Monday, November 30, 2015

Mir Bochrim protect IDF Soldier that was Attacked by other Jews at the Beis Yisrael Shteiblach

Unbelievable Chutzpeh! 
Yidden are are going thru living hell in Eretz Yisroel right now, and instead of blessing and thanking the IDF, these animals attack them!
And what did the IDF soldier do to deserve the beating? He went to daven! 

It's not enough that the IDF are targets by Arab murderers and have to watch their backs, they now cannot find peace in a Shul!

The savage behavior by these bastards come from the Yeshivos...
Its time to cut these savages off.... I stopped giving anyone from Meah Sheorim any Tzedaakah, even though I am sure that there are children there that need it ... let them take money from the "medinah" 
I also stopped shopping there!

Thank G-d for the Mirerer Bochrim, probably Americans that protected him!

An IDF soldier was attacked by Yidden at the shteiblach in the Beis Yisrael area of Yerushalayim on Monday morning 18 Kislev.
Police were quick to respond. 
One person was detained, but released by police.
 It does not appear that the soldier was seriously injured B”H
 Yeshiva Bochrim from the nearby Mir Yerushalayim were davening at the shteiblach at the time and surrounded the soldier and protected him while he continued davening.

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