Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Yanky Kanievski On His SmartPhone

He is the grandchild of R' Chaim Kanievski and he is the one you have to deal with if you want to see the Gadol Hador. 
But ................. if you have a smartphone you cannot enter the room that R' Chaim holds court; there is a huge sign in front of the door that reads that it is "Forbidden To Enter The Room If you Own a Smartphone."
Who do you think put up the sign??????
Yup you guessed right...... R' Yanky Kanievski....
He is also the guy who is his grandfather's spokesman, and is arguably he most powerful guy in the Yeshivishe Litvisher World!

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Anonymous said...

this is actually false there is no such sign in Reb Chaim Kaneiveskys room I have been myself with a smartphone!! please do not post lies!!