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The Los Angeles Times leads Thursday with a story entitled: "Gaza's dilemma: Deadly war or suffocating Israeli embargo." 

According to the story, Palestinians in Gaza are left with no choice but to wage war, because if they do not fire rockets at Israeli civilians, they must accept an Israeli [sic] "embargo." The article omits the obvious point that if Hamas would stop trying to kill Israelis, neither the embargo nor the war itself would be necessary.

The authors, Alexandra Zavis and Batsheva Sobelman, both Jews, accept that Hamas started the war--and even suggest that most Palestinians in Gaza support it, though there is nothing beyond anecdotal evidence to prove that claim. They also describe Hamas's smuggling tunnels to Egypt--which have been used to import deadly weapons--in positive terms, lamenting their supposed closure: "Residents are left to struggle just to get by."
Nowhere--not once--in the entire article do Zavis or Sobelman note the terror tunnels that Hamas has spent the past several years building to attack Israel, diverting humanitarian aid and building materials for that purpose. Nowhere do they mention the fact that Hamas is using Palestinians as human shields, or that Israel has offered many ceasefires, or that the rockets fired from Gaza are intended to kill as many Israeli civilians as possible.
The article presents "war" or "embargo" as a false choice for Palestinians, utterly ignoring the fact that Gazans could choose peace instead of either of those options. The Jewish authors faithfully report the skepticism of Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal towards a ceasefire, as if he is a reliable source and his reservations are justified. 
In sum, the article is nothing short of pro-terror propaganda, in other words, presented to readers as front-page news.
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Anonymous said...

The Failed Blob in Minnesota is so miserable because he is on the same page but can't get "mainstream" media like LA Times to publish his drivel.

Unknown said...

Enough Israel, enough. As a mother of 2 small kids, seeing these pictures is beyond heartbreaking. This is not going to win you any hearts or minds. You are fast losing the respect of the entire international community whatever is left of it. Yes you have a right to self defense but your actions are leading to indiscriminate killing and maiming of 100's of innocent children - and that is beyond the pale.

You simply cannot claim a moral high ground now. What have you unleashed? Do you have any sense of humanity left? And please do not equate your actions to the thuggishness of Hamas and their tunnels and rockets that have caused far, far less damage than the lasting damage you are causing to an entire population of innocent children.

Please, at least for the sake of children stop this madness and figure out a way to more effective self defense.

Unknown said...

One more thing:

The dead are only a small portion of the destruction of habitat and homes for an entire population....
We forget all too easily that a life left without home, without money, without food, or anything normal, is difficult beyond our imagination.

Oh the hypocrisy said...

So Cathy is the mother of two small children who sees fit to dish out her "high ground" moralizing to others.

But what would Cathy do if bloodthirsty murderers will trying to kill her own children & the only way to stop it is to kill the murderers & the human shields they erect around themselves?

The money is on hypocrite Cathy doing what it takes to defend her own children!

Unknown said...

Read "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee." It documents thoroughly how every massacre of the American Indians was blamed on the victims, the same logic the USA used in Vietnam, the same logic Israel uses against the Palestinians, the same logic the USA is using against Russia.

No context is ever reported, only the rockets, the rockets, the rockets. You try living under a brutal -- and I mean brutal -- military occupation in the West Bank, your land stolen, your water stolen, your dignity stolen for 70 years. You try living in the Gaza Strip, under siege, unable to leave, periodically bombed under cynical pretenses with 500-lb bombs that level entire apartment blocks, massacring children and other innocents.

Israel arrogantly claims its right to exist. What about the Palestinians' right to exist? The Holocaust was a terrible crime, but it does not justify taking the Palestinians' land, kicking Palestinians out of their homes, treating the Palestinians with cruelty and contempt.

The Palestinians sent zero European Jews to Hitler's gas chambers, and yet the Palestinians had their land taken away from them by foreign powers without their consent and given to the Zionists.

I am disgusted and appalled that my country, the USA, gives $3 billion in military aid to Israel every year to commit these horrendous crimes against the Palestinians.

Read "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee," then get back to me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cathy:

You shoudl read some history. But being that you are a mother of two and must be very busy watching cat videos when there is no war in Israel (FYI there is still a war in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Sudan, and a bunch of other countries) I'll spare you the trouble. Here it goes:

Many Jews lived in the region called "Palestine" way before the Holocaust. After the Holocaust many more Jews moved there.

For some reason or another the Arabs and Jews didn't get along too well and the British mandate was about to expire. So someone came up with the idea of DIVIDING the land. Not TAKING it. This would be the equivalent of granting each borough of New York City a status of a city.

The Palestinians and other Arabs didn't like the idea of not needing to not get along with the Jews if they get their own state so they started a war with the goal of killing all the Jews.( just as a side point, "killing all the Jews" does sound a bit Hitlery to me)

They failed. And then they tried again in 1967 and failed again. And they have been at it ever since - attempting to kill all Jews. Not only soldiers. Not only Israeli civilians. EVERYONE. Read the Hamas charter. They don't even try to hide it.

Gaza is no longer occupied. It hasn't been since 2005. Israel left behinde an entire agricultural infrastructure that could have generated Gaza millions and created many jobs. But Hamas burned it down.

Gazan's got billions in aid, including tons of cement for that could have been used to build fancy restaurants and hotels that could have helped Gaza's economy. But Hamas used it to build tunnels the end under Israeli kindergartens so they can one day attack and slaughter innocent kids just like your own.

I think I answered all of your arguments.

Oh, and quoting a book about an event that took place on a different continent two centuries before the conception of Israel does not even warrant a response.

A Jew whose family has been living in "Palestine" for generations before it was even called that.

True Colors said...

Didn't take long for the Lefty to say she is disgusted by her own country America too.

And she pretends to know everything about history when Yasser Arafat's grandfather was part of a special Arab volunteer division of the Nazi SS.

Cathy is just an annoying Socialist troll. She was complaining on one blog that productive rich people have most of the wealth at the expense of the poor.

This is so far the only honest thing she's had to say:

Cathy Bredier

Personally, I find meaning in ... posting gibberish on philosophy forums