Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Blogger "The Partial View" attacks other Bloggers?

There is a blogger that calls himself "The Partial View"

In a July 14 post, he attacks other bloggers, who voice their opinion on Jewish matters. He only wants his opinon heard.
So I decided to copy and paste his article; my response is in red!

The interlopers- Churban of the internet part II
(DIN: "Churban of the Internet?" Aren't you on the Internet?)
A blogger from Chicago, a Rabbi out in the west coast, a open orthodoxy activist, would have never stuck their nose in matters and issues that are not local to them.
(DIN: Excuse me, haven't you ever heard of "Letters to the editor?" Jews always, from when Newspapers were invented wrote letters to the editor, with their own opinions, way before the Internet. They also wrote articles in The Jewish Press, The Jewish Observer, The Yated, the Hamodia etc etc
With your logic, why is it ok for R' Chaim Kanievsky and R' Shteinman to meddle in issues that "are not local to them?")
The Internet has deleted the word "local" out of the dictionary. Prior to the web, it was not found that an outsider would give his deah or say opinion on a matter or a minhag that does not pertain to him.
(DIN: What about the Ramah, who wrote the "Hagah" on the mechaber of the Shulchan Aruch.... didn't he give his opinion on a "minhag that didn't pertain to him?")
If one had a sichsuch with someone or if there was a community split over an issue, the parties involved were familiar with each other. You always knew who you were dealing with.
(DIN: I guess you never read Shaaleh U'Tshuvois" they were always dealing with "parties" that they were not involved with.)
That has changed with the interloping bloggers and clueless activists patrolling the world wide web for any issue they hashkaficaly oppose. Its long reached a point where you do not have to read their posts to know what type of silliness they are going to write they are so predictable.
(DIN: What exactly is "silly?"
That they wrote about a sexual molester who molested countless children in Lakewood, and then the Roshei Yeshivas of BMG threw out the father of the victim
Or, that Bloggers commented on the Satmar Rebbe's cruel words about the parents of the murdered teens?
Maybe, they shouldn't have commented about Yisrael Weingaten who raped his own daughter, maybe they shouldn't have commented on Weberman who raped countless girls?
Or are you opposed to the "clueless activists" that are writing about the ungratefulness of the Yeshivas to their benefactors, the State of Israel?
Is reporting that Yeshivah boys are beating up frum soldiers an issue that you oppose "hashkafically"?)

  Churban o the Internet part I
The tzaros caused by these outsiders meddling on issues they know nothing about is beyond comprehension. 
(DIN: What are the "tzaros" that these "outsiders" are causing?
 Exposing the truth?) 
A recent example, a Chovevei Torah activist penned a essay about the current situation with East Ramapo school district. His piece was riddled with factual errors and misrepresentations, he has been proven to know absolutely nothing about the goings on. He was ripped apart on the air by the current school Board members of the district. Yet the damage was done. All it did was fan the flames and make more tzaros for those looking to fix a broken system.

Same with the frum bloggers who look for any news article about yidden which in their small mind they cant understand and they put in their two cents.
(DIN:I want to ask you a dumb question? So who are the people that have large minds, that understand and would make you  happy when they "put their two cents in?"
The Yated, The Hamodia, Ami magazine, Mishpacha? Der Yid, Der Blatt, Der Zeitung?
Aren't the people who write the articles, just people who write their own opinions? What makes their opinion more truthful than the bloggers?)
What gives a Modern orthodox blogger from Chicago or Rabbi with a small shul on the beach, the right to butt in on an issue that does not pertain to their own kehilla.
(DIN: Why not?
Didn't you learn in you Yeshivishe Yeshivah, "Kol Yisroel Areivim Zeh L'zeh"?
Every Jew is responsible for an other Jew even if he lives in Timbaktoo, certainly from Chicago!
And what's your problem with the "modern?" They wern't by Har Sinai? Only guys with 5" inch Brims, fancy eyeglass frames, sideburns and pleated pants stood there?
What do you mean "that does not pertain to their own kehilla?
 With that twisted logic, we dont need the Rambam, and the Shulchan Aruch that were written for the Sefardim!
What gives people a right to question the minhagim and derech of Satmar or Lakewood or any chasidus that only pertains to these kehillos who follow their leaders.
(DIN:  What gives Satmar the right to mussar the parents of the murdered teens, while they were sitting shiva? They were not from his "Kehillah!"
Every single Jew has a right to question, yes, the minhagim and the Derech of any one they wish.
I cannot question Satmar's derech of torturing the Kloizenberger Rebbe when the latter lived in williamsburg?
I cannot question the derech of Satmar beating up innocent Lubavitchers that came to Williamsburg to be samaich the souls of the Holocaust survivors, on Yom Tov?
I cannot question Lakewood, that started a false Chassidus that has  a flase derech of not working for a living?)
The churban of these interlopers and yentas has created a huge chilul hashem by feeding their stories to the national media who in turn take the opportunity to make light or make fun of Frum yidden make fun of the Torah. Its time for these ignorant interlopers to go back to their natural habitat.
(DIN:If that's the case, what are you doing on the internet?)


Rational Faith said...

Here's a wild idea. How's about the yeshivish and chassidesheh crowds stop giving bloggers scandals to report???

Anonymous said...

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" Not to be an yenta, but may I ask a question?"

"Sure. Ask away, you won't be interploping . One thing my Hebrew school rabbi once told me, ask anything you want. Judaism, he said, are not for shuckling robots. Even Balaam's ass asked questions, he told us. And get this, he says to us one day, if you boys ever learn the Torah portion of said ass's Q's in the am , don't forget to make a blessing first, You know, the birchat hashachar. Unbelievable."

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you know who

Anonymous said...

The Great Philosopher

“Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.”
― Bruce Coville

Dictators always look good until the last minutes.
-Tomas G. Masaryk

from WikiHow

do NOT stand out from the crowd. Dictatorships, by their very nature, insist upon submission to their absolute authority. This usually extends to attendance at functions or rallies ( asifas), obedience to social attitudes and mores, incorporation of slogans into the daily vernacular ( das Torah), and above all, a lack of setting one's self apart in action, appearance, or voice from one's peers. This generally extends especially to religion and ethnicity: dictatorships do not appreciate deviation from ANY social norms,

Anonymous said...

There is a valid complaint against the Chicago & California beach bloggers but Partial View missed it.

There are a lot of smart bloggers out there who make a lot of good points (I include DIN in the smart group even if I don't always agree with him). But the 2 bloggers criticized by Partial View post a lot of inane nonsense. Ask UOJ what he thinks about the Chicago blogger. I mean some of the Chicago blogging is completely void of sechel. So as far as someone lacking sechel sticking his nose into matters I would agree that they should shut the heck up.

The Chicago guy means well, but have you read the garbage he wrote multiple times about the victims of the Lakewood molester? All he did was further embarrass the victims.

Anonymous said...

The point, which is that everybody has the right to post and blog including garbage and including this apparently Partial View, partial because they only see partially. Let them go to N Korea and blog because the ordinary citizens can't respond. In fact, you can blog a sefer if you want, but these monkeys will forbid it because only their gedolim could write, speak, criticize, and eat lettuce. They'll ban it, but under what pretense, I don't know. G-D Bless America and its Bill of Rights.