Thursday, July 31, 2014

France will shut down the JDL because the Arabs are beating up the Jews,?

Now you know why we need a Jewish Army!
They are shutting down an organization that tries to defend the French Jews, but they look away when Arabs beat up Jews??

Following a string of pro-Palestinian demonstrations that have turned violent , the French government is blaming a radical Jewish group known as the Jewish Defense League, or LDJ, for the violence and is actively pursuing legal avenues in an attempt to shut the group down.

AFP reports that sources say authorities believe it has been an active LDJ presence at pro-Palestinian rallies that has resulted in fights and arrests, including a July 13 clash outside a synagogue that resulted in a ban on any further pro-Palestinian rallies.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said last week that that LDJ’s actions were “excessive” and “should be condemned.”

A source said the French extremely fine analysis of the law” in its attempt to disband the group.

LDJ has denied breaking any laws and said it is currently planning a pro-Israel rally.

LDJ was labeled a terrorist organization by the U.S.‘s FBI in 2001, and has largely been ostracized by France’s over-500,000 member Jewish community.government is “carrying out an  extremely fine analysis of the law” in its attempt to disband the group.


Anonymous said...

Was it Rupert Murdoch who called the French "weasels"?

Also the script writer for the Simpsons calls the French "cheese eating surrender monkeys"

Anonymous said...

Go Joan!

Joan Rivers defends Israel in epic rant!

Anonymous said...

Go to Arutz7 , and they did a REMIX on that Joan Rivers rant Must see.