Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Today’s Scare: Diet Coke Kills You

RUSH Limbaugh: 
All right, here's the Diet Coke story.  Really all you need to do is read the first line and the last line of the story.  It's from the UK Sun.  "Just two sweetened drinks a day can dramatically raise heart risk, studies show."  
Okay, that's the first line of the story.  The headline:  "Diet Coke Heart Risk."  And then elsewhere in the story you'll find the reference to "two cans of fizzy pop a day" raised heart risk.
I guess they've gotta give the orange juice crowd an exemption.  
Do you know how much sugar there is in orange juice? 
Do you know how much sugar there is in apple juice?  
So they have to throw in fizzy drinks here in order to describe soft drinks like Coke and Pepsi, 7-Up, Sprite, you name it.  Those are the villains. 
And, you know, on the other end of it artificial sweeteners are gonna kill you.  You've read that. 
 Equal, that's gonna kill you.  
Saccharin was gonna kill you back in the seventies.
  You know how they determined that?  If a rat had an adult comparable amount of saccharin every day, you know, whatever an adult takes to satisfy the sweet urge, whatever that would be in a rat, they calculated what that is per day, and then they multiplied that times a million and shot the rat up with it.  I mean, the rat would die from renal cancer just from that liquid being shot up.

Anyway, that's how they tried to prove saccharin caused cancer.  
So now Equal, aspartame, all these other things, they're gonna cause cancer and kill you.  
Sugar is gonna kill you.  Fizzy sweetened drinks are gonna kill you.  Global warming is going to kill you.  
It's amazing, given abortion, it's amazing anybody is alive.  
In fact, I've got a story here in the Stack coming up later about what is happening to white people aged 45 to 56.  They are dying in inordinate numbers and nobody can figure out why because it's not related to illness.  The death rate in that age-group has researchers stymied. 
So they're offering a bunch of theories and they're not coming up with this cockamamie stuff.  They're not coming up with global warming, climate change, aspartame, sugar, any of that.  
They're admitting they don't know, so they're examining cultural influences that might be leading to early middle-aged death among only white people in a basic 10-year range.  
Here's the first line. 
 "Just two sweetened drinks a day can dramatically raise heart risk, studies show."  
Last line of the story.  
"It is not clear if the harmful effects are because of the drinks themselves or the lifestyle that goes with them."  
So you have a headline and then an entire story devoted to the premise that if you drink soft drinks, two of them a day, you are vastly increasing your risk of heart attack from heart disease.  And you know people believe this.  
How long is it gonna be, folks, how long is it gonna be before you're walking down the street and you see somebody drinking a Diet Coke and somebody jabs you, "You know, that person's gonna have a heart rate increase now because did you see that story in the news the other day?  Yeah, two of these things a day and your heart rate increase goes way up."
People are gonna start repeating this like they're gonna be repeating the vitamin C myth, like they're gonna be repeating every other one of these health myths.  They just buy these up, they eat 'em up, and they believe 'em.  
Then you read the rest of the story,
 "But it's not clear if the harmful effects of sweetened drinks are really because of drinks themselves or because of the lifestyle that goes with them." 
What is the lifestyle that goes with sweetened drinks?  
What is that lifestyle?  Can somebody explain to me what the lifestyle is?  
What's exclusive about people who drink sweetened drinks?
  Nothing.  Exactly.  It's absurd. 
 It's a total, 100 percent totally made up absurd story that fulfills the crisis narrative each day: 
keep people frightened, scared, or what have you.  

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Tress tells me that this is the official drink of Preserve Ramapo.