Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sefardic Rabbis Scream that Their Girls Are Being Drafted to the IDF

Sefardic Rabbis are not immune of the hypocrisy disease. 
First they don't hesitate to throw out girls from their schools if they don't tow the line, and then when these girls go "off the derech" and are drafted to the army, the Rabbis scream and yell at the government!

These Rabbis threw these Jewish girls out in the street and abandoned them like stray dogs, and now they blame the recruitment offices .......

Take care of these Jewish souls when they are still in your care and you won't have to "scream and yell" at the government!


jancsibacsi said...

Joining the Israeli army is infinitly more productive then sitting on your ass and ruminating over and over on absolute nonsense it is counter productive to be unemployed like most of the fanatical hareidis they are just leeches living on someone elses hard work

AishKodesh said...


Shalom Aleichem Jancsi. How have you been?

Anyway, your comment is incorrect. Chareidim who sit and learn all day "living on someone else's hard work" are not leeches. They as well support Klal Yisroel. Do you think that working alone and money alone is good enough? There are people who are supposed to work and learn and there are those who are supposed to learn all day (or close).

Kol Tuv my friend.