Thursday, July 31, 2014

Satmar excommunicates owner of Pomegranate Grocery, because he is a Satmar Tziyoinie

Excommunication Letter Against Pomegranate Grocery Owner
One of the owners of the Pomegranate Grocery in Flatbush is a Satmar Chasid. Two weeks ago, one of his employees, a Satmar Chasid, made an anti-Israel remark, and caused customers to stop shopping in the store. 

The owner did the right thing and fired the Satmar skunk, and put up a sign in the store that Pomegranate supports Israel and its war against Gaza.

Bad mistake!
The Romanian Satmar Mafia, put signs all over Brooklyn, that he is a traitor to the irrelevant crazy Satmar "Shita,"  that he, a Satmar Chassid "sold the entire Torah" by firing a self hating Jew, posting a pro Jewish sign in the store, and caused a "Chillul Hashem that will remain to the end of days, because he agreed with the Avoda Zara (State of Israel), and because his customers will now see that a Satmar Chasid can and will forgo the entire (irrelevant) Satmar Shita for a couple of dollars"

They put him in Cheirim until he apologizes to the long deceased Satmar Rebbe, Reb Yoel Teitelbaum z"l!

Question: What do we want from the entire world, that advocates the  boycott of Israel, when we have people that are Shomrei Torah Umitzvos that hate the State of Israel, and are willing to turn over the State to the blood thirsty terrorists? 
What do they want ? They want ISIS to take over? 
What's the plan? Satmar? 



Anonymous said...

An excuse to for them to destroy Pomegranate and very soon open a competition supermarket of their own.

Anonymous said...

מחאה מדהימה ..

בעלי החיים הם שיכורים ...

הכלב שלי אכל את האמא שלי גיסה

ציונים גנבו טורבן של האמא שלי

מחאה חזקה ...

ציונים שתו משקה דיאט ללא סוכר

מחאה ... מחאה ...

ציונים ... ציונים .....

הצורה של עננים מתחילות להידמות ציונים

מחאה צורחת ....

ציונים, ציונים ....
הסוסים שלי פתאום לשיר את ההמנון הלאומי הציוני ..... התקווה ..

מחאה ... מחאה ...

הסוסים מדברים בלשון עילגת (lisp), מזימה ציונית (Zionist plot)....

הדרבי בדרך........

Anonymous said...

No official body signed this crazy letter.

It is kind of funny though when Pomegranate owner Avrohom Banda opened the Everfresh supermarket in modern orthodox Great Neck, he told people he is a Bobover because a lot of modern orthodox in that area boycott things with Satmar connections.

Anonymous said...

Hakoras Hatov :

The Christians United for Israel ( posted a full page ad in the Wall St. Journal today supporting Israel in a very powerful way.
I'm not looking at any ulterior motives , if there are any, just recognizing a friend in need, and now we need friends.( please see R' Melamed's comment on this issue in his op-ed in Arutz 7.. June 14)
Consequently, I'm contacting them and thanking them , as a Jew, for their warm support.
Just to remind everybody, that people criticized the non-Jews who didn't help during the Holocaust, meaning that if they offered help , we would have taken it gladly.
This organization is helping, and therefore I'm being makir tov...
the Derby

Anonymous said...

when has any official body signed any of their 2,ooo a year posters?

Great Neck said...

The employee was fired from the Great Neck store but the Satmar ignoramouses think that it's all the same Zionists so Great Neck must be a neighborhood of Flatbush

Anonymous said...

to 5:33
Oh, maybe you mean something like this ?

גוואַלדיק פּראָטעסט.
אַ מאַסע פּראָטעסט וועט זיין געהאלטן אָר ל 'יום 3
אין פראָנט פון די באַרימט כאַזער שלינגער
קאַרטאָפפעל לאָשיק.
הייליק ייִדיש קינדער מוזן פּראָטעסט אָן אַוסנאַם

וואַאַד לעטאַנטזערייַ טזיגאַנער

דער דערבי

Anonymous said...

Let me try and answer your 'question' what do want from the goyim if the satmare yahudim 'are willing to give over eretz yisroel to blood thirsty murderers, no no no, you didnt see or hear nor read that anywhere, its just very convenient for you to say so in satmars name, in order to paint satmar in the way you want (and wish) them to be, to further your agenda, of sechok vekalos Rosh, see Vayoel Moshe, many many places, also divrei yoel many many times, where he clearly states otherwise, (but of course you'll never admit that, cause it does not conform to your convaluted deos).

Dusiznies said...

To Anon 6:35
Show us where?
we are all waiting with bated breath!
You are a liar, of course. I read all Satmar publications and I as well as you know that you daven 3 times a day in Shemonah Esra that the State should, G-D Forbid, be obliterated in the tefilah of "V'Lamshinim al tehee sikveh"
So what is your solution, wise guy?

Anonymous said...

to 6:35,

A friend of mine has a video on his iPhone showing a Satmar young boy in Satmar camp this past week vilifying Israel in pretty awful language.He learned it from somebody. Having had sheichus to Satmar yeshiva years ago , I personally heard nasty stuff about Israel from SOME of them, and they too learned it from somebody. Maybe not all feel the same, but a significant portion do that makes it bad for the rest. So I'll ask you NOW........ Do you or don't you wish for the ch"v demise of Israel. Be honest, and speak Rachel Bitcha Haktana... not in riddles and obfuscations. Please don't insult our intelligence with fiction. Please understand that we're not all "amerikaner naronim & yolden" but some of us are heimish and I'll bet I can speak, read Yiddish better than you... So if you don't wish for that ( what I just mentioned), then I tip my derby to you, an act that I don't do for anybody except the pillow. I thank you in advance, because I'll have nothing further to comment.

the Derby
Laila Tov... Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisraael Chai Vekayam..

Pupa said...

Pupa pashkevil telling people to close their accounts on the Whatsapp app.

Anonymous said...

As a resident of Great Neck, and proud Zionist, I will continue to support Everfresh as a customer.

The Satmar's need to realize that Jews support Israel and Mr. Banda deserves praise and support for standing up for that ideal.