Monday, December 31, 2018

Rav Eliezer Mordechai Kenig of Breslov, Tzefas Passes Away at 73

The feeling of Aveilus spread rapidly in the Breslov community on Monday morning with the announcement of the Petira of HaGaon HaTzaddik HaRav Eliezer Mordechai Kenig ZT”L, who was niftar in Tzefas at the age of 73. The Rav was the Mora D’asra of the Breslov Kehilla in Tzefas.
The Rav’s condition deteriorated of late as tefilos for his recovery were heard around the world. During the night, the Rav was transported by a paramedic ambulance to Ziff Hospital in Tzefas after he complained of difficulty breathing. His major organs collapsed towards the predawn hours and he was niftar despite resuscitation efforts.
Rav Kenig was scheduled to fly to the United States on Monday for a complicated medical procedure that was to have stabilized his condition.
Rav Kenig was the leader of the Breslov tzibur in Tzefas – Nachal Novei Mekor Chachma, the kehilla which was established by HaGaon Rav Gedalyahu Kenig ZT”L, which numbers hundreds of families, with the community located in the lower part of the Old City of Tzefas, near the Ancient Cemetery.
Rav Kenig was a major figure in Breslov, and many many turned to him for advice regularly and in addition to the local kehilla, many chassidim from outside Tzefas regarded the niftar as their rov.
Levaya information: 
The levaya will begin at noon from the niftar’s home on Chassam Sofer Street in Tzefas and then towards the Trisk Beis Medrash, and then the route the niftar took daily, walking to the main Breslov Beis Medrash in Kiryat Breslov, and then to the Tzefas Cemetery for kvura. There will be transportation from Breslov communities throughout Eretz Yisrael.

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