Friday, December 14, 2018

Flatbush Vaad Backs Down and Allows "Ladies Only" Party

City anti-discrimination law trumped religious rules in the case of a Jewish lesbian comic Brooklyn rabbis sought to bar from performing at a kosher restaurant on New Year’s Eve.
The Vaad Harabanim of Flatbush had put the kosher kibosh on Leah Forster’s gig after it decided allowing the restaurant to host it would be a violation of Jewish law.
But the Vaad changed its mind Thursday, four days after the Daily News highlighted Forster’s case on the front page.

“Our supervision over a restaurant is strictly limited to ensuring the highest standard of (kosher) with regards to any food or drink served by the establishment, but we cannot and do not certify the (kosher) of the ambiance of the restaurant,” the Vaad of Flatbush said in a statement.

The News was not able to reach the group for further comment Thursday night.

Forster was overjoyed.

“Literally, history in my community,” she said. “Never ever has a rabbi backed down from anything they’ve ever done.”

“Our community is so scared of the rabbis,” Forster added. “This is the first time they’ve actually been scared of the law.”

Forster had filed a complaint with the city Human Rights Commission. Under city law, employers — including kosher restaurants that might want to hire Forester to perform — can’t discriminate against current or potential employees based on their sexuality.

Forster is scheduled to perform her New Year’s Eve schtick at Brooklyn’s Garden of Eat-In in Flatbush.

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Chicken Livers said...

Ok so the modern ortho owners of Garden of Eat in / Gourmet on J along with little boy "Flatbush Vaad" Goldberg are caving to dodge lawsuits, fines & other legal action.

Normally they should be bashed as spineless cowards but I have to admit this is a special circumstance that maybe no one is mechuyev to make himself a martyr.

Liberal lowlives like Cuomo the Homo & de Blahhhsio look for blood when it comes to shilling for toyava so that they can score points with Socialists & Village gays. They are looking to drive any non-complying gesheften into the erd and to financially bankrupt the owners personally.

Many don't realize by the way that old man Goldberg separated the kashrus as his own private company away from the Vaad haganuvim.

Hey Miles you're still not attractive no matter how much you strut around like a street walker in the Meatpacking District.