Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jewish Man Punched In Face in Crown Heights Attacker Yells He Is ‘Tired Of Jews’

Second attack in less than 12 hours!

A Jewish man was assaulted early this morning while on his way to Shul in Crown Heights. The assailant slapped a cell phone out of the victims’ hands, then punched him in the face while yelling “I am tired of Jews.”

The incident occurred at around 6:00am near the corner of Albany Avenue and Lefferts Avenue. The victim, a 49-year-old Jewish man, was on his way to Shul when he was accosted by a man who slapped a cell phone out of his hands then punched the victim in the face while shouting “I am tired of Jews.”
Cellphone video from the scene show police holding a man, presumably the assailant, in handcuffs who is readily admitting that he slapped the phone out of the victims’ hands “because he is tired of all the Jews.”

After calling for help police responded to the scene and managed to apprehend the attacked, who is described as a 46-year-old Hispanic man, who police say is a resident of the area.

Hatzalah treated the victim, who suffered a bloodied nose, at the scene. He B”H did not require further medical attention.
This incident is being treated by the police as a possible bias incident.

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