Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Rabbi Raziel Shevach a father of 6 Murdered by Arabs

Rabbi Shevach arriving at hospital

Rabbi Raziel Shevach, a 35 year-old Jewish father of six, has died of his wounds following a shooting attack near Havat Gilad in Samaria this evening.

Rabbi Shevch with family in above photo and as a Mohel in lower photo

Rabbi Shevach was a mohel and volunteered with Magen David Adom. About a year ago, he finished studies for the rabbinate, and was currently at the peak of studies to be a rabbinical arbiter.

Medics provided aid to the wounded man and evacuated him to Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba.

Initial reports indicate that terrorists shot from a passing vehicle and escaped the scene.
Security forces are combing the area.

MDA medic Elyashiv Reichenberg described the scene.
 "I departed in an MDA ambulance from the nearby community of Kedumim, arriving at the scene within a very short time. On the side of the road near the security rail, I could see a private vehicle which bore signs of gunfire. Approaching the vehicle, I saw that the driver was partially conscious, with bullet wounds to his upper body."

"Residents who live in the community nearby heard the shooting and arrived to help. With the help of an IDF medical team that also arrived the scene, we provided emergency life-saving treatment, then evacuated him to the hospital in critical condition," the medic described.

Samaria Council head Yossi Dagan responded to the tragic incident, saying, "It's inconceivable that terrorists feel free to shoot at innocent civilians. Nevertheless, I want to send a clear message to our enemies: We will not give in to terror. We have chosen the path of life."


AishKodesh said...

Oy. Baruch Dayan HaEmes. May Hashem send comfort and help to his family in this difficult time and furthermore!

Anonymous said...

BDE unfortunately one more victim tnx to Zionism, another innocent victim killed על מזבח הציונות

Dusiznies said...
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Dusiznies said...

What an animal you are ..... isn’t your SHIT’ah to give Eretz Yisroel back to the Arabs???? If they don’t hesitate to kill with Israel having an army .... can you imagine what they would do if they were in charge ????
Look how they slaughter each other .... you farikta mashiginar
How many Jews were murdered before the State was established ????? Hmmm???
And how many Jews after the State was established ????
Go to hell you bastard ....

Anonymous said...

Your explosion is the best proof that the truth is on our side
How many Jews were murdered IN ERETZ YISROEL before Zionism? ALMOST NONE! All problems started after the Balfour declaration, and NOWHERE in the world were so many Jews killed like in the Nazi-Zionist regime since it's creation

With more than 4 million viewers & 42k shares our video with the very important message that Zionism is NOT Judaism & Jerusalem is not a political entity reverberated around the world.

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שלומי אמוני ישראל without the power of a state and army and a public relations co. are causing major headaches to the Zionist עמלקים, to the extent that they've had an emergency meeting about the publicity of the above and our latest push with politicians to once and for all clarify to the world ZIONISM IS NOT JUDAISM

Anonymous said...

Of course you guys have over 4 million viewers .... Arabs and other blood thirsty anti-Semites
May the One Abover wipe them out with you included

AishKodesh said...

Now I wouldn't exactly go so far as to curse one another. Everyone, that is WHY there are Arabs in OUR Holy Land who do this!

Satmar 101 said...

More Jews were murdered before the state was established than after ....
Here are the facts:

In January, Arab villagers attacked Tel Hai, a Jewish settlement in the Galilee near the Syrian border (then under French control), killing two members. Two months later, on March 1, 1920, hundreds of Arabs from a nearby village descended on Tel Hai again, killing six more Jews. Among them was Josef Trumpeldor — a Russian wartime hero who had fought in the Russo-Japanese war and who organized the defense of the settlements in the Galilee.

During the months of March and April, over a dozen Jewish agricultural settlements in the Galilee were attacked by armed Palestinian Arabs. These included Kfar Tavor, Degania, Rosh Pina, Ayelet Hashahar, Mishmar Hayarden, Kfar Giladi and Metulla. (Four of these — Hamara, Kfar Giladi, Metulla and Bnei Yehuda were evacuated after being repeatedly attacked, and the latter was completely abandoned.)

