Monday, December 10, 2018

Comedy Show Cancelled by Brooklyn Kosher Restaurants

The New York City Human Rights Commission filed a lawsuit against two Kosher Brooklyn Restaurants after they canceled a "Ladies Only New Year’s Eve comedy" show featuring Comedienne Leah Forster and the popular "FlatbushGirl."
"Hashagacha Rabbis" are now not only policing Kashrut Standards but are now sticking their noses into the parties taking place under their supervision.
Reb Moshe Feinstein z"l had already ruled decades ago in his Sefer Igros Moshe  that kosher caterers can cater parties even if they know for sure that there would be mixed dancing...
This show for "Ladies only" didn't have any dancing planned and from what I understand is a 100% Kosher show...
So what is the problem....????
The Kashrut of the party is not the issue ....

The issue according to those in the know is that there was a petition on the Rabbinical "banned" WhatsApp group that Leah Forster, known for her great impersonations on Facebook, should be banned because she is "openly a lesbian."
What is ironic is that one of the restaurants that cancelled the show because of rabbinic pressure, The Garden-of Eat-In is under the rabbinical supervision of the Vaad Harabonim of Flatbush...
Just last year when I asked a known rabbi if I can eat in a restaurant under the supervision of the Vaad Hashagacha he sarcastically told me in Yiddish that "a goy can certainly eat there."
The Vaad are the last people on this planet to teach us moral lessons..... Ve'hameivin Yavin!

The other restaurant, from Boro-Park, Orchidea, is under the supervision of Rabbi Shmuel Dovid Beck.
Rabbi Shmuel Dovid Beck, is afraid of his own shadow and will never take a stand for what is right .... so we are not surprised at all that he backed off...
But what is surprising is that Rabbi Beck screams and rants against WhatsApp in his shul every Shabbas and now because he is frightened that his parnassah is at stake he decides to take his "loshon hara" from where""""" 
Yes ...... WhatsApp....! Groiser Tzaddik!! 
I personally know him from Kollel Days, and he was always a "chechele mechele." If someone pissed on him, he thought it was raining!

And before I posted this story I gave it some thought......

I don't get it!

Is  Rabbi Beck and the Vaad  worried that people will stop fressing at these establishments that they supervise because a young lady that was rumored to be a lesbian was to perform on a "Ladies Only" Event??
So now people will stop stuffing their mouths with choloptchis that has their Hashgacha?
Where will this insanity end????
Who is behind this????
So it's ok for men  to get drunk every single shabbos but it's not ok for their wives to have a night out once a year????
Where are these Hashagach Rabbis when under their supervision children get molested, and young girls get raped by their congregants and their herring fressers refuse to give their wives a get and leave them as agunas??
Where are these fakers?? 
Oh please.... get me out of here!
So why Cancel???
I believe that the husbands are  threatened by  "Ladies Shows;" afraid that their wives will learn a thing or two about life.
The husbands themselves have no problem bar-hopping and frolicking in Strip-Clubs the entire summer leaving their "pundula" wearing wives in the country all week long.

The husbands were also terrified that they would have to babysit their children on New Year's Night, just when they thought they would be able to sneak out and get drunk while  telling their wives that they are going to the daf .
So now that they feel threatened .... to whom do they turn to?
To the Rabbis that they secretly despise.
The husbands never listen to their Rabbis to stay off the internet, stay off WhattsApp,  and continue to watch things that I cannot mention to my respectful readers.
 The husbands also know that their wives are on WhatsApp yapping and trading "Loshon hara" all day long and I personally heard from someone who recently got divorced that  his wife was on a Williamsburg WhatsApp group that was part of a "Swingers Group," Rachmana Litzlan! I'll bet that the guy she was messing with is one of those guys who is "rosh ve'rishon" to have this "Ladies Night Show" banned!

Leah Forster,  is known for her numerous women’s comedy CDs including Yentatainment and Balabusted and appeared in the lineup of a Saturday night comedy show at the Kosher Culinary Center of North America which is under the rabbinical supervision of North American Kosher. 

