Friday, July 25, 2014

Letter to Ami Editor

I am printing this so that the typical Jew should know, that I am not making this up. 
Frum Jews are writing  hate and misinformation at this critical time, and these letters are being printed in English Magazines that the typical frum housewife buys....
This is the garbage that you have in your house.
This was printed in the Satmar Propaganda Magazine, Ami.
Ami is probably afraid to print anti-Zionist editorials, so they embed their anti-Zionist obsessions in the guise of  a "Letter to the Editor"....
Now, the clown Yitz the Frank, can say, "it's a letter to the editor, its not an editorial."
My response below,  maybe "the derby" will also comment to answer this lying letter.
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To M.E. London
Look around your city, is that what you want in Israel? You want Israel to be ruled by ISIS?
You write:
"Well, even avoiding the debate whether the actual idea of a state in Israel is in accordance with "religious Judaism" something that most gedolim and tzaddikim in the last generations(including the Chofetz Chaim, Rav Elchanan Wasserman, and more) believed it is not.'
Those Gedolim lived before the State was established. What are you talking about?
Rav Wasserman was murdered by the Nazis in 1941, and his son Rav Simcha actually established a Yeshiva in the Zionist State  Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon in Jerusalem
The Chofetz Chaim was niftar in 1933, 14 years before the State was established. The Chofetz Chaim actually wanted very much to make Aliyah to the then Palestine, he never spoke either for or against the State.
You write:
"the State of Israel has in no way any sort of link to religious Judaism"
This would be news to  Rav Shach who started his own party, Degel Hatorah, and news to Rav Ovadia Yosef who founded Shas, and the Aguda and Mizrachi who have seats in the Knesset.

How about all the Torah being learned presently in the State of Israel? Is that nothing? 
Its the Zionist government that are the largest supporters of Torah to this very day?
Ask the Roshei Yeshivas who received milllions and millions of shekels every single year....

You write:
" A huge percent of the millions of chilonim currently living in Israel, living a life without Torah and mitzvos, had grandparents or great-grandparents who were Yidden with mesiras nefesh on the tiniest halacha in shulchan Aruch.."

How about the millions of chilonim living in England and the USA, who had "had grandparents or great-grandparents who were Yidden with mesiras nefesh on the tiniest halacha in shulchan Aruch.."?

More coming soon, got to eat supper first!


Anonymous said...

very small and hard to read. please enlarge.

Dusiznies said...

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Anonymous said...

It doesn't enlarge enough, it's still too small.

Anonymous said...

words look soft and like some are erased, very not clear.

Anonymous said...

the chofetz Chaim and hakadosh rav waserman said that its not allowed for yahadus to have a medinah kodem bias hamoshiach, its mentioned kama peamim in shas,, for instance, ein Ben David BA ad sheticlo malchus hazalah miyisroel, the etzem kiyum of the state of Israel iz meakov the geulah, if you dont agree with chazal, your only other choice is becoming an otd, good luck, or tough luck, but these are the facts as the gedolim saw them, unfortunitlly hashem gave the samech mem the koach and for us this great big nisayon, so that we should be misgaber and conquer the yetzer hora.

Anonymous said...

Ma inyan shmitra etzel har synay, practically all erliche gedolim, litvish polish russish ungarish etc. warned &alarmed not to go with those that want to establish a Medina before the coming of moshiach,now that its an unfotunate fact, doesnt make it mutar.. Get a life, you're tora

Anonymous said...

Hear Ye ! You rang me ??

the Derby responding.. Part I

It would take almost a book to respond in depth to his all negative article.
Again--- We don't judge truth by a majority. The majoity were wrong. Israel's creation is the ratzon of Hashem whether the majority likes it or not.Millions have made Aliya, miracles every day, blooming and flowering of the desert etc. Anyone who denies that this is not G-D's will is either blind, full of kinah for its success because it disproves their hashkafa, full of sinah because again it contradicts their long-held but now irrelevant shittah or stamm a kofer.
That said, there were many tzaddikim and rabbonim who supported and encouraged movement and Aliyah and supported a Jewish state... This so-called minority won, the majority lost.

