Thursday, November 5, 2015

Charedi Jews To Launch Ad Campaign In Arabic - 'We Don't Ascend Temple Mount

Chareidim learned a lot from the holocaust.... and it seems that the biggest lesson they learned was "selektion" ...
The watched how Mengele selected Jews from other Jews and they now think its a great idea....
They want the Arabs to stab non-chareiim,....
These crazy demented fools think that the Arabs give a hoot about Jews either going on the Har Habayis or not going to the Har Habayis!
Since they have learned nothing from the past, they come up with these cockamamie ideas!
What they should have learned was that most Jews that were ever  killed were murdered before the Zionist State was even created!

The poster below has been paid for by Netruni, an arm of the Romanian gypsy cult called Satmar!
Last month, a Hebrew-language ultra-Orthodox newspaper caused a stir when its deputy editor published an opinion piece in Arabic urging would-be Palestinian terrorists to spare haredim since they have no intention of visiting the Islamic and Jewish holy sites on Temple Mount.
Now, an austere, anti-Zionist sect of Hassidic Judaism is taking the notion a number of steps further by reportedly planning a massive public relations campaign in the West Bank, east Jerusalem, and Arab municipalities in Israel proper.
According to the Kikar Hashabat news site, the organized Satmar community is raising funds from followers in both Israel and abroad for an extensive blitz on Israeli Arab and Palestinian media, the aim of which is to make clear its opposition to Zionism as well as to highlight the halachic edict banning Jews from visiting the Temple Mount.
The campaign, which is being run by the Natruna - True Torah Jews organization, was launched last week in a number of cities with large Hassidic Jewish populations. Streets were adorned with large banners and notices in Yiddish urging the haredi public to back the campaign, which is aimed at disassociating Hassidic Jews with religious Zionist settlers in the West Bank.
The banners also urge Hassidim to donate money to the effort.
“There is a very important need to explain to the Arabs that haredi Jews do not ascend the Temple Mount under any circumstances,” one of the ultra-Orthodox businessmen involved in the fundraising effort told Kikar Hashabat.
A century ago, Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld, the co-founder of the anti-Zionist Edah Hachareidis community in Jerusalem, also signed banners and notices reminding the public of a religious ban on entering Temple Mount.
Now the Hassidic sect wishes to “revitalize” the effort.
Badatz, the religious courts that rule on issues of halacha, endorsed the campaign, calling on followers to contribute money.
Hassidic leaders hope that the message will get through to its intended audience and “the Arabs will be convinced that haredi Jews adamantly oppose going up to Temple Mount.”
Palestinians have accused Israel of seeking to change the status quo at the holy sites, with a number of religious Zionists agitating for increased rights of worship for Jews.
Israel has sought to ensure the international community that it wishes to preserve the status quo in which “Muslims worship and Jews visit.”


Yudi Kolko said...

I believe that this particular branch of Satmar was founded by the Webermans who are cousins of my good friend Belsky. The Webermans are of course best known for their choshuva family member Nechemya Weberman who is someone I can sympathize with.

Anonymous said...

About time and yes this is just the beginning more actions are planned once and for all, the world should know and get it very clear Zionism is not Judaism actually Zionism is the opposite of Judaism and Jews are not responsible for what these gangsters are doing, and yes they should be ostracized from humanity they have a din of rodfim, and you guys could continue to platz away

Dusiznies said...

The Webermans' are "tzeegekimineh" satmareres, they are actually Americans!
The ""tzeegekimineh" are usually the worst fanatics just like the Baalei Teshuvahs, when they take up a cause, they go crazy and insane....

The Arabs are soon coming to stab you here in the USA, they already stabbed in Crown Heights .... so get ready..
soon you'll learn what Rashi learned a thousand years ago, that
Eisav Sonei Le'yaakov" and they especially hate the Chassidim!

Anonymous said...

".... what these gangsters are doing..."
Including the presumably non-Zionist Belzer Chasid who often goes up there?

L'chol Hapoochis