Monday, November 16, 2015

Obama is LATE for moment of silence as the rest of the G20 leaders hold somber observance to mourn Paris attacks

President Barack Obama arrived late to a 'moment of silence' in Belek, Turkey on Sunday as the rest of the world's most powerful leaders stood for a somber observance to honor Friday's terror-attack victims in France. 

The G20 leaders 'gathered around a large round table for their first working session,' a White House pool reporter wrote from the scene.

 'President Erdogan began the session with a one-minute moment of silence. The leaders stood to observe the moment.

 President Obama had not yet arrived and walked in at 4:34pm, after the moment of silence had begun.' 

Despite his late showing, Obama offered his thoughts on the coordinated attacks in Paris, tying the rise of the ISIS terror army to economic conditions in the Middle East. 

'There is a strong link between economy and security,' he told his peers.

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