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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Why Is There A "Shidduch Crises?" ......... Answer In 1 Minute & 27 Seconds


San fracisco said...

First let her start talking to her father and mother again then she can lecture Us and how to get married

Dusiznies said...

I guess you don't get it ..... my post has nothing to do with her.... i'm just using her spoof as my point on what's going on with the "shidduch crises"
Unless you actually do get it ... but just wanted to throw something out there to disparage her!

Realist said...

Who is she?

Anonymous said...

The shidduch crisis can be summed up very simply. What you once looked for in a boy you look for in a girl. The girls are super educated in both secular and Jewish studies. They go out with these boys who are either not religious enough or their secular education is so insufficient that they can't tolerate their ignorance. It is the opposite crisis of the Sara shanire era.