Thursday, December 20, 2018

100 Year Old Still Drives & Works ......


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Anonymous said...

Idiots from the Rebbitzen Kaminetzky conference call

Parents from one yeshiva and administrators from another spoke to the board about the fines, trying to understand why the county was penalizing the schools.

"You're playing with people's lives here," cried Michal Kofman, whose five daughters go to the Skill Building Center, Yeshiva Aitz Chaim Bnos Bracha. "It makes no sense ... that our children should be forced to stay home. When I called the public school, they said my children could go to public school the next day. Why can't they go to my own Jewish school?"

She argued that the state vaccination records were not up to date and therefore schools with more than an 80 percent vaccination rate were being penalized.

One man was escorted out of the meeting for speaking out of turn after shouting multiple times at the board "you're not telling the truth."

Another parent from the Skill Building Center, Daniel Berch, said the orders to yeshivas were anti-Semitic, which was immediately shot down by the chairman of the health board, Dr. Jeffrey Oppenheim.

"I’m bothered by any insinuation that we’re picking on these yeshivas," Oppenheim said. "If we were ignoring it, that would be discriminatory. What we're trying to do here is protect people. This is the antithesis of discrimination." said...


Anonymous said...

He died three years ago!

Stop posting old news from your whatsapp chats if you want to have any credibility. Jeez!

Dusiznies said...

Hey yukel ..... this is not a "news site" it's a blog!
Helllllowwwwww ..... It's a blog!!!!
I post what I find interesting... said...

Do how old was he when he died?

JJJ said...

He was 103
and you take stuff from the Hasidic twitter accounts
at least give credit to where you find your stuff
you are a pompous chamor

Yukel der satmerer said...

JJJ @ &:58
An who did the "Hasidic twitter" account give credit to????
You "chamor" bli daas..