Thursday, December 13, 2018

Ted Cruz Grows a Flatbush Beard ...


Anonymous said...

Obvious from how the Orange County Health Dept is dancing around the questions that the new measles outbreak there of 5 people has to be in Kiryas Yoel.

Poor "Mrs Measles" Bryanna in Passaic has even more people to cover up for now.

Vaxx in his ears said...

Larry Gordon is either anti-vaxx himself or pandering to the holistic modern orthodox crowd in the 5 Towns by running this propaganda.

Handley is highly educated & very well spoken so it is more difficult than usual to dispute what he says.

I'm not going to spend hours deconstructing everything from these propagandists but let's start with Larry's original column where he defends anti-vaxx fanatic & conspiracy theorist, Philly's Rabbi Sam Kaminetzky & his sidekick Reb Malkiel. A Larry supporter chimes in in the comments with the old cover up lie that measles hardly kills. As Rav Sternbuch gave it to Sam-Malkiel over the head, this is a bogus argument lehalacha especially after you factor in all the non-vaccinated victims who are left maimed or incapacitated.

Handley uses scientific jargon to grepss about vaccine preservative ingredients. What Hadley doesn't divulge is that the tiny amount is more benign than the amount of mercury in a can of tuna. Nor does he let on that some vaccines are available without the preservative.

Thank you "Larry" for being irresponsible & aiding the Philly cult in harming children. You are not needed to come to the 5 Towns & transform into a modern orthodox blowhard (& supporter of menuvol Dovid Weinberger) for this. You should have stayed in Crown Heights davening in 770 as Lubavitcher Leib.

Nyack Bars or Bust said...

That's Cruz?

Ich hub gemeint tziz a Tuna Beigel fin Pomona.

The higher you get up on the mountain, the thinner the luft & the thinner the berd.