Sunday, July 27, 2014

Satmar says that G-D Sent Message to Car Accident Victim Brenda!

Brenda making fun of Satmar
So if G-D sent a message to Brenda, 
what message did G-D send to Satmar when Menachem Stark was murdered?

From New York Post

God must not have “liked” what she was posting.
Ex-Satmar  Brenda Turtle has been getting a rise out of the Orthodox community for nearly two years by posting racy photos of herself on Facebook and Twitter.

So when Turtle, 23, whose real name is Brenda Rosenberg, was injured in a car accident on the Belle Harbor side of the Marine Parkway Bridge last week, some in the Satmar community said it was divine intervention.
“This is a message from heaven for her to stop making perverse acts,” the Hebrew-language news site Kikar Hashabat quoted one unnamed “learned scholar” as saying.
“We believe there was the hand of God,” reads World of the Orthodox blog. “No wonder she was punished.”
“Are you finally going to listen to that [voice from heaven] and get back on the good side of Hashem?” asked Twitter user @YankyChiller, using the Hebrew word for God.

Some of Turtle’s photos show the saucy Satmar stunner draped in nothing but a tallit, a Jewish prayer shawl. Others show her bare leg wrapped in tefillin, the leather straps and boxes used by devout Jews to keep the literal word of God.

Other images show the tattooed Brooklyn bombshell with a lit cigarette dangling from her fingers, sipping on a brew while wearing nothing but a ­bikini — a no-no in the ­Orthodox world, where women are expected to dress with utmost modesty.
“I don’t need permission, make my own decisions, that’s my prerogative!” a posting on Turtle’s Twitter account @Willitzideikis declared on July 11.

Among the dizzying array of Turtle’s scantily garbed selfies are gender-bending snaps of her dressed as a man in a traditional fur hat. There are also dance videos, including one of her appearing to twerk — a far cry from the traditional hora circle dance.
“I don’t do anything illegal or crazy. It’s just that I was [observant] and now I’m not, so whatever I do . . . is considered bad. singing on a video is legal . . . posting bikini pictures is legal. Kissing a guy is legal. Smoking a cigarette is legal,” reads an Oct. 14 Facebook post. “Sex is normal to discuss, doesn’t mean I f–k ­every guy on planet . . . chill out people and let live.”

The brassy Brooklynite has built a legion of fans, whose numbers on Facebook have swelled to nearly 5,000 and on Twitter to nearly 1,500.
“She’s become like a ­celebrity,” said one source in the Orthodox community. “No rabbi has a fan base of daily followers like her!”

But her critics believe she is causing thousands of ­Orthodox Jews to sin by lusting over her photos.
“They say God acted as the bible says, ‘measure for measure’ — that’s why her car accident is a good thing, they are celebrating,” ­explained the source.

He said he’s disgusted by the “hypocrisy” of her critics, who use “fake names” to view her posts on Facebook — which is forbidden by the ultra-Orthodox, who shun aspects of modern life.
Turtle is recovering from her injuries, which are not life-threatening, police sourc­es said. She did not respond to questions.
“She believes in God and is a good person,” said a friend.
“She likes to entertain people, this is her passion. Sometimes she overdoes it.”


Anonymous said...

I have news for you. Stark was providing major funds to the Sikriki nuts in Israel. And I heard from Hungarian sources that they were quivering a bit when he was killed, wondering if it was a sign of Divine displeasure.

There was in fact a toning down of Sikriki violence & acting up after the murder.

As crazy as they are, some of them are capable on some level of "getting the message".

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you something else

The kooky letter to the editor you excerpted last week quoting the Yagel Yaakov of Mishkoltz ...

I asked a rov whose yichus goes back a long way in Mishkoltz. He said there is no way it could be a reference to the medina considering that the Yagel Yaakov become rov in 1906 and was niftar about 1935.

So then I asked a dayan in Satmar about this and he told me there are "meshugoyim ledavar echud" in Satmar who are not only obsessed with one thing only - Tziyonim - but their absurd behavior was never the intention of Satmar Ruv.

Chochma bina vodaas said...

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