Saturday, November 21, 2015

Miracles from Hashem ... Gaza Tunnels Flooded by Heavy Rains!

So it seems that Hashem doesn't listen to the Satmarer Rebbe's childish claims that Hashem will not do miracles for the Zionists....

Here see how Hashem exposed the Gaza Tunnels this past week, by flooding them with heavy rains!

I will soon post the ludicrous claims of this weeks Satmar Rants against the Miracles that Hashem does and did for the State of Israel! 


Anonymous said...

Yes Satmar is childish but no need for you to stoop to their level with tit for tat that everything is a Zionist issue.

I don't like Satmar or secular Zionists but this has nothing to do with either. Hashem can make miracles for Jews living in Israel regardless of who is elected Prime Minister of the State.

So Satmar manufactures Zionist boogeymen hiding behind every corner and they get people to respond to their nonsense when they don't deserve a response.

Dusiznies said...

Read my next post and you will see that Satmar is making it an issue, and actually wrote that this was a miracle by the "Samach Mem"