Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ezra Friedlander now lobbies for the Arabs !

Ezra the Svantz

Yes my friends, this is how it starts.....

First the Kapo, Ezra, backs Fat Nadler "The Liar" explaining away his vote, to the heimeshe naive sheep,to put nuclear arms in the hands of Iran 
...knowing full well that it will eventually G-d forbid hurt his own brothers and sisters ,.....
(John Kerry just admitted today that "some Iran Sanction Reliefs funds will go to terrorists")
 then he actually lobbies for the Arabs, that seek to destroy the State of Israel.

 Ezra the Kapo's company will now lobby for the  Lebanese Option an Arab organization that is basically the arm of the Lebanese government ...and has in its "Political Principles" anti-Israel rhetoric!

The New York-based Friedlander Group, headed by Ezra

 Friedlander, filed lobbying disclosures recently which show

 the Lebanese Option Party as a new client. The LOP is a

 relatively new political party in the country, having been

 formed from a Shia movement in 2007.

According to the filing, the Friedlander Group is lobbying the

 U.S. Agency for International Development on behalf of the


 Read and weep! This is  straight out of the Political Principles" handbook

 X. Developing the methodology of the Arab conflict with Israel
At this time, we can win against Israel, only by keeping up with our era and enhancing innovation and creativity in all of today’s fields.
In fact, the spread of Islamized groups today that carry the slogan of “Elimination of Israel” and states that support these groups have actually presented the best of gifts to Israel. This enemy exploits the existence of these regimes, trends and currents, in the media and on the political level, in order to always portray itself as the victim, thus earning the sympathy of the international community, specifically the Western society. Such sympathy is translated into more political, military, economical and media support to the Israeli entity.

So where does this dangerous fool come off to lobby for an organization that supports the destruction of the State of Israel?

Why is this sick bastard getting any respect from Jewish people .....?

Is this how low we go to sell our own blood for a couple of dollars.

This arrogant piece of vermin just sold himself to the devil!


Bariatric Scalpel said...

According to the Upper West Side crowd, they were saying Tashlich this past season by the Hudson River and Shmuely Boteach happened to be there on the NY side as well, when along came Fatso Jerrold shamelessly trying to impress for votes when the shvantz has probably never seen the nusach Tashlich since before the bar mitzva when he went to Temple Sunday school.

I am no fan of Boteach, but I have to give him shkoyach for ripping the Fatso a new one over Iran & threatening to personally expend a lot of effort to ensure the kafuy toiv is not re-elected.

Anonymous said...

Why would this come as a surprise,after all this piece of human garbage Kapo Ezra grew up in and went to the Munkatcher cheder and got his israel hating education from them (munkach is a Satmar satellite)

Anonymous said...

Ezra's uncle is the rav hamachshir on Maimonides hospital in Boro Park who was caught having allowed treif for many years when he calls the kashrus "mehadrin". Despite NY State involvement in catching him, the scandal was hushed up because the uncle has a chassidishe friend who at the time held a very high position in NY State government. The uncle, after whining like a baby that no one supposedly had a right to report him, claims he fixed the problems but I still wouldn't trust him there or in any other hospitals & old age homes where he also gives hashgocho.

Monica said...

Here is Ezra being mechanef the menuvol Bill Clinton at de Blasio's inauguration.

Linda Tripp said...

Monica shayfella, get over it already.

Superman said...

How strong is Boteach? Do you know what it takes to rip a new one in someone of Nadler's size?

Sdoym said...

Did anyone see the video footage of GREEDY FRESSER Ezra Friedlander leading Christie Quinn around during her mayoral campaign?

There is no heter for this BUM to take money to promote gay candidates and their toyava agenda.

The truth about Ezra Friedlander, beyond the PR and SEO said...

Ezra Friedlander is a Hasidic scam artist, a self appointed 'leader'.

He had SEO (search engine optimization) done to manipulate google search results to emphasize PR that paints him positively, while criticism of him and his shenanigans is more difficult (but not impossible, it just takes a little more effort) to find online, buried further down in the results of searches. This website is one of the special ones where one can get a more accurate picture of the real Friedlander and what people really think of him, beyond his phony PR.

Whoever wants to know the real story on Friedlander needs to know that.