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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Why Are The Satmar Kestenbaums Hounding Blogger "Lost Messiah?"

Joel Kestenbaum
Louis Kestenbaum

There is a blogger out there called Lost Messiah that is being hounded like a dog by a bunch of rich Satmar Chassidim......

She is Julie Globus,  recently unmasked and outed by the Satmar Kestenbaums that own a company called the Fortis Property Group. 

For two and a half years, the Rockland County resident -- a  wife, mother and attorney -- wrote an anonymous blog under the name Lostmessiah and started investigating the company the Kestenbaums own, The Fortis Property Group, and must have hit the jackpot,  she must have touched a raw nerve.

The Satmar Kestenbaums engaged a major law firm to bring a defamation and libel suit against her, to seek to shut her up. This law suit demanded that their very own documents used to justify their lawsuit be sealed by the court from public view.????

Is there something sinister going on with the Kestenbaums that they are so frightened of Julie Globus??

Why are they insisting that the documents they filed to sue Globus, be sealed????

What are the Kestenbaums hiding???? 

Why are the Kestenbaums threatening anyone that dare ask questions??? 

Why do they insist on hounding Mrs. Globus???

Julie Globus has set up  a GoFundMe page to cover her attorney costs to get the Kestenbaum documents unsealed, if you can find it in your heart to help her out financially, it would be appreciated...
You can donate "anonymously."


Unknown said...

Kol hamoser yisroel byad goy ein lo chelek leolamm habo

Anonymous said...

Satmar filth -yemach shemom. Particularly these two pieces of excrement/ Kestenshiesse
They use their money as a weapon. Utter untermenchen

Dusiznies said...

I suggest you learn the Halachois pertaining to "meseereh" in the Rambam ....

Anonymous said...

With names like Joe And Lou what can one expect??

Unknown said...

Stop your hate!

Unknown said...

Unknown rambam says Moser mitzvah lehorgo

Anonymous said...

Lol. Because everyone wants someone poking around in their business. They have a right to defend themselves.