Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kiryas Yoel "Shul Maintenance Worker" has Sexual Relationship with 15 year old boy

But it's ok, because he is not a "Tzionie" and did "Chesed" with the 15 year old boy!


Me geit tze mikva? said...

A Brooklyn man who jumped into Congers Lake on Monday after he was seen masturbating on a park bench has been charged with public lewdness, according to Clarkstown police.

Aron Roth, 31, faces a hearing Wednesday in Clarkstown Town Court in New City on the misdemeanor charge. He was arrested after Monday's 2 p.m. incident.

Police said that as Roth was masturbating on a park bench at the lake off Congers Lake Road in Congers he was confronted by a witness, and a second witness called 911. As he realized police were being called, police said Roth told the witnesses he was going to harm himself and then jumped into the lake.

That action prompted officials to call out Congers volunteer firefighters and divers from nearby fire departments for a possible rescue effort. However, by the time firefighters arrived police said Roth swam back to land - turning back when the water became too deep for him.

Roth was taken into custody by Clarkstown police and taken to a hospital for evaluation. After being treated and released, Roth was arrested and arraigned in Clarkstown Town Court by Judge Howard Gerber. He was released pending tomorrow's hearing.

Anonymous said...

There is no question that its a disgrace what that persin did, hashem yerachem, but why do you write "kj shul shames", as if "he" is "the" "shul" "shames", ie. THE SHAMES of THE BIG SHUL in KJ, which he is definitley not, but of course thats in line with you're AGENDA, to picture SATMAR in general, and KJ bufrat as bad and sinful people. STOP THAT, es mu cherafta vaes mu gadafta? KADOSH YISRAEL!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I know this person vaguely , having shopped in the health food store where he is employed, he for sure is not 'the' shama

s, I beleive he doesnt even daven ever in the official bhmd of the kehilah. That piece of misinformation aside, it is really really sad that such crime was perpetrate d, may he be punished, and do tshuva.

Dusiznies said...

to 6:48
The State police told me that he was a maintenance worker at a Satmar Shul in KJ, that usually means the Shamash.

Anonymous said...

Why the misleading headline? Why the sarcasm? Who said its ok? The boys father? why be so sarcastic about the unparalled chesed of the satmar chassidim? Well the answer to these questions are so obvious, sinas chinom, kinah- and the wrong type, shemotziin es haadom min haolam.

Dusiznies said...

To Anon 2:15
What's misleading about the headline?
How would you feel if he had a sexual relationship with your 15 year old son? Did you think about that before you wrote your comment?
Sarcasm? Why dont you read any Satmar Newspaper? Take anyone at random, and then let's talk about sarcasm.
"Unparalleled chesed"
my friend the STATE OF ISRAEL does "Unparalleled chesed" the IDF does "unparalleled Chesed"
They export more hate against their fellow Jews than their "unparalleled Chesed"

Anonymous said...

Hishbati eschem bnos yerushalayim bitzvais oh beailos hasada um teoreru es haahava ad shetechpatz, hashem gave us the shaalos shevuos, veum lav ani matir es besarchem vekulhu, the medinahwas created against g-ds Torah, and then the Medina has torn away hundreds &thousands of Jews, including Morrocan Iranian & others from hashem, gadol hamachtio yoser mehahorgo.

Dusiznies said...

to 12:57
The Satmar did the same thing as the Zionists, they also tore away children .....they also took Iranian children in the 80's and brought them to Willi and Monroe and refused to let the parents see them when the parents returned from Iran to get them..
see U-tube

Anonymous said...

Abi geredt, you are so full of hate at yourself, for being born a Jew, wishing you were born to goyishe parents, venting your hate on the ultra chassidim ie. authentic satmar (intresting you have critisized the aronims 'blatt' often, but not the zalis 'der yid', who write similar articles, only because the zalis arent the 'real kanoim'), etc. etc.