Saturday, November 21, 2015

Satmar lunatics mock the miracles that Hashem performs in Israel!

Der Goy ....The Caption reads  "The false miracles from the comedians of this generation"
The above article was written by a guy that signs it "Toub" the acronym of Teitelbaum
The Satmar leaders are getting very worried that the SHIT'ah is losing steam, since the Bochrim now have access to the internet and with a quick search they find out that they were fed a bunch of lies about Israel and that they, just like the Arabs were brainwashed in hating Eretz Yisroel!

They are now reading that the  world is now focusing on radical Muslim extremists that are killing, raping and beheading all infidels, be they, Sunni Muslims, Christians or Jews!
They are reading that the Arabs are killing mostly other goyim and that the victims  aren't even Zionists! Many of the victims actually hated Zionists!

They are wondering "what's going on?"

The Satmar hierarchy is in a big dilemma, on one hand they hate Israel and want the State of Israel to be totally annihilated; they daven three times a day in Shemonah Esrah and pray that the State be destroyed.... and they teach that to the thousands attending their institutions which they call "Mosdos Ha'Koidesh" Holy Mosdos,
and on the other hand, they have to explain to their naive sheep that they have to daven for the safety of Jews in Israel?

The naive Bochur is now totally confused .... which is it?
"If I daven for the destruction of the State, won't Jews get killed?"

So "how can I say Tehillim for the safety of Jews living in Israel, when I just finished my Shemoneh Esra where I  cursed  those very Jews and prayed for their destruction?"

The Bochur also doesn't understand why there are millions of Arab refugees escaping their countries, when they were told that Jews lived peacefully with the Arabs before the State (A brazen lie)!

"If Jews lived in the Arab countries in peace," they ask, "why can't the Arabs live with their own brother Arabs in peace?"
Arabs, according to what they have been taught lived peacefully with the Jews, but have no compunction of killing other Arabs?
"How come," they ask, "that Arabs have so far killed millions of their own, and they aren't even Zionists?"

They also cannot explain why the "cursed" Zionists offer every single Jew a home and there aren't any Jewish refugees?

They cannot explain how the Zionists even after the cuts are the biggest baalei tzedaka, and give every single Mosad in Israel, funds !

The Satmar Bochrim are now reading that Muslims murdered French people in France, and France isn't a Zionist State?
What's going on?

So the Satmar genius' are running around like poisoned rats  trying to explain their idiotic, outdated SHIT'ah, because they are quickly losing their young flock! They are inundating the sheep with their barbaric ideas thru their Yiddish Newspaper, Der Goy, and Der Blutteh.

The Bochrim can't understand why the SHIT'ah that they were growing up with which was to hate your fellow Jew living in Israel resembles the Arab SHIT"ah!

They cannot understand that the Satmar Newspapers read just like Al Jazzirrah!

They know that Israel is going thru a tough time now, but as they are now reading history for the very first time, they see that was always the case!
When did the Jews ever have peace...
Not even in the Midbar with Moshe Rabbeinu, did the Jews have peace, they were attacked by Ameliek in the Midbar in the presence of Moshe and the Urim V'tumim!

The Bochrim are now realizing that they were fed a bunch of Romanian propaganda to hate other Jews!

In this week's DER GOY, they mock the miracles that Hashem is performing for the Zionists, they are even mocking the open miracles that HKB"H did during the 6 day war, saying it wasn't from Hashem but from Satan!
Can you imagine? 
How low can a Jew go to say that the countless miracles that the Jews experienced and are experiencing is from  Satan!
How crazy and demented can you get?
And not only that, but to prove that these miracles were done by Satan, they quote from the Rambam and other Rishonim?

The book "Al Hagilah" twists words of the Holy Zohar to fit the anti-Zionist agenda! 

The bochrim can't understand how their "Holy Rabbonim" are taking passages of our holy Talmud Bavli, Talmud Yerushalmi, Sifri, Sifru, Mechiltah, Geonim, Rishonim and using those very holy words to explain their demented SHIT'ah!

The bochrim cannot understand how their Rebbe was constantly teaching about Hakorah Ha'toiv, and he had none after being saved by the Zionists!
They cannot understand how the Satmar "historians" re-wrote history and twisted the entire Kastner story to totally distort the  truth and now made it look like they didn't save him at all!
But the facts are very stubborn and don't lie, and the facts are that the Satmar Rebbe was on the Zionist train and he never acknowledged and thanked Kastner!
Those are the facts!

