Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Daily Miracles in Israel! "My tzitzit saved my life" & "I was saved from gunfire"

Yair Ben-Ezra, who was seriously wounded in a stabbing attack in Ra'anana last month, sent a moving thank you letter to Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, in which he asserted his tzitzit (ritual fringes) had saved his life.

"My name is Yair Ben-Ezra," he wrote to the president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, which has raised thousands of dollarsto help Israeli victims of terror.

 "On October 13, 2015, I was attacked and stabbed five times all over my body by a terrorist from eastern Jerusalem who came at me while I was waiting at the bus stop."

Ben-Ezra recounted how on the morning of the attack, he had debated about wearing the new pair of tzitzit he had purchased for his sister's wedding, to be held the next day.

"The morning of the attack, all of my tzitzit were hanging on the clothesline to dry, and I had only the new pair, folded in the closet, waiting for me. But then my yetzer harah (evil inclination) came and said to me: 'Nothing will happen - don't wear them today, save them for tomorrow and the wedding.'"

Ben-Ezra said his misgivings nearly prevented him from wearing the new tzitzit, until he gave in to wearing the garment. "I told myself, no! (...) I cannot let my yetzer harah dominate me. [The tzitzit] are my personal protector."

"In the minutes after I was stabbed as I waited for the paramedics," Ben-Ezra recounted, "the tzitzit that enveloped me were used by Hatzalah medics as a tourniquet for my stab wounds."

Despite his serious injuries, the brave Ben-Ezra struggled with the terrorist, preventing him from attacking additional civilians. 

Ben-Ezra concluded the letter by thanking Rabbi Eckstein: "I am moved to tears from the financial aid you have given me, which has helped me and my family in these difficult times. Thank you for your life's work and the activities of the fellowship you run."

Chani Apiryon, a mother of five and resident of Kida in the Binyamin region of Samaria, spoke to Arutz Sheva on Wednesday about her miraculous escape from death Tuesday, when an Arab terrorist fired on her car.
Apiryon was driving from Beit El to her home, and while riding on the Beit El-Givat Assaf road she was ambushed by an Arab terrorist who opened fire at her from the side of the road.
"At a quarter to six I returned from work and I spoke with a friend on my phone's hands-free device," Apiryon recalled, reenacting the harrowing moments for Arutz Sheva.
"Suddenly I saw a young guy with a kheffiyeh (Arab headscarf, ed.) coming up on the road, before Hazevel Route, and then I realized he had a weapon in hand."
Apiryon said, "I shouted on the phone that they're shooting at me, and then he really started to shoot. I continued driving and he continued shooting."
"I looked back because there was someone driving behind me, but I didn't see her. My friend from Kida contacted the (police) hotline in the meantime, and I signaled to other cars coming from the other direction to be careful. When I reached Givat Assaf Junction, I told the soldiers that I was shot at."
The mother found that a number of the bullets had struck her car but miraculously did not hit her.
"There is damage to the front and back doors, the bullets hit the back seat and a bullet was under my seat."
This coming Shabbat, Apiryon said she intends to hold a party at Kida thanking God for her miraculous escape from death, saying, "thank God for making a miracle for me, for making a miracle for my people and my family."

"I will say the 'Gomel' blessing and hold a party of thanksgiving," she said. "It truly is a great miracle."


Anonymous said...

And what's with the miracles of those who got killed? Oh i see it's a miracle they didn't get killed by the Israeli criminals WOW!

Dusiznies said...

You apikoras about the Satmar Bucher that got shot in Monroe, where was the miracles there? Hmmmmm?
Where were the miracles when the anti -Satmar Chassidim were thrown in the ovens ?

Anonymous said...

You had proven yourself more than once that you're a total ignorant idiot and you're reply to 6:49 proved it again
Why and where in that question do you see apikurses? Of course it's a miracle that people can still walk on the streets in EY, but according to you and the likes who are so full of excitement about the Zionist geula the question is still in effect SHOW MEONE OTHER PLACE IN THE WORLD OF SO MANY JEWISH VICTIMS? SHOW ONE OTHER PLACE IN THE WORLD THAT 25 JEWS WERE KILLED IN A SHORT PERIOD OF SEVEN WEEKS? You can't and won't be able to show it and that's why someone who's asking questions is a apikores! You are an apikores for believing in this false geula but you're even a bigger donkey by defending them constantly

Dusiznies said...

What a sick puppy you are and also ignorant...
what are you reading the goy? der blutta? you deranged meshiginar!

I cant show you 25 Jews killed in 7 weeks but I can show you hundreds of thousands murdered in 7 week ...... in the Holocaust!
Way more than 25 Jews were murdered during any given pogrom in Russia, Hungary, Romania and poland...
stop reading the bubba maases that is written in the child book "AL Hagilah"
and open some history books and you will see!

The geula is certainly here around the corner because the Zionists built up the land that the RBS"O gave us making room for you and your crazy family!

Anonymous said...

Ignorant? Me? Why because i believe in what the Torah says what's going to happen if we won't follow the rules of the Torah? Reb ELCHONON WASSERMAN Hy"d warned in the name of the Chofetz Chaim the tragedies that will be coming thanks to Zionism! And yes all the other happenings is clearly written in the Torah that's what galus means and that's why we're praying everyday for moshiach NOT for some synthetic geula and specially NOT a false geula by chazir fressers and that's the results from their false geula no peace and constant murder victims
You have no desire for the truth because you're a ignorant idiotic good for nothing a disgrace to the human race besides that according to halocho you're a poahei yisroel apikores who has the din of MORIDIN VELO MAALIN AND IF YOU DON'T DO TESHUVA THAT'S GOING TO BE YOUR END RESULT

Dusiznies said...

Also Jews in Europe sees no future in Europe and guess where the're moving? To the Zionist State of Israel!

Dusiznies said...

Reb Elchonon Wasserman was wrong and the biggest proof is that his son Reb Simcha made Aliyah to the Zionist State of Israel....
And what Reb Elchonon warned actually came true ...
Europe's Jews were in fact murdered and those that escaped to Israel were saved and that includes the Satmar Rebbe that was saved by Kastner the Zionist!

Anonymous said...

I told you already in the previous comment and many times before YOU'RE A APIKORES A REAL HUMAN WASTE! Go take out a Gemara and see yourself what's the punishment for saying MA AHANE LON RABANAN You have the chutzpah to say on a giant one of the greatest geoinim and kedoishim of KY that he was wrong? Like he should of discussed it first with you lowlife? On you was said the chazal ORUR YOLADTECHU, I have no doubt that your end is going to be very tragic and you'll find yourself in the same shit box of herzl/Hitler and their associates YEMACH SHIMCHU VEZICRECHU BB"A

Anonymous said...

Of course you're gonna delete a comment where you're put into place you scum human waste have a chutzpah to say on gedolim and tzadikim if they're right or wrong but on the lowest of humanity you can't find any bad word? Since i know who you are, can't wait for the day to see your mapola and again ORUR YOLADTECHU

Dusiznies said...

You are the one cursing Gedoilei Yisroel! Didn't you curse the Great Tzaddik Hador Moreinu Rav Avraham Ytzchok Kook z"L , you scum of the earth!
Your mother is cursed having a son like you, a traitor to the Jewish people, your mother's obstetrician should have chopped you up and poured you back into your mother, and he would have saved Klall Yisroel less one hater!
R' Elchonon Wasserman was wrong as history shows, his own son R' Simcha Wasserman z"l made Aliyah and built a beautiful yeshiva in the Zionist State of Israel!

Anonymous said...
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