Sunday, July 6, 2014

Chassidim Protesting with Arabs against Israel in London

Don't tell me that they are Neturei Karta! ...
I'll only believe these bastards are Neturei Karta, when the Chassidishe Rabbonim come out with a statement that this is unacceptable!
As long as the leaders just call them a "bunch of meshigaim" we will accept the notion that they agree with this obscenity!

London - More than 1,000 people protested outside the Israeli embassy in West London today, Saturday, against Israel’s deadly new attacks on the Gaza strip.
The protest was called at just a few days notice by Palestine Solidarity Campaign and backed by Stop the War Coalition and Friends of Al Aqsa among others.
The diverse crowd included many young Muslims fasting for Ramadan, and some members of the Jewish Chassidim.

I’ve come down here to show solidarity with the Palestinian people and obviously to support their freedom and their justice, and also to protest against the collective punishment which is constantly occurring in Palestine when terrible tragedies occur, which all of the Palestinian people get punished for and get blamed for. There are hundreds of people who are trying to just live in peace in that area,” said Adam Lee, an activist at the rally.
Protesters at the event also condemned the media and called for an end to biased and one-sided coverage of the news related to the occupied Palestinian territories.
There were other protests in towns around Britain, including Glasgow where 200 people rallied in Buchanan Street.
In London, the protest began behind fences across the street from the embassy. But after a group of activists staged a symbolic “die-in” at the embassy entrance, others followed chanting “Free Free Palestine,” forcing police to close the road.


Anonymous said...

For your info, Neturei Karta has not only been condemned but also put in cherem by the chassidishe oylam.

After those lowlives went to Teheran to hug & kiss Ahmadinijad yms, they were put in cherem by the Badatz of the Edah Charedis, Rav Scheebalg's beis din in Manchester UK and even Satmar's Hisachdus was forced to condemn them or else the OU would cut off kashrus cooperation.

Neturei Karta's rep in Manchester was was attacked by a chassidishe mob at home who set his car on fire and would have immolated him next of the police had not arrived.

Monsey Neturei Karta were banned from shopping in the grocery stores in the heart of Monsey.

Anonymous said...

Yes,you are right that Satmar disagrees with them,but the only point they disagree on is the fact that they protest together with Arabs,but as far as MEDINAS YISRIOEL is concerned,Satmar and the Neturai Karta agree 100% and say openly that Israel has no right to exist,and we must pray three times a day for it's immediate demise,because it is Zionism that caused the slaughter of six million jews,and as long as Medinas Yisroel exists Moshiach cannot and will not come.
Lets not forget it is in Satmar that these crazies grew up and were educated,where they were poisoned and brainwashed in their irrational and sick hatred toward their fellow jews and toward Israel,it is the VYOEL MOSHE and the insane asylum which the Satmar chinuch is, that spawned these jew hating monsters, and of course it is the same place were these two criminally insane jew hating godfather gangster brothers Aron and Zolly grew up,is it a wonder then why this piece of human garbage 'Aron" dared to say what he said.

a former satmarer who baruch hashem saw the light

Anonymous said...

These crazies don't realize that the Muslims with whom they're demonstrating will help the British kick them out of England. The Muslims are emigrating there and in all of Europe like there's no tomorrow.
These crazies and the other fanatics really hate all goyim and consider them animals without a neshama. Yet here they're publicly supporting them against their own people and hanging out in the street with their women , no less .Only in their neighborhoods do they segregate women but with goyishe women it's ok.

Anonymous said...

The woman in the last pic to the right is half naked.

Anonymous said...

Neturei Karta's Moishe Aryeh Friedman was driven out of Vien so he ended up in Antwerpen where he does nothing but agitate. Before Pesach a year ago all the matzoh bakeries there were raided by police & shut down for health dept technicalities which led to a shortage. Friedman is suspected as massering for payback.

Once a few years ago Friedman stayed over Shabbos in Boro Park's Park House Hotel. Someone recognized him & before you knew it there was a mob of 500 shouting chassidim outside. The hotel asked the NYPD to evict Friedman in the middle of Shabbos but they said if he paid upfront there is nothing they can do. They escorted him under guard after Shabbos so that the mob would not tear him to pieces.

Mike Koplen said...

why give these loser low life clowns the publicity they crave? Ignore them. They get enough coverage on the Nazi/anti-Semitic/pro-Jihad/white supremacist sites where their sick views are presented as "proof" that the anti-Semites are correct. M. Koplen

Anonymous said...

Was this on Shabbos because they're wearing the streimel or did they put on their streimels midweek as if it's a holiday.

Anonymous said...

is it possible to find a different name for these annimals? why call them chassidim? b/c of the uniform they wear?
that's as far as it goes!!!