Friday, July 11, 2014

Elimelech Meisels owner of 3 Girl Seminaries in Israel a Sexual Pervert

From Frum Follies
The special beis din (rabbinical court) of Chicago exists to address allegations of sexual abuse which cannot be, or will not be, directed to the criminal justice system. It is led by Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz, the Av Beis Din (court head) for both the Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC) and the Beth Din of America (BDA).

Rabbi Elimelech Meisels owns and operates several Israeli “seminaries” for post-high school, year-in-Israel religious education of young women, mostly from Yeshivish ultra-orthodox backgrounds. These include: Pninim, Binas Bais Yaakov, Chedvas Bais Yaakov and Keser Chaya. Meisels is associated with Ohr Somayach and is second author with Rabbi Dovid Kaplan of The Kiruv Files (2008)

In a ruling issued on Thursday July 10, 2014, the Beis Din reported that they believe “that students in these seminaries are at risk of harm and it does not recommend that students attend these seminaries at this time.
The ruling was signed by Rabbis Schwartz, Shmuel Feurst (Dayan of Agudath Israel of Illinois) and Zev Cohen (Congregation Adas Yeshurun).
While Meisels used the title of Rabbi until now the Schwartz Bais Din pointedly referred to him as Mr. Meisels.

Meisels is, I am told, a grandson of Michael (Mike/Elimelech) Tress. If so, his mother is Henie (nee Tress) Meisels.

A beit din is being convened in Israel to deal with this matter. I am told they will force Meisels to give up control of the seminaries. I do not know if they have succeeded to date. I suspect the Chicago Beit Din issued its ruling precisely because he refused to give up control. The Israeli Beit din is comprised of Rabbis Menachem Mendel Shafran, Chaim Malinowitz and Tzvi Gartner.


Beit Shemesh said...

Not good if Chaim Malinowitz is in charge. Ask anti-molester activist David Morris about him covering up for the Beit Shemesh pedophiles.

And is Rav Shafran any relation to the Agudah's Avi Shafran who launches PR assaults on anti-molester advocates?

This Man (Rabbi Malinowitz) is a Danger and Must Be Stopped!

Old Williamsburg said...

Philip Fishman who is today a modern orthodox scientist at M.I.T., grew up at the Agudah of Williamsburg.

In his memoir he writes about an Agudah macher who was molesting kids on Shabbos afternoons in the building. He gives you every hint that it was Mike Tress without actually saying his name.

A rov told me there were rumors for years of Mike Tress being detained by police multiple times but was released after intervention by powerful government figures.

Lakewood said...

Tress grandchildren and molestation?

Where have we heard that before?

Yerushalayim said...

Rav Tzvi Gartner is a big talmid chacham & one of the good guys. He wrote a teshuva here (page 634) that says forget about beis din and report molesters to the police.

Yonatan Ben-Zev said...

Whilst your and many other blogs do an excellent job of reporting, sometimes it is taken too far. I do not think that the Chicago Beis Din had a choice however I know Rabbi Meisels personally, my wife was in Pninim; and I do NOT believe one word. It is important to point out that Rabbi Meisels has been cooperative, he did speak to the Beis Din in Chicago, and it looks like he will cooperate with the Beis Din here.

Anonymous said...

He is a theif!!!!!! Cashed my check 2 days ago when he knew that people won't want to send their daughters to his school!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you believe a word if he admitted it!! I love people like you who believe the best in everyone. What if it was your daughters life were talking abou?!!!!

Ostrich said...

Yonatan, come join me to stick your head in the sand

Yonatan Ben-Zev said...

Anonymous: He did NOT admit it. He has denied it and is defending himself. He has withdrawn educational involvement in the sems for the sake of the students and teachers; and the Israeli Beis Din has issued a statement that there is no problem sending girls there.

Ostrich: I am not sticking my head in the sand. I know the facts surrounding this case and know that it is a bunch of lies spewed by a well connected family.

Anonymous said...

If true, he should be neutered

Anonymous said...

I was in one of Rabbi Meisels seminaries this year and I feel it is my responsibility to give over what I know. Out of everyone involved in the seminary, Rabbi Meisels was the only one who actually cared and took care of each and every one of us. He believed in people when everyone else doubted their potential, and he pushed people to grow to places they never imagined they'd reach. I've been in many meetings with him and some of my closest friends who were in his other seminaries were in meetings with him too, and none of us ever had any doubt of inappropriate behavior going on. Unfortunately, there are often people who need to be sent away from seminary for various reasons and those people get upset. This rumor was obviously started by someone who was hurt in some form either because they were kicked out or something else and this is their unhealthy and unfair way of attempting revenge. I can confidently say that I know this isn't true and Rabbi Meisels is a great man who does amazing things for the world. It would be horrible if people would stop sending their girls to pninim because many people wouldn't be frum if not for him.

Anonymous said...

1)What is this ‘Special Beis Din’? What happened to the regular one?
2)The letter states 'unwanted' why is the police not involved?
3)Who is taking ‘responsibility’ for this allegations? Israel BD, or Chicago BD? The letter says Israel BD, if so why didn't the letter just say so? Did it have a different agenda other than 'assume responsibility for this matter'?
4) 'The Beis Din believes' – seems like a poor choice in words when passing Judgement of this magnitude.
5) 'at this time' – Does anyone really believe that?
6) Is one person being judged or all the Seminaries mentioned? - Seems unjust not only to the faculty but to ALL the past, present & future students.
7) Will the Chicago BD accept the Israel BD recommendations? Or is it understood when they say has 'assume responsibility for this matter' that they will?

Sadly some people like to drop names to suit their agenda, and sometimes even fabricate facts and pin it on ‘people close to the beis din’ have told me, etc.- Classical Hear/Say. Or become spokesman for the Beis Din.

No responsible person would write this cryptic letter and disseminate it this way; for the masses to dissect each as pleases.

Anonymous said...

I went to this seminary 10 years ago people!!! I am not surprised at all this at all!!!!! I personally felt very uncomfortable when he used to comment on my clothing and making direct eye contact with his puppy eyes...and this was way back when...., over 10 years ago! Not surprised at all!!!