Around the same time, during the Passover and Easter holidays, a group of Palestinian Arab "Nebi Musa" pilgrims (making their annual pilgrimage from Jerusalem to the site they believed was Moses' tomb), were incited by Haj Amin al Husseini's anti-Jewish rhetoric to ransack the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem and launch violent anti-Jewish riots. The violence, which took place between April 4 and April 7, claimed the lives of nine people — five Jews and four Arabs — and left 244 wounded, the vast majority Jews. The British military administration, sympathetic to the Arabs, did not allow the Jews to arm themselves.

On August 23, more than 1000 Arabs launched attacks on Jews throughout Jerusalem. Forty-seven people were killed. This was followed by widespread attacks on Jews throughout Palestine. Again, the British forbade Jews to organize armed self-defense units and within several days, 133 Jews had been killed and 339 wounded. Arab attackers sustained high numbers of casualties (116), almost all of whom were killed by British police trying to quell the violence. Jewish leaders reported that Arab attacks showed evidence of organized warfare; Arab assaults on Jewish communities extended from as far south as Hebron to Haifa, Safed, Mahanaim and Pekiin in the north. A state of emergency was declared and martial law was imposed by the British.

1929 Hebron Massacre
In total, sixty-seven Jews were killed and 60 were wounded. The Jewish community in Hebron was destroyed.

1929 Safed Massacre
Barely a week after the Hebron massacre, Safed, another one of the four Jewish holy cities, was subject to the same depredations. On August 29, 1929, Arabs from Safed and nearby villages assaulted and murdered their Jewish neighbors, burning and pillaging their homes. Witnesses called it a pogrom. Eighteen Jews were killed, 40 wounded, and 200 houses were burned and looted.

more next comment

Satmar101 said...

April 15, 1936: 3 Jews in Tulkarm killed by Arabs.

April 19: 9 Jews in Jaffa killed by Arabs.

April 20: 5 Jews in Jaffa killed by Arabs.

April 22: Jewish woman in Jaffa killed by Arabs.

April 26: Jewish houses in Nazareth and Beit Shean burned by Arabs.

April 26: An Arab mob beats up Jewish boy in Jerusalem.

April 28: 4 Jewish farm workers in Migdal injured by Arabs.

April 29: Arabs burn down a Jewish forest in Balfouriya.

April 29: Arab mob forms in Jerusalem, but British police break it up before Jews harmed.

May 1: 2 Jews in Haifa killed by Arabs.

May 3: Arab mob burns down Jewish timber yard in Haifa.

May 4: Jewish orchards in Mishmar Ha-Emek burned by Arabs.

May 4: Arabs destroy 200 acres of wheat in Ramat David.

May 5: 500 orange trees uprooted in Tel Mond by Arabs.

May 7: Arabs fire on Jewish bus in Beit Dagan.

May 10: Arabs burn crops and haystacks in Givat Ada.

May 10: Arabs uproot newly planted olive grove in Zikhron Yaakov.

May 11: Arabs burn Jewish crops in Ramat David.

May 12: Arabs burn threshing floor in Zikhron Yaakov.

May 13: 2 elderly Jews murdered by Arabs in Old City.

May 13: Jewish shops in Haifa stoned by Arabs.

May 13: More orchards burned in Mishmar Ha-Emek.

May 16: 3 Jews in Jerusalem exiting a cinema are shot dead by Arabs.

May 19: Arabs kill a Jew in the Old City of Jerusalem.

May 20: 2 Jews wounded during Arab attack on bus.

May 24: Arabs severely wound a Jewish guard at Majd el Krum.

May 25: Arabs kill a Jew at Hebrew University.

From May 30 - June 13, 1936, in more than 11 attacks, the Arabs destroy over 30,000 trees planted by Jews, as well as many fruit orchards,crops and barns. Telephone wires are cut throughout the district, roads are barricaded, and bridges and culverts are mined. Volunteers from Syria and Iraq aid the Arabs in their attacks.

May 31: Jew at Givat Shaul killed by Arabs.

June 1: Jewish bus passenger killed by Arab rifle fire.

June 5: 5 Jewish passengers injured when Arabs threw bomb at bus in Haifa.

June 6: Jewish girl severely injured by Arab fire while traveling on bus.

June 8: Arabs attack Jews on their way to the Dead Sea Potash works.

In the third month of terror (June 16 - July 17) campaign, 9 Jews were killed, mostly in Arab ambushes on buses, and 75,000 trees planted by Jews were destroyed.

