: Titus told him not to, Bilaam told him not to, but Yushke told him to indeed do it... Point is, Yidden have that special spark that even if they are bad people, C"V, it still remains and can be brought out, with the aid of Hashem.

Kol Tuv, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Speaking to the dead, aha,
So that's your problem, hear any good news lately?

AishKodesh said...

@10:28 PM, I don't speak to the dead... I'm just telling what the Gemara says. You can check it out yourself.

Gut Shabbos to everyone!

Anonymous said...

You're almost as good as J C
You can start a new religion

AishKodesh said...


Ay, Gut Voch my friend! And how are you tonight? And your Mishpacha?

How about you DIN?