Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Gerer Rebbe Prohibits His Chassidim From Joining Hatzalah!!

Leaders of one of the largest Hassidic movements in Israel have banned members from volunteering as emergency medical first responders or volunteer police officers, warning that members who do not comply with the new order will not be permitted to enroll their children in schools affiliated with the movement.

According to a report by Kikar Hashabbat, the Gur [also written as Ger] Hassidic movement, which claimed to include some 10,000 families worldwide in 2015, has issued a directive prohibiting members from volunteering with the Israeli police department or with the MDA or United Hatzalah organizations, both of which provide emergency medical services across Israel.

Schools affiliated with Gur will now require all parents to sign a form confirming that neither parent is volunteering with MDA, United Hatzalah, or Israel Police. Refusal to sign the form will result in the removal of the family’s children from all Gur educational institutions.

The move is unprecedented in the haredi community, where volunteer service with MDA and United Hatzalah are popular alternatives to military service, and which ensures that a large number of emergency first responders are present within haredi population centers, reducing response time.


Anonymous said...

FAKE NEWS!!! How about saying that they only allow 30 year olds and up to join.

I'm not a fan of the Gerrer way of life, but it's petty obvious you're trying to stir the pot.

Abe said...

Oy Vey, Oy Vey

So much lashon hora. This is worse than publicizing the perfidy of Satmar. We all need to refrain from disparaging Holy Gur/Ger/Gornisht Chasidus. Next you’ll be headlining a repeat chasidishe pedophile that moved into a home near a kindergarten. Leave them alone! No more Lashon Hora !
On the other hand, I bought a very bad tasting Lukshen Kugel for Shabbos this week but the store proprietor refused to refund me for the bad kugel. May I publicize the store and owner or would that fall under the rubric of Lokshen Hora?

Amil said...

One account I read was that this restriction was limited to males under 30 since they weren't 'settled' yet. Of course they are old enough to marry at 17.

Anonymous said...

It's all about the 'control' - classic cultish behaviour.

Since when was this Judaism?

AishKodesh said...

Abe, you got some good lines there. :)

DIN, Are you sure about this? Also, what would be the reason if it is true?

jancsibacsi said...

3:09 PM
There is a saying in yiddish,it goes like this, Az der putz shteit der kop gayt :)

Anonymous said...

under 30? Its the under 30 men that do most of the work, not the AKs, so what's the point?

AishKodesh said...


It is under 30 mostly, DIN.

Anonymous said...

When in danger ie
You need Police Fire dept. Ambulance etc. Call the holy guru the fake rebbe he'll pray for you

Dangling said...

Fake news, they can be in United hatzalah, just not magen dovid edom....total sack of lies as usual. Litoeles my left nut.

Anonymous said...

dangling, so if they ever should need Magendavid Adom , would they reject their help? litpoeles your right ball

Dusiznies said...

Hey guys
the biggest Bal Loshon Harah is the Gerer Rebbe himself, since he is the one that spread his ruling via thousands of letters that he sent to his chassidim .... all I did was pick up this news from Kikar Hassabos and Arutz Sheva
The Loshon Hara was spread by the Gerer Chassidim themselves ... so go figure!

Abe said...

I still don’t understand the circumstances that led to this Gerer decree and why only those under 30? Not that these neolithic nutjobs need a valid reason to institute another nutty prohibition. But if Rebbe can impose a twisted sexual regimen on his chasidim, I suppose this craziness is just another addition to their weird hashkafa.

H said...

These 'Rebbes' are not complete idiots.
They are self-aware enough to recognise that they have neither the wisdom, the knowledge or the charisma to hold a large group together like their dads and grandfathers - and the internet would finish them.
Satmar is a perfect example. 2 inadequates, and the loobies don't even bother to try- waiting for the second rising of Chr...er.....Menachem Mendel.
Therefore they have to rule by fear and by constantly ratcheting up the pressure. Tsnius is a fine example. Whose Grandmother dressed like todays Haredim????
By constantly winding it up and keeping their disciples at home with numerous kids and debts up to their ears - there is no escape. Their lives are single-pathed with no way out. How many of them silently believe nothing?? Plenty.
But of course it's #notacult

Gornisht said...

H, I'm tired of your garbage.

H said...

Gornisht.....aww dear me....no counter-arguments = no intellect
Kisha Koza, ya shtick drek.

AishKodesh said...


Now my dear H (or whatever your real name is :)), your above post isn't true. First, the internet can be VERY harmful if, Chas V'Shalom used wrong. It won't "finish" these Rebbe's, as you say. That isn't the purpose of these bans. They are for oftentimes people's own good. Anyway, do you think the Rebbe's themselves often use internet?

However, a lot of Rebbes do indeed allow internet. I know a Chassid of the Bobov 45 Rebbe shlit"a who uses internet a lot. But correctly, B"H and b"ah.


"Whose grandmother dressed like today's Chareidim?" Probably a decent amount. In large part, Chareidi dress code is based on old-European dress code.

You see, I have many counter-arguments, Baruch Hashem. I would rather not argue though. It can often make others upset. Let us merely discuss this.

גוט נאכט צו איר און דיין משפחה, מיין טייער׳ע ברודער!

H said...

Aish..tell me about your litvak grandmother wearing a sheitel??
About how she was never photographed and banned from newspapers?
Tell me how long her skirt had to be and what color stockings she was forced to wear?
Tell me about how the sexes were seperated to the nth degree??

AishKodesh said...


@H, My Bubbe was a very modest person. And my Alter-Bubbe, if you see a picture of her -- modesty to the extreme! Very long black dress.

I don't know about the whole shaitel thing anyway -- a tichol or something like that perhaps is better...

In my opinion, guys should learn more Mussar, and that will be more effective than pouring more and more clothing on women. However, certain new takanos are indeed needed for today's generation.

Gut Shabbos to you and your family, my friend.