1938 Tiberias Massacre
On October 2 1938, an organized groups of Arab attackers massacred 21 Jews — including three women and 10 children between the ages of one and twelve — in the Old Jewish Quarter of Tiberias. The Arabs stabbed, shot and burned their victims. The New York Times described the organized rampage:

jancsibacsi said...

11:45 PM--Besides being mentally ill you are pure evil go get help, your on a mission of self destruction and you want to take other jews with you,you lost and now you are full of hate just like isis israel is a vibrat industrious country and you guys are ruminating all day in hate, you are a fake fraud and phony

Anonymous said...

So how come Israel is filled with aliyah, plane after plane from all over the world? More will be coming, over 3 million tourists.
Satmar= mamzers
is ther a reason why you don't want to talk about murder of Jews in Hungary and Poland in holocaust? We all know the reaons.

Anonymous said...

by Menachem Keren-Kratz
The first section of this article describes Rabbi Yoel’s life and actions during the Holocaust, both on personal and public levels, as reflected in his writings, the contemporary press, memoirs written by his Hasidim, and archival sources. In many cases, researchers note that Rabbi Yoel’s position regarding the Holocaust was extreme and exceptional compared to views held by other rabbis and spokespeople of the Haredi community. Yet the worldview he cultivated, coupled with his theological explanations of the Holocaust and its mystical meaning, drew a growing number of followers, in whose eyes he was the last remnant of a dying ideology. His anti-Zionist worldview, representing as it did to them the Eastern European “Old Home,” expunged his failures during the Holocaust. As his public stature grew, criticism from within diminished, while criticism from without was disregarded and dismissed as Zionist defamation.As I argue in greater detail in the following, Rabbi Yoel’s life, activities, and decisions during the Holocaust and his pressing need to explain and justify them thereafter offer a possible explanation for the extremism of his later views. Any fair examination of the historical record shows that Rabbi Yoel’s contribution to assisting Jewish refugees and to the rescue of Transylvanian Haredi Jews was negligible. Prior to the Holocaust, he ignored the dangers threatening the Jews of Transylvania and failed to engage in the preparation of rescue and aid plans. Although he became privy to reports on the extermination of the Jewish communities in Poland, given his position as a member of the Central Bureau and through his connections with the authorities, he refrained from calling on his followers to save or prepare themselves. On the contrary, he warned any would-be immigrants to Palestine or other countries that they were in danger of severely harming their Haredi way of life. Moreover, he refrained from cooperating with the Zionist—and even with the Haredi—leadership in addressing current issues or preparing for the impending threat and even opposed measures of a religious nature, such as prayer and fast days, which he feared would be perceived as a protest against the authorities.

Anonymous said...

When the danger of war became real and immediate, Rabbi Yoel did his best to equip himself and his closest circle with certificates or visas that would facilitate their escape to Palestine or the United States. At the same time, he thwarted all attempts at cooperation between the heads of the Orthodox communities and the Zionist organizations, which could have helped to rescue them. He failed to set a personal example and rejected his associates’ advice to prepare a hiding place or attempt to cross the border to Romania. Had he done so, some of his Hasidim may have done the same and thus survived.

When put to the test, he chose to save himself clandestinely after his own congregation had already been incarcerated in ghettos and to abandon his followers in the time of their harshest adversity. His conduct stands in stark contrast to that of other rabbis in his vicinity, many of whom rejected pleas to save themselves and accompanied their congregations to the transport trains, the extermination camps, and in some cases even into the gas chambers.
In 1934, Rabbi Yoel was appointed chief rabbi of Satmar, Romania. This appointment was preceded by six years of bitter public wrangling with adversaries who sought to prevent the appointment of the zealous rabbi. In 1937, following numerous failed attempts, Rabbi Yoel achieved his ultimate goal and was appointed to the executive committee of the Central Bureau of the Orthodox Communities in Transylvania, the body that managed and oversaw the lives of some 150,000 observant and Haredi Jews. With this appointment, Rabbi Yoel fulfilled his lifelong ambition to become the chief rabbi of a major community, head of a yeshiva, and a rebbe of a Hasidic dynasty, thus becoming a key figure with considerable influence over the Haredi Jewry of Transylvania. These achievements, however, were overshadowed by news of the growing power of the Nazi regime in Germany.

Anonymous said...

