Sunday, November 1, 2015

Satmar Rebbe’s Great-Grandson an IDF soldier Puts on Tefilin in a Chabad Tefillin Booth!

Hey, how come the Satmars are not throwing stones at him? 

Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Roderman regularly mans a Tefilin stand in the Machane Yehudah marketplace in Jerusalem. On Friday, while chatting with an IDF soldier, he was surprised by the young man’s Hungarian-Chasidic accent.
During their conversation, it emerged that this soldier is non-other than Chaim Meizlish, a great-grandson of the previous Rebbe of Satmar, Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum, OBM.
Chaim readily agreed to put on Tefilin, and a long and meaningful conversation ensued between him and Rabbi Roderman. After their talk, they exchanged phone numbers and pledged to remain in touch.


Anonymous said...

But why while deciding to get otd did he choose Zionism? Not going into the selfishness of this bum of dumping a wife and children! And that's your idol UPGERRISENER NAAR

Dusiznies said...

Wasn't his wife and children Satmar gypsies..... just askin"

Anonymous said...

We spent Suucos in Jerusalem,met him in Machne Jehuda,told him KOL HAKAVOD,and also mentioned to him,that being that his Grandfather is now in the OILAM HAEMES, (in the world of truth)it is only from him that he has real NACHAS
certainly not from his two SORRER IMORRER gangster sons " Aron and Zalmen Leib".
Told Chaim,look at the diferrence,while you came to Israel to put your life on the line and are being MOISER NEFESH to protect you brothers and sisters in our holy land,what are the so called Satmar
Rebbes doing? these Jew hating gangsters were spending tens of thousands of dollars in advertising and letting the world know that they support 100% Hussein Obama's effort in letting Iran acquire nuclear weapons in his promised effort to destroy Eretz Yisroel.
And when the Prime minister of Israel was here to beg congress not to approve this death sentence on the seven million Jews of Israel.
these two KAPO gangsters had the audacity to write every congressman from N.Y state and instructing them to walk out when Netanyahoo will speak.
And of course when not working to undermine and destroying Medinas Yisroel,these two savages are busy fighting each other in secular courts and causing CHILLUL HASHEM from one end of the world to the other end

Anonymous said...

"...But why while deciding to get otd did he choose Zionism?..."
Because in his heart he's a maamin and prepared to put his life on the line to protect another Yeeed... Its not rocket science. Of course, upgegoolteh naaoooNUHm with Stolichnaya buttlech can't chapp it.

the Derby.... en route

Anonymous said...

By a tzidreiter meshigener twisted sociopath like you a maamin is not putting on tffilin everyday and keeping shabbos that's irrelevant in your sick mind What is a maamin? Serving the Nazionistic regime

Anonymous said...

Hey shuckling naar,
Mih lacht enk psichopattin and mahniahkks alleh in poonim arein..
Vus iz de meh mit enk?

Cursing Jews like you Malaga slurpers is also not irrelevant.
How do you know he doesn't keep Shabbos?
If he doesn't, did you meshugoyim turn him off?

Derby.... You're losing it... Take a buttle.

Anonymous said...

And which regime are YOU serving?
Who's your ventriloquist? Edgar Bergen?

"....What is a maamin?...."

Who believes in the Torah, H"BH and miraculous return of millions of Am Yisroel to Eretz Yisroel.

What's an apikorus, kofer,and lehachis- meragel, kluuleh thrower?
Well, you can figure it out yourself.

Tammy Kol Toov and sister Zilpah... Upgegoolteh pappageis mit buttlech... Unbelievable..

Anonymous said...

Ok, ok, Shabbos & tfillin... ok...
What do say about the millions doing just that in Israel, serving in Tzahal, everyday people, religious MKs in government , bus drivers, yeshivaleit, ... millions, B"EH... Still a regime??

But who cares? Your days here in galus are numbered...

AZHORAH.....!!!! WARNING...!!!!!

Just be very careful about you and your gangsters curses against Israel. Be very, very careful.. A meisseh shehoyah happened not long ago... It involved a conversation with me and an anti-Zionist who spoke like you but in a nicer way, although both of your messages were the same..., There were witnesses to this conversation who can vouch for it. Something happened a few months later.. I don't want to talk about it now, but be warned if you have any rachmonis on yourself, and if not, at least for your family...
Do Thsuvah and watch your mouth and what you write against Eretz Yisroel.....
Criticize all you want but take care you don't exceed the speed limit... Be very careful...

the Derby.... That goes for the rest of you Israel haters... You can critique up & down... But once you use kllules, you've crossed a very red line.... Don't play Russian Roulette with your loved ones... I beg you.