Monday, November 2, 2015

Voting for St. Lawrence in Monsey is putting your entire family in danger!

St.Lawrence hates Jewish children, that explains his allowing developers to build with  no regard to the safety of the families.

Each development has hundreds of Jewish children and there is no place for them to play.....
so they run into the streets ...or play in the busy  paved parking lots!

Even the Projects in the Bronx have playgrounds!

And all this is the least of the problems,
 as I mentioned in a previous post ...something that I witnessed myself this past Sunday..... an ambulance with its sirens blasting, was desperately trying to maneuver down Route 306 but had to stop because way up front was a school bus dropping off children at the Belzer Yeshivah that doesn't have, thanks to St,. Lawrence, a place to accommodate buses!

I have  been notified that the Rabbonim never signed that Kol Korah endorsing St. Lawrence, it was a fraud perpetrated by the developers to scare the sheep!

The fraudulent poster
I think that we should all vote for the "anti-Semites" ! Yes .... you read it right! 
So, what do the "anti-Semites propose?
They sit down guys ......they propose that Yeshivas keep your precious children safe by adhering to the local Fire codes! 
They propose that houses that are built to accommodate two families shouldn't have 10 families living in them.
We have had a bunch of fires this year in Monsey with families barely getting out alive!

I know that writing this post is an exercise in futility, because the developers have stacked millions of newspapers and postcards in the mailboxes scaring the crap out of the innocent naive sheep, writing in Yiddish and English that the anti-Semites are closing up the Yeshivos, and stopping development!

All Lies all Lies all Lies !

Goebbels the propaganda minister of Adolf Hitler YM"S once said that if you repeat a lie over and over again, people will believe it!
So St. Lawrence will get re-elected and soon Monseyeites who moved to Monsey thinking that they moved out of the city for a better life will get a rude awakening thanks to the money whores!

Turns out that the real anti-Semites are the developers and St. Lawrence!


Anonymous said...

Vachalufeiam Begolom! You're the perfect example for that chazal

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, but who are we supposed to vote for when Preserve Ramapo-Rockland are also mostly anti-Semites who will persecute frum Jews in other ways? I can give you plenty of examples. And have you ever seen that vicious shmuck Rhodes who seems to think frumma are too disgusting to even look at?

Dusiznies said...

Please give us examples of how Preserve Ramapo will "persecute frum Jews in other ways"
This is a scare tactic
Yes I agree that Preserve Ramapo is not the best choice, I say let them win and in two years let's put up candidates that care about the poor zhlubs in Monsey!

Anonymous said...

Examples of Preserve Ramapo anti-Semitism

While they are correct to stop dangerous zoning violations they are on a rampage to obstruct all yeshivos & shuls period.

They give tips to Village of Upper Saddle River on how to keep sabotaging the planned Kiryas Tosh on the 20 acres off Hillside Ave even though they are in a different State.

They egged on many far away villages to sue Zaks over water consumption which Zaks is no tzaddik but that is preposterous.

I hear they are doing everything to stop Rabbi Moldaver's yeshiva from opening in New City despite that it has it's own brand new subdivision not encroaching on anyone.

At Preserve meetings they rile up the anti-Semitic rabble in attendance that they should call 911 on heimishe Yidden if their little kids step one foot in the street so that Child Services takes them away. There are some vicious anti-Semites going around boasting they are looking to do this. They are pretty stupid however & otherwise call 911 on us about so much nonsense that the cops don't take them seriously.

Dusiznies said...

as I wrote in my post that the real anti-Semites are the developers and St. Lawrence!
The Zaks' are a bunch of liars and crooks, and yes people should certainly call Child Services if children "step one foot in the street" absolutely ...rather someone take the children away then them being killed!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow ! You mean anti-Semites here in NY ? Even against anti-Zionists?.. Peeeeee !!! How can that beeeeee? Hate for Jews is only because of Zionism, say the upgeshoyrene, upgerissene, kalichdigge, heiligge naarooonim while shlinging a Smirnoff buttle ..

Fahvish der Fiffiger mit'n buttle.... for the Derby

Anonymous said...

Noooo... Hisgoooris bagoyim... Nooooo......TziyoiNUHm..... Nuuuu ?????

de heen and de hoon

Anonymous said...

Shtiisssiiim... !!!
If it weren't for Israel, this couldn't have happened.

Tammy Kol Toov

Anonymous said...

You all have been lied to by the people you have been talked into voting for. You don't follow the Talmud, Torah, and Bible (our Old Testament as it is called by others), and other Jews know this and have no respect for lambs who willing go to the slaughter to line the pockets of Christopher St. Lawrence and friends who cannot be trusted. Jewish tradition taught: “Love thy neighbor is one of the great principles in the Torah” (Sifra 2:12). The famous Jewish sage Hillel, who flourished well before Christianity, said: “Don’t do unto others what you would not want do to you – that is the whole Torah; the rest is commentary” (Babylonian Talmud, Shabbos 31a). If the Frum showed any of this commandment toward Goyim, Reform Jews, and others, they would be surprised that the antisemitism would diminish and real co-existence could occur peacefully and blessed in Hashem's principles.