In 1934, Rabbi Yoel was appointed chief rabbi of Satmar, Romania. This appointment was preceded by six years of bitter public wrangling with adversaries who sought to prevent the appointment of the zealous rabbi. In 1937, following numerous failed attempts, Rabbi Yoel achieved his ultimate goal and was appointed to the executive committee of the Central Bureau of the Orthodox Communities in Transylvania, the body that managed and oversaw the lives of some 150,000 observant and Haredi Jews. With this appointment, Rabbi Yoel fulfilled his lifelong ambition to become the chief rabbi of a major community, head of a yeshiva, and a rebbe of a Hasidic dynasty, thus becoming a key figure with considerable influence over the Haredi Jewry of Transylvania. These achievements, however, were overshadowed by news of the growing power of the Nazi regime in Germany.

Anonymous said...

although Rabbi Yoel may well have concluded that Romania was the only place in which the traditional Haredi way of life could be revived, he chose to remain in the safety of Switzerland until it was time to leave Europe. His assertion that he was unable to return to Romania is unconvincing. He was, after all, a well-known public figure and a citizen of Romania. In fact, he had used his position and connections to request an extension of his stay in Switzerland. Presumably, had he wished to do so, he could have returned to Satmar, founded a Hasidic community, and re-established his Hasidic court. Likewise, Rabbi Yoel refrained from joining rescue efforts in the DP camps, where other rabbis were engaged in restoring survivors’ religious life and reinforcing their faith in the aftermath of the Holocaust.

When his sojourn in Switzerland came to an end, Rabbi Yoel considered emigrating to the United States or to Palestine. Eventually, he decided to settle in Jerusalem, where he attempted to establish a Hasidic court. Due to his extremist views and failure to understand post-Holocaust intra-Haredi politics, his entire venture came to naught, and he and his institutions became bankrupt. Within a year, Rabbi Yoel packed his meager belongings and sailed, humiliated and penniless, to the United States.

The publication of this two-part article is taking place 70 years after the arrival of the Kasztner train at Bergen-Belsen on July 9, 1944.

Anonymous said...

After the Holocaust, Rabbi Yoel also turned his back on all those who had helped to rescue him. After settling in Palestine in 1946, he refrained from expressing any gratitude to the people and institutions that had been instrumental in his rescue and had endeavored to obtain certificates for him, among them Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Herzog, Agudath Israel leaders Rabbi Yitzhak Meir Levin and Rabbi Moshe Porush, and Ha-Mizrahi’s Rabbi Joseph Yitzhak Rotenberg. He scathingly attacked the institutions they headed and, unlike other Hasidic rebbes they helped rescue, refused to make even the slightest symbolic gesture of gratitude. Moreover, it seems he repudiated his benefactors on a personal level, too. As far as we know, Rabbi Yoel never sent any letters of gratitude or appreciation to any of the people or institutions involved in his rescue.

Anonymous said...

Once settled in the United States, he spurned most of those who sought to assist him there, as well. He criticized Agudath Israel and the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada, whose leaders had headed the Rescue Committee that endeavored to rescue the Hungarian Jews, including him. He treated Rabbi Elimelekh (Mike) Tress (1909–1967), leader of Tseirei Agudath Israel (the youth division of the Agudath Israel), and Rabbi Abraham Kalmanovich (1891–1964) somewhat more kindly, but then he ignored them when he no longer needed their assistance. When asked to testify on Kasztner’s behalf during his trial, Rabbi Yoel, whose inclusion on the Kasztner train was raised during the proceedings, refused. Thus, Rabbi Yoel repaid with ingratitude even the man whose name became most closely associated with his rescue from the extermination camps.

Criticism concerning his flawed conduct hounded Rabbi Yoel during the Holocaust and persisted thereafter. Therefore, Rabbi Yoel found himself compelled to explain, to himself possibly as well as to others, his objection to emigration to the United States and Palestine, his flight from the town of Satmar, and his participation in the Zionist Kasztner transport. His views on the Holocaust were never consolidated into a single contemplative text but rather were recorded in many of his works.
The author of the single, brief biography of Rabbi Yoel written during his lifetime completely ignored the Holocaust period. Several posthumous biographies, authored mostly by his Hasidim, were required to explain the rabbi’s conduct during the Holocaust. The subject was not dealt with in a coherent or deliberate way, and the various authors found different solutions to a number of issues. Over time, the coping modes changed, and in recent years, apologetic attempts to conceal or ignore difficulties have been replaced by a “counter-offensive,” designed to undermine what the authors perceived as “Zionist claims.” The following are some of the modes and claims used in addressing Rabbi Yoel’s decisions and actions during the Holocaust:

Anonymous said...

