Friday, December 28, 2018

Satmar News Site "VIN" Vos Iz Neias Defames the IDF Quoting the Anti-Semitic B'Tzelem Organization!!

The Satmar guys running VIN, VosIzNeias, wait like hungry rats  to pounce on the 'medinah" even quoting from Nazi organizations like B'Tzelem! 
To bury, so to speak, the State, they will quote from the Chareidie hating JTA.

Copying and pasting from the JTA, they report that over "90% of Israeli Jews trust" the IDF. 

 Headlining the article 

"Are Israeli Media Too Soft On The Country’s Popular Military?"

What utter nonsense.... ...what would they want... ?? 
that the media attack the IDF, the only Jewish army in the entire universe?

They quote from the Jew hating B'Tselem organization funded by Arab murderers:

According to B’Tselem, the army  misled the public about the shooting incident in Tulkarem.
“When the incident was made public, the military responded by claiming that a ‘violent disturbance of the peace had developed’ in the area, that ‘dozens of Palestinians were throwing stones,’” B’Tselem said in a statement. “The video footage and the eyewitness accounts collected by B’Tselem from people who were near Habali show no absolutely no of sign of any ‘disturbance,’ stone-throwing or use of crowd control measures.”

Then VIN, the gypsy Satmar Website quotes anonymously ...
The following week, B’Tselem accused the IDF of “manipulating the truth” in its accounts of the deaths of two Palestinians teens killed in northern Gaza by an Israeli munition. Israel claimed he had been accidentally killed by an explosive used as a “knock on the roof” to inform residents that their building was about to be leveled. In a video posted to YouTube, B’Tselem and the British-based group Forensic Architecture alleged that the IDF intentionally omitted video footage showing that Israel’s highly touted method for warning civilians was not as safe as popularly believed.
“When reports like these come out they tend to cast doubt on the credibility of the IDF spokesman’s office,” said one senior foreign correspondent who asked to remain anonymous.

Vin, continues it's vitriol and hate, 
NGOs like B’Tselem wield significant influence in how the the outside world views the Israeli military, which it sees as as less than honest in admitting its failures.
“When human rights violations are exposed, the IDF spokesperson tends to immediately respond without substantiating claims and with no thorough research,” B’Tselem spokesman Amit Gilutz told JTA. “Thus, time and again it changes its unfounded versions, after being caught sending the media unreliable information. All this is predictable, as the spokesperson operates like a de facto PR agency for the military. What is surprising is how readily the media still publishes the military’s claims with no reservation despite such claims proven wrong, misleading or inaccurate time and time again.”

Of course, I realize that they are just copying and pasting directly from the lefty website JTA, but VIN chooses which articles they want to post when they see something that bashes our children serving so bravely in the IDF ... they pounce!!!


Anonymous said...

VIN has nothing to do with Satmar. I doubt the people who own it are even strictly orthodox.

I've noticed their recent trend of posting anti-Israel articles. I'm guessing they are getting paid to do so by some anti-Israel NGO

Dusiznies said...

VIN is owned by a Satmer Chusid and he lives in Williamsburg ..
I know him well ..