Sunday, December 16, 2018

Posters Announcing Murder of Chareidie Soldier Vandelized in Meah Shearim on Shabbos!

The entire nation is saddened by the murder of the IDF soldiers in a terror attack last week, but the extremists animals living in Meah Shearim have no heart and no soul!

Here was a guy, Yosef Cohen HY"D that was murdered protecting these savages, and died according to all poiskim "Al Kiddush Hashem" and yet you have a bunch of parasites, who never worked a day in their lives, masquerading as frum observant Jews, tearing down posters announcing the death .... on Shabbos!!

The posters did not mention the fact that he was a soldier, being sensitive to the residents of Meah Shearim. 
And only read: 
"With deep and piercing sorrow, we announce the murder in cold blood  of my son, our dear brother and grandson, the son of Rabbi Eitan Cohen zt "l of the Bratslav Chassidus who ascended into the heavens on Kiddush Hashem on Thursday, Tevet 5769" 


Frum but normal said...

Eventually with Gods help there will be some kind of arrangement with the Palestinians,which undoubtedly will involve some kind of territorial exchange,whereby population centers with mostly Arabs will be transferred to the PLO and Jewish centers will be annexed to Israel.
My hope and wish and prayer and fantasie is,if that happens Meah Shearim with those filthy TRAITOROUS Israel hating gangsters would be handed over to the PLO.let them live with their fellow jew hating murderers.
If that happens i will give a big KIDDUSH and maybe even say HALLEL (with a bracha)

Ma Rabbi said...

They can rip down posters all they want but they will never approach his level of Gan Eden.

Anonymous said...

Why are you going easier on them than the critics have gone on Barack Hussein Obumbum whom they note in addition to "no heart and no soul" also has no brain.

Pay the Bill said...

List of every single creditor owed their money by Lipschutz / Zvi Bloom from the Seasons supermarkets bankruptcy

Let's hope there was no monkey business anything like the Federal investigation of Bloom putting Torah Umesorah's gelt into the Platinum ponzi scheme or money laundering like with Lipschutz's bro from Agri. But there are some eyebrow raising names here like a batlan in Far Rockaway who is a scalper of sports tickets.

Mendel said...

Extremists like ISIS