The answers to these moral issues cannot be found in the explanations and excuses provided by Rabbi Yoel himself and his Hasidic biographers. Yet during other periods in his life, one can trace clues that may explain his behavior. On previous occasions, such as World War I and during the Goga regime, Rabbi Yoel had abandoned his congregation and moved to a safer area, where he stayed until the danger passed. This conduct corresponds with other accounts that describe him as a fear-ridden, anxious individual. This fearfulness of his manifested itself during the war years, when he refused to cooperate with other rabbis’ and the Central Bureau’s attempts to set fast or prayer days. He likewise refrained from making any clear pronouncements on halakhic matters when he thought doing so could endanger him. Therefore, it appears that his conduct stems, at least in part, from his fearful nature, rather than from any pertinent or halakhic considerations, introduced post-factum to justify this conduct.

Anonymous said...

by Istvan Deak
In addition, Kasztner’s train contained Zionists, and Orthodox and Neolog community leaders, and Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, the head of the bitterly anti-Zionist Satmar Hasidim, together with his family and court, and Polish and Slovak Jewish refugees, and several dozen orphaned children, along with many unknowns, including those who sneaked onto the train when no one was looking. There was no Zionist bias in favor of healthy young people, and most of the cost of bribing the SS was covered by international Jewish organizations.

Anonymous said...

I understand that mr. Keren kratz has a second book due any time of satmer, putting the antiZionists lies to bed once and for all

Anonymous said...

First of all i said before the Balfour declaration there were almost no murders against Jews in Eretz Yisroel, as a matter of fact the Jewish inhabitants in Eretz Yisroel were the most peacefully than Jews anywhere else, all the problems started with the creation of Zionism, besides take a calculator and add up the figures you've brought down and it's less than 400 and since the founding of the Nazi-Zionist regime tens of thousands were killed FOR NOTHING besides HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS WERE CRIPPLED

Anonymous said...

Zionism and the Nazi-Zionist regime are on a mission of self destruction and unfortunately they brainwashed millions of innocent Jews, the Zionists killed millions more Jews spiritually than Nazi Germany and Stalin combined

Anonymous said...

you don't know the history of Israel. Every historian and every record shows murder and persection of Jews living in Israel especially from the 11th century. Christians muedered Jews when they had control during the Crusader years, then Moslems murdered and persecuted them when they had control, which was many centuries.
Tens of thousands of Jews were murdered in Palestinia thrrought the Middle Ages. Jews have been murdered everyplace since the Diasporah began, in every country and it has nothing to do with Zionism.
Bear in mind that the more Moslems terrorize and kill Jews in modern Israel, the more Israel grows and the housing shortage is a crisis because more Jews are coming. you atheist refuse to see that Hamas and PLO and Iran can do nothing to Israel of because miracles .
Balfour Declaration was a declaration from the Almighty, and if your stinking coreligionists would have all listened to Thedore Herzl and Vladimir Jabotinsky there would have beem six more million Jews and would have been stronger.
The more you bitch, the more Israel grows and grows every day.
Eat your do heart out M******F*******R.

Anonymous said...

Then why did your rabbi run to the Zionists to save him, while he ran from his Hassidim? Talk about that. Zionists never killed anybody, they risked their lives to save Jews under the noses of the Germans.

Satmar 101 said...

Before the Balfour Declaration they were barely any Jews living in Israel ... and if you read the history of the early settlers in the 1800’s the Arabs murdered Jews like as if the Jews were mice
You are getting your history from Satmar stories which are totally false ...
the facts are the facts that Jews were being murdered and raped througout the Eureopean and Arab World and so those who could ran to The then Palestine ....today we ב״ה have no pogroms and no countries kicking and evicting Jews ... we have ב״ה our own land where the anti - Zionist crooks and rapists can run whenever the Goyim hunt them down

Anonymous said...

Jew were persecuted in Arab lands for thousands of years.Read some history.
Anyway, it makes no difference BITCH, Israel is the land and beacon of the world. Suck it up BITCH.
And you sure what will be tomorrow?
You hate Israel because your mother was dorking a Nazi horse , who can blame you?

