Monday, November 16, 2015

CUNY Protest for "Free Tuition" turns into Anti-Semitic Rally at Hunter College

by David Green 

Friends, please listen up. I took this video on Thursday night November 12, 2015 at Hunter College, where I am a student. 

A rally was held to end the tuition hikes in CUNY schools and this is what I witnessed. 

As a Jewish student, I was harassed for wearing a yarmulke. People yelled at me "Go back to Poland!" and "terrorist" just for wearing a yarmulke. 

People were waving Palestinian flags and denouncing Israel as a terrorist state. What was supposed to be an anti tuition hike rally actually turned out to be an "anti-Semitism" rally that called for CUNY to fire it's "Zionist Funding administration". 

To put it into perspective, Hunter college is located on the Upper East Side - which is a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. 

Rallies like this one take place everyday all over the world in places where Jews have never even been. The hate needs to stop. 

This isn't a matter of religion against religion rather, a matter of hate. The only way to combat such hate is to educate and stand up for what is right. I ask all of my friends to please spread the peace, educate others and make sure that this hate stops.

 Learn about Israel, educate others and protest peacefully- please share this video with friends and show them the hate we are up against. 

I urge every student on every campus to speak up and not stand idly by. Israel is forever. עם ישראל חיי. Please share

Watch at 2:57 mark as it turns ugly!


Yes we can said...

All of this anarchy & worse is being funded by Obama who quietly diverts the millions of dollars in fines he has opposed on the banking industry for supposedly being racist against shvartzas with lending.

Obama from his Chicago days is a student of Communist agitator Alinsky who devised these anarchist methods

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the Jewish residents of the UES are all flaming liberals who could care less about a bunch of Arabs yelling about the Zionist state/ regime blah blah blah because it does not pertain to them or even c"v agreeing with these protesters. Unfortunalty, history has shown that we never learn our lesson....think Germany 1935....Hashem Yirachem