The Bochrim also can't understand why the Satmar Rebbe misled thousands and advised them not to emigrate to the then Palestine, stating as fact that Hitler would never come to Hungary and Romania and these very Chassidim with their entire families  were then butchered by the Nazis while he managed to escape with his family!
And guess to where he escaped to? Eretz Yisroel!!!!!!

The RBS"O has a sense of humor! Here is a guy that founded a chassidus on libeling Eretz Yisroel and to where does he run to when he needs a home? Eretz Yisroel!

And the Bochrim cannot understand why millions who were supposedly anti-Zionist Jews were murdered, while those Jews that lived in and those that managed to escape to Eretz Yisroel survived?

Turns out that the "Litzanei Hador" are the Satmar Gypsies, themselves!


Anonymous said...

I recently heard a "vertle" from the Klausenburg Rebbe, that sums it all up...(and is also opportune for the month of Kislev)....

"We all ponder the famous "Beis Yosef's kasha"... The miracle of Channakah was that the Menorah burned an extra seven days, so we should only celebrate seven days...

But nowadays we can understand, says the Klausenburg Rebbe, Chazal celebrated an extra day, that nobody claimed the miracles OF CHANNAKAH where pulled off by the "sitrah acher"!!!

How is that, for a punch in the gut of the satmar klippah!!!!

Anonymous said...

They are insane. There are many ways to explain things while still not giving credit to Zionists without coming on to this convoluted Satmar propaganda with the sole agenda of bashing Zionists taking on a life of it's own, replacing all logic and sanity.

It is clear from Chazal & Kadmonim that whenever someone is made a leader, even the biggest reshoyim, that HKBH controls all their actions for good or bad. Satmar gets so carried away with their Zionist bashing that they might be oyver kefira themselves in denying this.

Satmar could simply say that Zionists were victorious becuase of people learning Torah, but they can;t let facts get in the way of Zionist bashing.

I never heard before by the way that they deny R' Yoelish was on the train. I thought they just scream that Zionists don't deserve any shkoyach anyway because they had ulterior motives for the train while they generally were a bunch of Kapos sending Jews to their deaths.

Anonymous said...

The Klausenberger correctly pointed out that the Arabs would become worse than Nazis. Just another "reason" for Satmar to keep insisting Arabs are swell.

Satmar Satmar quite contrary

Dusiznies said...

They don't deny that the Rebbe was on the train, they deny that Kastner had anything to do with it... they falsely write, that Dr. Fisher, the father-in-law of Kastner insisted that the Rebbe be on the train.
The proof is, they write, is that Dr. Fisher himself told the Rebbe, that his mother came to him in a dream and warned Dr. Fisher to include the Rebbe on the list.
The Satmar lunatics made up this entire story!
Be that as it may, even if this cockamamie story would be true, the facts are that the Rebbe was on the Zionist train!

Abe said...

"The bochrim can't understand how their "Holy Rabbonim" are taking passages of our holy Talmud Bavli, Talmud Yerushalmi, Sifri, Sifru, Mechiltah, Geonim, Rishonim and using those very holy words to explain their demented SHIT'ah!"

They could easily understand' if only they were weren't so uneducated and illiterate. All they need to do is wipe away the cobwebs that has stunted their ability to use reason and judgement.
The ISIS terrorists also take passages of their holy book, the Koran, and use their very holy words to explain their demented SHIT'ah. In that sense the Satmars and the ISIS terrorists are exactly the same.
And you're too optimistic that these imbeciles are asking reasonable questions about the rationality of thir cult. Even if a few bochrum are able to escape the mental quagmire of the Satmar straightjacket the greater majority will be unable to break out of their broken logic and recognize that that they've been lied to by a bunch of knuckle-dragging buffoons. Things will end badly for Satmar , the same as will for any fundamentalist cult. It might take 2 or three generations, but these fools will transform into something very distant from today's orthodox judaism. I wouldn't be surprised if they morph into something more in common with Islam than traditional Orthodoxy.

Anonymous said...

Satmars are running around "like" poisoned rats but in the meantime you act as THE poisonous rat itself, and regarding Dr Fisher he had a nephew in yerusholayim the famous Rav of zichron Moshe Harav Fisher who brings the story in his sefer, although for a poisonous rat like you it's irrelevant, in the meantime we see who are the majority of the victims in the last 7 weeks THE FRUM IDIOTS who followed the Zionist golden calf like real donkeys, but finally we were zoicha to see how the birchas VELAMALSHINIM is bothering you realizing that the prayers of KY is being accepted and the end of this disastrous regime is imminent
Please keep cursing and platzing

Dusiznies said...

