Saturday, December 15, 2018

Sleazy Vaad of Flatbush Now Says "apology" Was A Forgery!

Rabbi Goldberg head of the Vaad Haganavim denied signing the apology letter and referred to the statement as a “forgery.” He did not add any further comments. 

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Anonymous said...

Why is Goldberg sleazy if he's the victim of a forger?

These women who don't act like bnos Yisroel are the sleazy ones & so the shvantz who forged the letter.

By the way, there is an OU mashgiach in Queens who was outed as smearing & sometimes impersonating dozens of rabbis & ordinary people he doesn't like on the internet. Most of them are opponents of molesters which he has a problem with that because his family are mechutonim of molester Bryks. But he is also a crazy & warped kanoyee so that's not his only agenda. (Never mind that the hypocrite's father was convicted of embezzling from clients & fled to Israel t one point)

In any case, some comments believed to be belonging to him also misspelled rabbonim as rebbinim.

And (coincidence?) he doesn't like the Goldbergs.