Wednesday, December 19, 2018

New York Useful Idiot "Shul" hosts Jew-haters Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory

 Leftist Jews do not represent the Jewish people. 
They are useful idiots for our enemies. As if we don’t have enough people gunning for us — these “Jews” are the public face of “acceptable” antisemitism. 

Linda Sarsour has called for jihad against President Trump, as well as for the slaughter of Jewish families. She has warned against “humanizing” JewsShe avidly supportsthe Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) movement, an economic boycott of the tiny Jewish state, which mirrors the Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses in the lead-up to the Holocaust. 

Preceding Kristallnacht, the Nazis held several days calling for Germans to boycott Jewish-owned businesses. BDS is no different. Sarsour was outraged when a police officer and an FBI agent shot and killed a young black Muslim named Usaama Rahim in Boston on June 2, 2015, when Rahim lunged at them with a military-style knife as they attempted to question him about suspected terror-related activities. 

Naturally, Sarsour said: “At the end of the day, a Black man was shot on a bus stop on his way to work and we should treat this like any other case of police violence.” Usaama Rahim was involved in a plot with two other Muslims — their goal was to behead Pamala Geller(see below). And about Sarsour, there’s much more.

Islamic Jew-hatred: it’s in the Quran, and it’s propagated by Linda Sarsour. And now it’s legitimized by Randi Weingarten.
More information on this far-left rabbi here.

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You write: More information on this far-left rabbi here.
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