Anonymous said...

######Before the Balfour Declaration they were barely any Jews living in Israel .####
Also barely Moslems. Theye came from someplace else, you guys just lie and lie and lie. At least I went to HS, you primitives never go past 3rd grade, and you are a demented Yeshevish nut whos got his tongue in Satmir ass.

Anonymous said...

Where was Rabbi Teitebaum when Hungarian Jews were led away?
Where was he?
Where was Rabbi Teitebaum when Hungarian Jews were led away?
Where was Rabbi Teitebaum when Hungarian Jews were led away?
Where was Rabbi Teitebaum when Hungarian Jews were led away?
Where was Rabbi Teitebaum when Hungarian Jews were led away?
Where was Rabbi Teitebaum when Hungarian Jews were led away?
Where was Rabbi Teitebaum when Hungarian Jews were led away?

Anonymous said...

Everyone notice he doesn't mention the Holocaust which predates Zionist state, not the pogroms int the '1870 thru WWL not Chmielnitzky in the 1600, or Inquisition or burning Jews in England, France and Germany in the 13th centuries because he has no fuckin answer.. We lost 100 million Jews before Zionism. This guy loves America because he gets his programs and Sect 8.

Anonymous said...

Calm down you guys, this guy is also getting his info from a well known late American born rabbi who lived in Brooklyn and was a hate filled anti-Zionist who translated the Satmar propaganda in major newspapers and left tapes that still circulate. This guy sounds like one of his pupils., Becasue this rabbi spoke English and said the same things this jerk is saying. Just ignore him.

Anonymous said...

Sound like Rabbi Avigdor Miller

Anonymous said...

My history I'm getting from the fact that my ancestors lived there from the very beginning of the start of the Jewish community about 400 years ago
"today we ב״ה have no pogroms and no countries kicking and evicting Jews"? Today there's each and every day terrorist attacks like nowhere in the world, and the Arabs are getting stronger and more powerful each and every day and the atheistic Zionist pigs have no זכותים which will protect them on the day of punishment which will come hopefully sooner than later as written in chazal, it's irrelevant if you do or don't believe but the fact everything that chazal told us was fulfilled till now and the dismemberment of Zionism the biggest enemies of Hashem Judaism and his Torah that were ever around since world creation will have their deserved end as we pray three times daily

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Spy 11:17 says
'Arabs are getting stronger and more powerful each and every day'

He;s a plagiarizer, the original spies said ; ki chazak hu mimenu'
Are you also saying that they're G-D forbid stronger than the Almighty?
No spy, they're getting weaker and Israel is getting stronger, even some Moslem states agrre that Jerusalem is the JEWISH capital of Israel.
Youre getting desperate and irrational. Try some cognac

Avigdar Miller's Family said...

Avigdar Miller emotionally abused his talmidim when he taught in Mir in Brooklyn. He was a nasty old man, and it is no wonder that the late Satmar Rebbe was very close to this Young Israel Pulpit Rabbi. Both of them abused their opponents .... Teitelbaum would call his opponents "Apikorsim and Meenim" and attacked his own nephew the Kloizenberger Rebbe .....forcing the latter to flee Williamsburg and go into exile in Union City New Jersey ...
Miller was the English mouthpiece for the hatred spewed by Satmar ....
There was one difference between Teitelbaum and Miller
Miller blamed the Holocaust on the victims
Teitelbaum blamed the Zionists
and the reason is obvious ...
Miller and his American family was sitting comfortably in the US while 6 million innocent Jews were being murdered across the Atlantic
Teitelbaum managed negotiating with Zionists to get a seat on their train to flee to freedom while his poor backers were made into lampshades!
Miller's tuchis lekkers published his sick demented views in a book printed posthumously .... Miller himself didn't have the guts to publish it in his own lifetime, because the survivors would have rightfully knocked the living daylights out of him ...

Anonymous said...

You hear about things like this and a good man getting murdered. Then you hear about men like the Satmar rebbie getting rescued by good men like him.
And you ask why the corrupt coward Rebbie was allowed to live and pollute the world whilst this good person was murdered?

Gornisht said...

That's stupid. You're questioning Hashem's Judgement?

Anonymous said...

nope...I'm questioning the moral character of this satmar drek