Just a few tidbits:

Chofetz Chaim wanted to make Aliya but paradoxically was against establishing the medinah.
R' Wasserman writes in the name of Chofetz Chaim that a secular state will achieve nothing because a house built against the will of G-D has no right to exist since it says" Hashem lo yivneh bayit shav omlu bonav bo."
Rabbi Chaim Zimmerman in Torah & Existence answers in part:
" ---Since we have in reality a Jewish state, it's necessary to conclude that this was directly by the will of G-D."
The Ramban, certainly on a madreigeh at least equal to the "majority" writes in Shir Hashirim; " The beginning of the future redemption will by by permission of the governments, there will be ktzat galios, and then more kibbutz galios."
Radak, certainly on the madreigeh of the "majority" writes in Tehillim " Hashem will be mesavev the yeshua through humans like he did through Koresh. The same will He do in the future through the non-Jewish kings, that He will awaken their mercy..." He too writes that there will be a kibbutz in EY BEFORE Moshiach comes ( see his perush in Hoshea).
These giants wrote their perushim hundreds of years ago.I'm good with these 2 vs. the "majority". Throw them under the bus at your own peril.
Nobody knows exactly what happened with the yaldei Yemen, Morocco and Tehran. $ commissions were established to investigate the Yemenite incident and conflicting conclusions were drawn. Certainly, by most accounts it wasn't thousands. The so-called Post Zionist Segev, no friend of Zionism feels that it the account is exaggerated because nobody wanted to adopt these, in his words, "black children." It's very difficult to today to know what really happened and even if one child was taken away it's evil and nobody will condone it. Rabbi Lau , in his book,'Out of Depths' touches upon yaldei Teheran and says that these orphans, primarily from Poland via Iran , were questiond as to their background and then distributed accordingly to families of Socialist, communist, Bundist,chareidi parents to make a fair match, There were those who slipped through the cracks via the tangled bureaucracies and were mismatched. No doubt many celrks were either inefficient or were downright hostile to religion. But this was NOT national Zionist policy at the highest levels or we would have had all the facts uncovered by now, which we don't.
In any case, these bad apples are long dead. Dig deep and you found bad stuff in every group. The Zionists like other community were not a homogeneous group but splintered into factions.

That Zionists turned millions into chilonim is a canard, Most pre-war Jews were NOT frum. Most weren't even Zionists but socialists, Marxists, bundists, free-thinkers, capitalists, yiddishists but in the main NOT Zionists.
Hence, the Zionist Congresses and founders were divirse and not all were against religion as the sniping hate Israel frummies want
us to believe.

Anonymous said...

Derby, continued

J'ACCUSE------- Emile Zola

You, the "majority" refused to work with them. You the "majority" didn't want to go to Eretz Yisroel. You the "majority' discouraged emigtation to EY. you the "majority" wanted to stay in a hell with rivers of Jewish blood pouring from the frightful pogroms starting in 1880 and continuing through the holocaust. You the "majority' could've been the real majority in Israel today and you are in part responsible for the secular government... In which, by the by, you're fighting like heck to join and make and break coalition governments.
You the "majority" find nothing positive to say.
You the "majority" are the haters and instigators without giving at least ONE shoulder for your fellow Jews to lean on... Just take, take, take, take.. The secular haters of religion are no match for guys.

Anonymous said...

Dr, Herzl wrote about the tzaddik , Rabbi Shmuel Mohiliver zt"l :
" Let us remember the great rabbi whose connection with us has brought forth such an extraordinary movement in the east......By joining us unconditionally, Rabbi Mohiliver, who was a religious Jew offered conclusive proof that Orthodox Jews can work with us."

Rabbi Mohiliver on a fire raging in a burning house ( he was talking about the pogroms , I'm asking were were the other "majority" when Jewish blood was running in pre-holocaust Europe. Where were they? The majority... )
" If one of these men they call irreligious came to save them , would they not receive him in joy and love?"

A poster on the other thread referred to PRIMAY SOURCCES. Indeed.... If anybody has primary sources and documents to show that the "majority" stood up for, made asifas for, demonstrated for, did hishtadlus for the thousands of victims of the pogroms while they were hocking against the creation of the state, then please post. Not fabricated propaganda.... Primary documents please...

to be continued by Derby...

Anonymous said...

the Derby continuing,
(My source above from For Love of Zion, by Rabbi Weiss.)

" remove thousands ( you hear what's called guzmus??? ha ha)of the yeshiva benches..."
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Yawn... Zzzzzzzzzzzzz
Yeah, in the meantime I can't find any strong bochorim to help me with my sacks of potatoes to shlep home from my car because they're all in EY learning... My next door neighbor, the elderly Mrs. Flanceburg can't find girls to help her with her tzeneh ureneh because they're all in EY seminaries and michlalalalass.Ah, to be young and strong. You can stand for hours without sitting down due to lack of benches.