Oh wow ..."Harav Fisher brings the story in his sefer" NOW that makes it true!
The facts are the facts Mr 5:23 ....The Satmar Rebbe was saved by the Zionists, he was on the Kastner train and was saved and lived to be "Kafu Tov" and never thanked them.... what a great role model....
Instead he imbued hate against the land that Hashem gave us, and he cursed Gedoilei Hador that disagreed with his deranged fanatical SHIT'ah!
The chickens have now come home to roost and his Chassiddim are leaving the fold in the thousands ...
I predict that within 2 generations its over for these mishagoyim ...
The State of Israel now has over 6 million Jews living there, there is more Torah learned in Israel now than in the entire Jewish History, and the words of the Navie Amos has come to fruition; we can now witness the complete turn around of the dessert into a beautiful country
The only ones who are jealous of this and want to put an end to these tremendous miracles are the murderous Arabs and the Satmar savages!

Anonymous said...

Overheard at Gedaliah's café recently:
A lie is still a lie no matter how many believe it, and truth is still true no matter how many people don't believe it...!!!!

"... the majority of the victims in the last 7 weeks THE FRUM IDIOTS who followed the Zionist golden calf like real donkeys,...

Would you call the millions of frum victims of the Holocaust, Inquisition, pogroms, Cossaks, etc. idiots?

As far as Fischer story is concerned, the "dream" choolem story is a Chelm fable. No intelligent person believes that no matter who vouches for it. So now Kastner, whmom you despise, now becomes a yerei Shomayim and believes chaloimes... Lol...
Fact is that they had to call Zionist kapos without evidence, because their rebbe was saved by them and they can't shling that upp.
Nobody said it was going to be easy rebuilding Eretz Yisroel, which every yodea sefer knows is one of the things that comes with yesurin.
Had we all done proper tzhuva, Moshiach would come in a second.... "Hayom, Im Bekolee Tishmou... But great tzaddikim mention over & over again that he comes bederech hatevah because of our numerous sins.
Of course, you fanatical crazies don't believe in the Torah, don't believe in Modim...Al Nisecho Shebchol Yom Imonu... Don't believe in Tachanun... Osen Nifloas Bchol Eys...

"...that the prayers of KY is being accepted and the end of this disastrous regime is imminent
Please keep cursing and platzing ..."

Obviously , you're not heeding my warning to you about this kind of cursing.... Actually, it's you who's platzing because if nothing else, listen to this...:

Israel has the 6th world's best economy... There was a 4-5% INCREASE in tourism this past September/October than last year... Not as high as years before, true, but we'll get there. Even Christians & certainly Jews who see nissim and hischalto d'geulah....

You're turning to that kurvah Samech Mem only because you're platzing.... You kofrim don't see nissim because regarding EY you believe it has to be ultra smooth... You're learning false, falche-fish pshat... Even regarding bad events in individual lives Hashem yerchemi, one still sees miracles....
You demented platzers are deluxe kofrim and just like the anti-Semites and self-hating Jews are obsessed because it confounds your SHYT'ah...

the Derby.... Now, what about that Marcy Ave. train?... Anything new?????????????

Anonymous said...

Re: My comment above:
"....Obviously , you're not heeding my warning to you about this kind of cursing..."
I mentioned this to this platzer in another thread here , and wrote about someone I know who backhandedly cursed Israel in front of witnesses as this guy did.
For fear of embarrassing and hurting this individual, I disguised the details. He mentioned that he reads another frummie blog and because of the possibility that he may read one too, I'm not going to go into more details.
But I'll say, that whoever curses Israel the way this bum and his friends do, that you're crossing a very dangerous red line....
Be very careful you don't repeat this tumeneh curse....


Anonymous said...

Now it's there for all to see:
Calling victims of murder 'idiots'.
Now see for yourselves how sick, demented and filthy this SHYT'eh is.
This bum who likes to quote Chazals, apparently didn't see the one which says that a Jew murdered because he's a Jew goes into Olam Haboh.

You who concur with this drek SHYT'teh, run.... Run for your lives.... Run away.... Don't do a Korach v'chol eydoso... Eydo means even the Sanhedrin.... Leave this crazed pack of wild dogs.... Watch for the safety of your families.....

de Heen, de Hoon & de Bahn

Anonymous said...

Hey , your voice sounds very shrill & high-pitched these days.... Did somebody remove something from you??

Lemme see you be a man... Go to Massachussets to the shiva of Ezra Schwartz and call him an idiot to his famiy.... Big Shot.... On an anonymous blog you're a big tumbler here... Go ahead you stinker, you live in the States... Take a bahn and pay a shiva call and call their child an idiot...

Tirtzeh Kol Toov