Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Yaakov Segedin Obsessed with Ladies Stockings

This Segedin guy, besides being an obvious raving lunatic, is also obsessed with ladies legs!

Now guys, I've been around the block in my lifetime and never knew what "Nude 60 denier" is, but this pervert is as an expert in ladies stockings.
He took hard earned Jewish money and sponsored a full page ad telling our holy ladies that they cannot wear "Nude 60 denier, Honey and Natural 40 denier stockings"

What is he doing? 
Watching his wife model the stockings for him, so that he can judge whether his neighbor's wife is wearing stockings thick enough ?

The world is falling apart, ISIS is on the rise, the President of the US is going berserk and this Meshiginar who calls himself Yaakov Segedin is busy with Ladies legs!

Question: How is it that Chassidim are in control of the ladies underwear business?
I remember when I was a kid growing up, all the stores on the lower east side that sold bras and panties were owned by Chassidim? 
When I was a kid, my mother took me to one of those stores and told me to go outside and buy myself a knish, while she hondled with this middle aged Chassidisher  guy behind the register. I asked her why can't I go in ..."there is a big fat guy with a beard down to his belt behind the counter?"
While I was wolfing down my hot potato knish, I was  wondering what this guy was thinking when the ladies with the Shpitzels were placing the bras on the counter? 

Also notice that some Rabbis that signed the ad like Rav Eliyashiv have long since met their Maker and now know the truth!


Anonymous said...

Let's analyze the actual facts here.

These are 2 separate kol korays. The bottom one with the rabbonim who have gone to the next velt is plain halacha.

The top one adding some chumros is for Lakewood residents only. I wonder if it has been altered because the one that I remembered had more signatures and did not have as many exclusions.

This Segedin guy is probably mishpocho of the KJ Village administrator Gedalya Segedin. Something is suspicious because why did he issue this by himself instead of going through the KJ dayanim?

Dusiznies said...

Where is that Halacha written?

Anonymous said...

The halacha is as follows. Lechol hadayos women must be covered from the knee & above. Below the knee it depends. In a place where rov of the women are covering themselves poskim agree it becomes a chiyuv. The first psak is a Yerushalmi-Bnei Brak-Lakewood-Brooklyn psak which meets this criteria. There is a machlokes for the feet. Almost all poskim require covering the feet. The only maykil is the Aruch Hashulchan who holds women may be lenient if and only if they are in a place where most women do not cover the feet. So in Village of Kaser women must cover their feet according to everyone but in Pomona not so poshut.

Anonymous said...

The village of kaisar was created by a few goons solely for $ and zoning issues. That does not mean that kaisar is a separate entity from the rest of monsey. Most people in monsey do not cover thier legs.

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:13....

Could you translate some Yotzros for me first? You're so learned in female feet & stockings, I'm so impressed.... who's lekulah, who's lechumra... Lakewood.. Blah, blah, blah.
What's the halacha when acheinu Bnei Yisroel are in a tight situation nowadays?.... Let's worry about that first... Stockings and female varicose veins will have to wait for now.


Dusiznies said...

Very impressive, but still there is no Halacha for women to wear any stockens in the entire Yam HaTalmud or in Shulchan Aruch!
This is something somebody probably a pervert made up!
Also your comment about "feet" has nothing to do with my post, since my post and the Kol Korah deal with "Legs"
Big difference!

Horndog Hershel said...

Mordechai Tendler informs me these are very vichtig halachos. He provides a free service from his home (during hours when Michelle is showing real estate listings) to establish whether stockings are the correct shiur. He does a very thorough job beyodayim to make absolutely sure.