Thursday, December 27, 2018

After 2 1/2 Minutes of "Mitzvah Tantz" Michatanim Had Enough and Break It Up!


cyrano said...

Actually this is the minhag; the mechutonim break off the Mitzvah tanz. It would be unseemly for a groom to break away from his bride in middle of the dance.
It would seem to suggest that the choson is not so delighted with his kallah that he would wish to be at her side forever. That is why the mechutonim, preferably the father of the kallah, interrupt the dance. It is actually part of the ceremony.

However, in the case of the particular event shown on this clip, the couple appear to be engaged in a close embrace, which is certainly not called for. It displays an inappropriate familiarity between the bride and groom, unlike the customary Mitzah Tanz, which depicts the shy and modest character of the relationship of the choson and kallah at this time in their life together.

Baggy grean said...

Very well written each word carefully thought out
The best phrase used was the couple appear
U would have to be blind to think otherwise
The clip is very strange. Initially he can't even look into her eyes then totally out of script he grabs her n she grabs him. Something is very strange to say the least

Anonymous said...

watch the video again no breakup at all FAKE NEWS