Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Is Satmar and Neturei Karta to blame for all anti-Israel incidents?

The Gemarrah explains, that on Yom Kippur, as the Kohen Gadol finished up his service, before he left the Bais Hamikdash and rejoined the congregation, he tarried in the Kodshe Kedoshim and recited one last prayer:

"May it be your will Hashem that this year be a year of rain, and good weather, and don't listen to the prayers of the travelers"

So the Kohen Gadol, who represented ALL of Klall Yisroel, prayed an additional prayer at Neilah, that Hashem should not be moved by a  specific prayer of travelers whose interests went against the interests of the larger community.
Travelers want it not to rain, they want clear roads, so they can travel home faster.
But the larger community needs the rain for the crops.

Why would Hashem listen to some "yukel" that wants to get home quicker rather then the prayers of the Kohen Gadol and the entire Jewish community that wants it to rain?
Why does the Kohen Gadol need a special prayer?
Wouldn't Hashem listen to the majority that wants it to rain?

It seems from my understanding of the Gemarrah, that when we have people that pray about things that go against the community, then, we need a special prayer to overcome and overpower the prayers of those whose interests are against the greater good.

Why would Hashem even listen to those prayers who don't care about the good of the greater community?
Because those who pray and whose interests are against the greater good, really mean it, and Hashem listens to genuine prayer. Prayer that comes from the heart.
But we the ones who daven by rote, who don't even listen to the words we mouth, need a special prayer, indeed!

Which brings me to Satmar and now the Yeshivishe world that is now suddenly embracing Satmar theology!

Satmar davens every single day, three times a day, that the Zionist State of Israel should be totally obliterated, Chas V'shalom!
When they say the Bracha "v'lamshinim al tehee sikvah" in the Shemona Esrei, they have the State in mind!

I know, I come from that background.

Satmar children as soon as they are able to daven are indocrinated with the premise that  the State of Israel is an abomination, and it's very existence is holding up the Geulah Shleimah!
More than that, they spew official hatred against their fellow Jews, every single week in their Yiddish Newspapers, Der Yid, Der Blatt, Der Zeitung, and the English weekly Ami Magazine.
By the way, the names of those three newspapers were the exact names of Haskala Newspapers 70 years ago.

So what can we do to counter their obscene prayers?
My suggestion is take our religion back. 
Years ago, Satmar stood practically alone in their fanatical despisement of the Jewish State. They only had some lone Briskers, but today they have managed to change the thinking of the Rosh Yeshivas and are able to get them on board with their sick and demented understanding of what a Jewish State means.

We need a grass roots movement. We need to get  a bunch of respected Baalei-Batim, to march out of shul, when the Rabbi says anything derogatory against the State!
This will give the Rabbi the message, that we will not tolerate Loshon Harah on our fellow Jews!
They keep ranting against bloggs, but have no compunction to talk against the land that G-d gave to his children!

This will be a start! More to come!

And to those who have e-mailed me asking why I want "to spread hate" during a time like this? I answer, I'm not the one speading "hate", I'm just reporting what they are writing and what I think is the reason, why we have "times like these". 'I believe it's time to set the record straight.... and to point in a "time like this" exactly where the problem is.
There are people who argue, that Satmar does alot of chesed. That's absolutely true, but you cannot daven three times a day for the demise of a State that houses over 8 million of our brothers and sisters and then arrange for apartments to visit the sick...
All the chesed does not wash away all the terrible aveiros of condeming our brethern to eternal hell! That's not how it works!

So to get back to my headline. "Is Satmar and Neturei Karta to blame for all anti-Israel incidents?"
The answer is .... absolutely! They are to blame for all anti-Israel incidents because of there fervent and obscene prayers that they chant three times a day.
We need to also daven fervently and genuinely and have them in mind at the bracha "V'Lamshinim Al tehee Tikvah" "To those who slander us, let there be no hope" ! Amen!