On her own Facebook Video , Forster said that the owners of both restaurants went out of their way to accommodate her, offering to find another venue for the show or to provide food so that the event could go on elsewhere. 
Forster said that she did not intend to pursue legal action despite those who told her that her civil rights had been violated.
But that the story was brought to the New York City Commission on Human Rights by another party who reached out to Forster who told them that she did not want to pursue a case against the two eateries.
“They told me these are businesses and as businesses you have to follow certain guidelines,” 
“We are opening an investigation regardless.”
Mazel Werzberger, owner of Orchidea, (nisht kein groiser chuchim and nisht kein kleiner naar) said that the restaurant’s rabbi spent a full week considering the matter before deciding that the event could not take place, reaching out to numerous people and meeting with the parties involved.  The decision to cancel the show did not come lightly to him, or to the restaurant said Werzberger.
“I have an amazing rabbi, a very considerate person, who really checked into it, the same way I have to follow the rules from the health department, I have to follow my rabbi," said Werzberger with a straight face.


Flatbush Fressers Inc said...

The late Rabbi Goldberg cleaned up much of the mess from the old corrupt Flatbush Vaad & got to where he had better kashrus than most others in the neighborhood. But then he blew it when he sent junior to Ner Yisroel who came back with all of Star K's phony loopholes.

The father did sometimes get very tough with his accounts over minutia which led them to call him the mafia. But sometimes he was right like when he banned anything from Babad 20th Ave & when he threw out Negev on Ave J under George Gross. It got very dramatic at one point on Yudel Shain's blog with George slugging it out with either Goldberg or someone posting with information from Goldberg. George counter attacked about the Morell catering scandal in Lawrence.

Gay Aveck said...

Someone is covering up for the Lesb in the article you found because she was raving to the Daily News that her rights were violated so she filed the complaint herself & had a long meeting with a City lawyer.

It figures prusta "Flatbush Girl" Miles is mouthing off. Keep it up loser & lets see which yeshivos take your kids when you're fighting for acceptance of your friend who is "married" to another dyke. It's not like you're playing with a full deck in any case with all your cheerleading for Pelosi & the caravans full of freeloaders & criminals that even Obama would not accept. Check out her Twitter, people. She's out of her mind!

Leah comes up in records as both Leah Forster & Leah Hartstein. Which one is her "maiden" name? The Hartsteins are related by the way to Sonja Kohn. Isn't that the big abettor of Bernie Madoff who had to flee Vienna?

I would say Kirshner is the coward except that isn't he just a front for Pearlman?

Passaic Cover Up said...

The "non-advocate" advocate for the liar Passaic anti-vaxx monsters, the BT Mrs. B.T. "Measles", has gone into deep stealth mode. She is now basically invisible to the public online though still aiding "the cause" in some ways that we cannot currently elaborate on.

And get a load of this! On the "secret" class Facebook page for Passaic-Clifton yentas, an anti-vaxx looney tune is having a paranoid fit. She is stomping her feeselach that it's "unconscionable" that they were exposed (on DIN), which she fears is from a "man posing as a woman" who has infiltrated them or who is being clued in by his veibelah. She snorts that the moderators should find the culprits behind the leak & ban them.

Tweetel Dumb said...

The classic definition lehalacha of moyser is someone who informs on other Yidden in a way that the goyim come to take money from them.

So how is Miles, in between strutting around vee a zoyna, not meeting the criteria when she Tweets to every radical gay and or Liberal government official, egging them on to come after anyone breaking the anshei Sdom law, with massive fines attached, of not providing Forster a platform altz mayseh Eretz Mitzrayim?

Miles is a sick puppy when she Tweets that "our community" will not stand for this. This could only mean the gay "community" but she is delusional enough to think she speaks for the Shomer Torah umitzvos community.

Chevra Chazirim said...

That's a good one about stomping "feeselach"! Bifrat for the fakers who pretend they are not anti-vax or supporting them in any way.

Especially after an alert reader of DIN shtelled tzu the uncanny resemblance that the drey kop Passaic woman has to Queen Jadis of a place called Narnia where creatures with human heads lav davka have human feet.

The anti-vaxsters actually have a lot about them that is not Min Enoshi, starting with their selfish callousness of putting the lives of Yiddishe babies in danger.

