Thursday, November 19, 2015

Still Room for some Jews to Join "The Maggid" in Europe's earth soaked in Jewish blood.

What is it with this Rabbi Pesach Krohn,"The Maggid," that is so attracted to places that murdered Jews?

Just yesterday the Polish Bastards burned a Chassidic Jew In Effigy! 

"A Polish demonstration taking in Muslim refugees ended with the burning of an effigy of a haredi Orthodox Jew holding the flag of the European Union."
Can't he make trips to Israel? Isn't there enough history in Israel to tell his maasalich? 

Is it such a big mitzvah to  feed the descendants of the murderers and rapists of our ancestors ?
Is it so important to know in which bathroom in Baranovitz the students took a leak?

This "maggid" guy who calls himself a "history buff" hasn't learnt that Europe was and is a cesspool of Jewish hatred?

Doesn't he have eyes and ears? Hasn't he heard that the EU are now labeling Jewish products produced in the land that HKB"H gave us?
Does he even care? 

I say take all the bodies of the late Gedoilim and transfer them to Israel! Finished!
That's what Yaakov Aveenu and all his children wanted, to have their "bones" transferred to Israel, even if it took hundreds of years!


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to tour with this guy even in Israel.

Krohn has been caught on video using the Gomco clamp during bris milos if the families were not heimish & he thought he could get away with it. Rabbi Yudel Shain has video footage on his website. Only very lazy & immoral mohelim would use that barbaric device that makes the work easier but causes excruciating pain to the babies. This is why the gedolei Eretz Yisroel have poskened that the device possels both the bris mila & the mohel from ever being fit to perform again. I know that DIN is not a fan of Satmar, but they did do a worthwhile thing when they found out about Krohn. They sent a very intimidating delegation to make sure he never dares butcher another child with a Gomco again.

Krohn was also covering up for his child molester & womanizer brother in law Ephraim Bryks until askanim intimidated him to stop that also.

Krohn is also related to the infamous Lipa Brenner, a convicted child rapist & embezzler who raped a very young child in a Boro Park shul & stole $80 million from an ambulance company. Krohn in one of his "Maggid Reeks" bubbeh maasas made Brenner sound like he is a tzaddik who was close to Rav Pam ztl which is 100% sheker. After Artscroll received many angry complaints they revised the next edition to delete the offensive fabrication. But just like Artscroll has no scruples in continuing to distribute the MUSSER SEFER of lifelong criminal Leib Pinter who is currently a resident of Otisville prison, they did not terminate Krohn.

During the internet assifa at Citifield, Krohn vented his frustrations against bloggers who have exposed him. When a reporter for Eckstein's YeshivaWorld bumped into Krohn at the entrance to the bathrooms (appropriate place for a Krohn interview) and asked Krohn his opinion about bloggers, Krohn fumed that bloggers "SHOULD BE PUT IN CHEREM"

Anonymous said...

while i dont allways agree with you "rants"
you are 1000% correct

a jew has no business in europe today especially poland unless hes visiting his parents or grandparents grave
all the goyim are laughing to the bank
first they kill us ,take our money and now we are making them rich
this includes uman lizensk etc

one can tour all of america ,canada and of course israel

also the way he advertises come to telshe baranovitch volozhin

what a farce these are all empty buildings on earth that is stained with jewish blood cant for the life of me figure out why anyone would go on these trips
alot of bored people

Paul Mitchell said...

Krohn finally picked up some PR skills posing in a black hat instead of that atrocious combover he sports which is a halacha shayla for tefillin shel rosh.

Philly Willy said...

Satmar is on a roll. Here is a very RARE week where they are doing things that most people including DIN would not find objectionable.

Could there be hope for these gypsies yet?

Anonymous said...

As the Rebbe Bob Grant would say, it's sick out there & getting sicker.

After the menuvol millionaire Elly K was recently made persona non grata at the Agudah for his affair with a goyta, it turned out to be the shortest lived exile in history. Not only was he was already welcomed back for this past week's Agudah Fresser Convention, but he went on a secret trip to the alta heim this past year with some high ranking Agudah rabbonim.

Elly has now divorced his wife, picked up another young spring chicken, is selling his Flatbush house for $8 million and moving to Upper Manhattan with the new woman.

Asraksa de-anya said...

What kind of darshan... He only has 4 speechs which he shuffels and repeats over and over again like a broken record...