Thursday, July 31, 2014

Government that Satmar would prefer in Israel! Video


Salted Pretzel said...

Whatever the taynos against Satmar, let's not get carried away here. Satmar have condemned Neturei Karta in writing.

Dusiznies said...

To Salted
I read all the Yiddish Satmar newspapers every single week, I cannot even repeat the hate that these newspapers generate every week,
They keep writing that every Jew has an obligation to be mispallel that the Medina should fall, and they gloat that the IDF is having a hard time controlling the rockets being rained down on Israel.
What do they want now? They want that Hamas should take over? What is their solution?

Salted Pretzel said...

I think what Satmar are doing is in 1948 they wanted the Arabs to be in charge, but now that the Arabs have become radicalized bloodthirsty murderers like never before, they don't want Arab rule either, but can't get over their urge to bash Zionists.

Currently it seems to be a case of they themselves don't know what they want / are just being silly with no viable solution, but they are not THAT crazy to want a terrorist takeover.

There is a nevuah by the way mentioned in Chazal that the Arabs will become completely out of control savages before Moshiach comes. Rav Dovid Goldberg of Telz wrote a sefer Kol Dodi Dofek that elaborates on this.

Salted Pretzel said...

"they gloat that the IDF is having a hard time controlling the rockets being rained down on Israel"

There might be a few lunatics with those inclinations but the official word from the rabbonei Satmar are a weird mixture of Zionist bashing while asking to daven that no Jews are hurt.

Anonymous said...

There is a nevuah *****

Big deal. There's a nevuah that we'll have a geulah sheleimah. The latter would make us happy, the former gives us no comfort.

Few lunatics********

There're more than a few but the point is that the few are influential. We've been hearing about the few forever.