Oy, where are Rav Kook , Rav Levin , the meilitzei yeshorim for the secular and how they worked to attract them and bring them back to Yiddishkeit without cursing and hating.... Here's a shout to you Chabad...
Final part coming up, first lemme get some kaveh, no sugar, 2 drops of milk and a tiny bagel which was once large and the price small... Now beavonos horabim , the bagels got smaller and price is high....

Dusiznies said...

To anon 12;25
Your a blg Am haaretz, Where in Shas does it say you cant have a medina? In fact Rebbe Akiva, who was a Tanna wanted to establish a State,
You quote:
"ein Ben David BA ad sheticlo malchus hazalah miyisroel"
That Gemarrah means, Turkey and England the previous occupiers.
You Quote:
the etzem kiyum of the state of Israel iz meakov the geula"
So why didn't the Geula come for 2,000 years before the establishment of the State?

Anonymous said...

Finale by the Derby,

( First an appeal. This anonymous/svetlana anti-Zionist already tied up the previous thread and is doing the same here.. Please, can someone lend me a fly swatter? Because I won't respond to him. )

Your column, Mr. Columnist, hasn't even one good thing to say about Israel , only negative propaganda.
Let the Rabbeinu Bachaya speak directly to you.

The non-kosher bird Ra'ah has 2 other names , Ayuh and Day'uh and Rashi explains why.
R' Bachaya adds that its name Ra'ah is from the word Yar, vayar, to see.
Why? What does it see?
He quotes another source that this bird has extraordinary vision and can see for miles.. R' Bachaya goes out of his way to describe... It stands OUTSIDE Eretz Yisroel and sees nevalah INSIDE Eretz Yisroel ... carcass, dead birds that it wants to eat. He looks INTO Eretz Yisroel and focusus on rot and nevalah, despite the greenery, trees, fruits, kedusha, yeshivos, kollels, learning, talmidei chachamim that inhabit it, ordinary Jews who just want to live in the Holy Land.... but it doesn't see that.. It focuses
on nevala... And such a bird, Mr. Columnist is TREIF.... NON-KOSHER !!!!

I say he goes out of his way, because it would have been enough to say that it can see for miles.... What difference does it make where it sits and what it looks at and into where... R' Bachaya in his Ruach Hakodesh was speaking to you... Yes you, and you too, malshin and hater of EY... yes you in the "majority.".

Unfortunately, we now live in times when the bird is even IN Eretz Yisroel , it sees only nevala.
So I'd like to offer a pshat, that that's why it has the other 2 names. The Ra'ah for the chutz laaretz nevala seekers, and the other names for the INSIDE EY nevala seekers.. Either way, whichever name it's called, it's TREIF... BUSTED.... !!! You're mentioned in 2 different parshas... Give it up !!!

For those who'll quote big "talmidei chachomim" to dispute this, I can only give the mishne's description of what a talmid chocham is.. Mishneh does NOT enumerate what he knows... but what he does.... " Talmidei chachamim MARBIM SHALOM BAOLAM.. !!! That's a talmid chacham. A hate spreader and propagandist is a talmid chachom NOT, no matter what he knows , no matter what kind if ilui he is., no matter how many chiddushik bombs he can deliver.. Nope....

No, my mishneh doesn't define a talmid chacham this way.. Does yours??

Shabbat Shalom... !!

The Derby

Anonymous said...

Received by the Derby via Israel connection- Spread this out far and wide.

To the Blind malshinim and Ra'as , to the deniers of nissim in Eretz Yirsroel:

Read this :

A few Golani soldiers said this..- We captured and interrogated a few hamas tererorists. We aksed them you built these tunnels for so long, how come you never used them to kidnap or kill israelis? One answered we were digging and building for 12!!!!years tons of tunnels that were 25 ft deep. We were preparing for 12 years and we were ready to use them on this coming rosh hashana. We had plans of going in 25-30 terrorists in each tunnel (they've found 40 so far)armed into israel on rosh hashana bc that is when the chayalim are off and there is less guards and all jews are in shul and there is a 2 day chag. We were planning on kidnapping women and men and spreading them in the tunnels nd gaza so you can't bomb us or kill us. It would have been the end of israel, we would have taken over. Akl hamas terrorists were going to go in. And they were almost ready--only 2 months left!!this rosh hashana they were going to do this! And our war now saved our lives. E/o was wondering where their tefillos went when they davenned for the 3 boys--it went here!! It saved us! If not for them we never would have found the tunnels. Continue davenning.

Anonymous said...

Derby's comment...
So WHO doesn't want the State of Israel... It's YOU who don't want it, you the "majority"... G-D wants it and protects it with nissim gluyimm...

Hey Galitzianer... Pass me your nahninnahntziger... L'chaim.