Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Vote for St. Lawrence and live in this piece of garbage,

This is what you are going to look forward to if you vote for St. Lawrence!

This is a brand new development not too far from Hatzlacha Grocery!
Yes! It was just built and this is the front entrance, the back is a bunch of asphalt and houses that mirror these houses!

Notice no greenery, no sidewalk and no room for children to play!

The houses below on Route 59 look nicer, but again no greenery, just a bush here and there, no playground

The Developers rented double header buses to bring the sheep to the polling stations


Shmuel Boruch Tress said...

My choshuva mechutan in Otisville Prison, Leib Pinter, says this is a stunning picture that could go for millions at Sotheby's.

When I tried to chamsan aus Kol Yaakov I grada tried offering this valuable shtik karka before it was built up to Leib Tropper in exchange but the stubborn shvantz turned me down.

fRED said...

Can you translate whatever the hell you're talking about into simple ENGLISH?

Greedy Fresser Developer said...

Yesh gorsin "Children should not be seen or heard"

What are you, nuts, that I should yield even a square inch of parkland to cut into my profits?

Just don't tell anyone Tress's big secret that he is also a convicted felon.