Anonymous said...

Relax,i don't think we have to worry about anything,i can't imagine Hashem listening to prayers of these criminally insane jew hating Roumanian ignorant savages,these jew hating gangster are slowly but surely destroying and devouring themselves,baruch hashem these evil monsters have split already into three factions who are at each other throats and fighting each other on the streets and in the secular courts, where the two godfathers the two chief gangsters Aron amd Zolly yemach shemom have spent already over 12 million dollars in legal fees trying to destroy each other,let's hope they are both matzliach.

A former satmarer who has baruch hashem seen the light

Anonymous said...

It's not just Satmar and Neture Karta anymore. The Lakewood,Flatbush, Litvish,Mir, Satmer- Lekkers are in the same boat. They have thousands of Kool Aid/Malaga drinking shuckling puppets and robots who agree with this shita. The truth is that too many frum orthodox Jews don't give an owl's hoot about Israel. Most of their shuls refuse to say the mishebeirach for the IDF , even though they protect , with the help of Hashem, their darlings who go to learn there for a year or two.
I had occasion to attend a number of public events, graduations, etc. during the last few weeks and at no point did any speaker ask the people to say even ONE posuk of Tehillim, or ask the public to pray for the boys. In the non-Jewish world they acknowledge by at least offering a moment of silence, which is frowned upon by the frum.
Ok, then say Tehillim berabim instead.
The rabbis in charge today no longer speak to me, and I'm sure to many, many others as well.Some openly agree in conversation but generally they whisper here and there because they worry about shidduchim, what the others say, and fear of being called apikorsim. If that's the case, then there's little hope unless the new generation, like the children of the Dor Hamidmar ( the highly overrated Dor Day'a), will throw off the mentality of their elders and start anew.
But I'm not waiting. This blog does a great job of speaking out but it's not enough. We, the people must leave these control freak megamaniacal so-called gedolim in droves. Let them marinate in their millions, buildings, big shuls, yeshivos alone. They'll never leave on their own, therefore instead, we walk out on them in droves.
Fanaticism is on the march. If Satmar and Neture Karta can go mainstream, then we're in trouble.Every day some little tyrant of a rabbi comes out with another chumra, another attack on Israel, another demented and deranged critique or issur of some kind. Enough..!!!!
Throw the bums out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the Derby, en route

Anonymous said...

R' Aron Kotler & the Brisker Rov held it is forbidden to make public protests against the medinah except for narrow instances like grave desecrations & reneging on the deal that Ben Gurion made with the Chazon Ish.

A chassidishe BMG yungerman once appeared on TV at a Satmar protest in Manhattan. When R' Malkiel was informed he revoked his kollel stipend checks.

Anonymous said...

Let's be fair 2:36.
Ben Gurion made the agreement with Chazon Ish and his maybe 300 talmidim, but not forever and a day. The Chazon Ish himself was NOT against bochorim going into the IDF if they didn't learn. The learning industry became an epidemic way out of proportion compared to earlier generations, and certainly bigger than what the Chazon Ish and BG visualized at the time.
Which brings me to the R' Kotlers, whom you mention. Am I supposed to fall off my chair because of what they forbade?
Lakewood and Brisk are violently against Medinat Yisrael ( not the" medinah"... Your Lakewood has a name, please be so kind and call our Jewish country by its proper name also ). They share their theology with Satmar, admire Satmar and believe in their shita.
BTW..... Can you tell us if they said tehillim betzibbur for the young boys in the last 2 weeks? Did they lend a voice of support to the families? Or was Lakewood too busy learning Torah, which is after all the biggest mitzvah and knocks all other out?
The Lakewood haskofo is twisted wrong ( I'm not referring to "shteiging"), and I'm unimpressed with little goodies thrown out by the regime there.
the Derby, en route

Anonymous said...

"are satmar..." not "is satmar.." too full of hate to get the grammar correct.