Tuesday, July 22, 2014

400 People Take Off From JFK To Immigrate To Israel

Despite an ongoing and bloody conflict, hundreds of families left the United States to immigrate to Israel on Monday afternoon.
Nearly 400 people from across the United States and Canada gathered Monday for a farewell ceremony at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Before boarding the charter flight Monday, the group was briefed on security measures and what steps to take when air raid sirens sound to warn of incoming rockets.
“This is a celebration — a celebration of our people’s resilience, perseverance and determination,” said Israeli Consul General Ido Aharoni.

It was difficult for some people to part with their loved ones.
“I’m nervous. I’m really excited for them, because I know it’s really where they belong, but it’s hard,” one woman said. “It’s hard to let them go.”

The group included 100 children who were immigrating with their parents.



Anonymous said...

I confess... I'm in the wrong business. Should've been a wine seller.Please read on to see why...


Bruchim Habaim ... !!!!

This is the 3rd Aliyah flight in the last few months. As one of the Israeli officials who greeted them said , these total over 1300 olim--- more than the number of rockets that fell and not one cancellation.
As I write this, the media is reporting that the US is barring flights to Israel and a number of airlines have already cancelled flights.

The message is clear :

The Olim had syata dishmaya to be oleh and land safely even during the rocket attacks. At this moment there are no announced Aliyah flights over the next week to anybody's knowledge. OBVIOULY, Hashem wanted these olim... these heroes... these tzaddikim in His Holy Medinah. There are NO flight at this moment... HE OBVIOUSLY is less interested about visitors who'll fly back home after a 10-day vacation in Eilat to tan their North American backsides and mineral baths in Yam Hamelech for their arthritis.... I'm NOT knocking visits, halevei more and more Jews come to visit... But you get my point. ALIYA should be the objective ... YES, BEFORE Moshiach comes... Anybody who watched these Aliya planes can't help but see Yad Hashem, what with the simcha and guts they flew and with how much warmth and simcha they were welcomed....
Open your eyes you non-believers and haters of MEDINAT YISRAEL..

Let's all daven for the IDF by saying TZVAI Hagana L'Yisrael verbally ...Don't follow the example of some leaders who are considered gedolim but who cannot be MANHIGIM of specifically ignoring the IDF while davening... because ,as they put it and Toireh and darshen it , their tfillos are meant for ALL of Israel, and of course and avadeh & avadeh the IDF are included.... A dog-ate-my-homework excuse if I ever heard one.
Those of you who blindly accept this narunim pshetel are hung over from the buckets of Malaga shlinging...Had I known how the
extent of how many shuckling robots who shlingg Malaga by the barrels, I'd have made fortunes by distributing this elixir of shuckledom.. It's too late now 'cause there's too much competition.

the Derby... Chazak V'ematz.. Stay healthy and sane.. Listen to your inner voice , not to the noisy hate shlocks and for crying out loud ,do NOT be impressed by any pilpul that's false and tries to pull you away from feeling with Medinat Yisrael..
My Rebbeee in yeshiva once told us; "The satan is an awesome talmid chochom."

Control tower said...

Obama's FAA just banned all US airlines from flying in & out of Israel. He took this action before the Europeans even did.

Maybe he needs the planes to ferry the 100,000 Central American children he invited at taxpayer expense from the border to Northern cities for resettlement.

Pereh Adam said...


Meanwhile Dovid Feldman of Neturei Karta Monsey traveled to Canada to participate in the pro-Gaza demonstration there.