On the Opsh and Opsh said...

I wouldn't say der Opsher Ruv Rav Beck is scared of his own shadow but he does tow the politically correct line that if the 'establishment' backs something corrupt or not kosher he doesn't really want to hear the facts because he believes them 100%.

He has called bloggers 'baalei lushen hura' for this reason

Anonymous said...

is that the eccentric miles family that has many divorces? one of them alone was divorced something like 4 times

no one needs any credibility today. you just have to have a big mouth and a social media account to be heard the world over

Yishuvoi shel Oilem Goilem said...

"gay community"

Does anyone even talk to Miles or do they daven at one of the lowlife collectives like Vigler's shul where anything goes?

The gay journalist Andrew Sullivan used to write for the NY Times who seem to have gotten rid of him because he still voted for the verboten Republicans. But back then he once wrote about "generations & generations of gays". The Wall St Journal editorial page took a humorous dig at him: "Gays have generations?"

Anonymous said...

Where is that R' Moshe teshuva on mixed dancing?

Because he assers altz maysis umaydiach to invite someone if you know they will drive on Shabbos.

And in another teshuva he calls gay behavior the "most disgusting thing there is"

Dusiznies said...

It seems that you saw the teshuvah ... because you are quoting directly from it....
In that very teshuvah someone asked the following question:
He is a caterer and he knows that they are going to dance mixed, can he cater?
R' Moshe goes goes be'areechois .. whether it is "Lifnei Eivur?" If it can be "mesayeh?"
he then explains the difference between being over "lifnei ivur" that would be a deoiyriisah, or is it "mesaayeh" which would make it a derabaanan..
R' Moshe concludes that it is neither .... it cannot be "lifnei evur" since he is catering kosher food... and it cannot be "mesayeh" because if he wouldn't cater, they would get it from someone else...
At any rate ... he answers that the Caterer should cater Le'katchilah, because at least they are going to eat kosher>>>...
in that very teshuvah he writes what someone who makes a simcha on shabbos can invite the relative even if he knows that guy is going to drive there on shabbos, but suggests that he should invite that relative to come on friday and try to make the guy sleep over ... if the guy declines to come on friday and drives to the simcha on shabbos... R' Moshe suggests that the host should keep him there as much as possible... because as long as he is at the host he isnt doing any melachois ..

Dusiznies said...

As far as Gays are concerned ... you don't have to quote R' Moshe and what R' Moshe's opinion was....
we have our Torah ..... and we know what the Torah thinks of Gays .....
But this is none of the business for the restaurant and its none of the business of the Rabbanim ...
This show as I understand it is not about her being gay .... she is not talking about her lifestyle ...
According to you a restaurant shouldn't serve people that are mechallel shabbos, shouldn't serve half the people whose wives go to the country because they hang in topless bars ... and swing ...
Shouldn't serve to people that talk in shul etc etc ....
Kashrut Agencies should be just that ... make sure the food is kosher the rest of it .is none of their business...they are nor G-D or G-d's policeman
I was at a wedding recently where towards the end of the wedding , some guests started dancing with their wives .. and the mashgiach ran in and started yelling his head off... meanwhile i who came very late because I attended another simcha went into the kitchen to get something to eat ... and I saw one of the waiters drinking milk over the meat pots ... the mashgiach was outside ogling the girls screaming at the men while one of the waiters was making the pots treif ....
Its none of their business ...

Anonymous said...

I saw the teshuva inside where R' Moshe cringes from gay abomination but only heard in a shiur about driving on Shabbos which it was rendered more lechumrah than what you quote.

There is a difference between mixed dancing & gays as Chazal say the Mabul came from making gay lifestyle accepted. There is a reason why the OU will not do gay "weddings" which the shameless Star K jumped in to grab those for the profit while covering up & pretending they don't.

Ok so Forster does not hold a sign that says gay but if she is otherwise outspoken about it surely the hashgocho & the restaurant are reasonable to have a problem with that. I'm sure the baal hablog would be upset, and rightly so, if a lowlife Neturei Karta ferd like Moshe Aryeh Friedman came to lecture on growing potatoes.