Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Terror coming to Monroe? Aron Weiss Shot at a Store near Monroe, NY

Aron Weiss 

Aron Weiss 18 was reportedly shot twice this Tuesday evening near the Quick Shop Kosher in the town of Woodbury, near Monroe, New York.
It has been reported that the victim is a student at the Satmar Yeshiva in the nearby town of Kiryas Joel, Monroe. People are asked to Daven for Aron Ben Esther Chai L’Refuah Shlaimah.
The suspect walked into the Quick-Shop Kosher store on River Road and shot the victim twice before fleeing the scene. Hatzolah responded and transported the victim to Westchester Medical Center in stable condition.
It appears the injuries are not life-threatening. Police are currently investigating the incident. Reports have described the suspect as a white male with a goatee beard. He was reported to be wearing a backpack and a black sweatshirt.


Anonymous said...

Any indications if the perp was White trash or Arab-Paki?

Anti-terrorism said...

Is this an Orange County Sheriff SWAT team that responded wielding these heavy duty machine guns?

Anonymous said...

A Catskills paper is reporting that plain clothes officers from the NY State Bureau of Criminal Investigation responded to the scene and are investigating. I never heard of such an entity before. I am guessing the criminal was no petty robber with White skin that any local police force can handle. This sounds to me like a new State anti-terrorism division started by Cuomo who are worried it might have been a terrorist.

Anonymous said...

Was the gunman possibly a OTD guy?

Anonymous said...

They arrested the shooter & figured out he is just a pisher drug addict who overreacted instead of conducting a successful robbery.

Anonymous said...

NY State BCI handles cases that might be too complex for regular police forces, so yes there definitely was a hava amina that it was terrorism until they caught the White Trash punk who is so jumpy that he can't even pull off a routine robbery without shooting the place up like he is playing a video game or something.