Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Tale of 2 Rabbonim

One Rebbe, the Sanz-Kloizenberg Rebbi visits the mother of one of the murdered boys, and gives her Chizuk, while the other, the clown, Aron Teitelbaum, the leader of thousands of Satmar Chassidim,  says that it was all her fault.
Question: Whos actions does G-D like better? Hmmm!
The Sanzer Rebbe Shlita was among the many being menachem aveil at the home of the families of the kedoshim HY”D. The rebbe visited with the Yifrach family, the parents of Eyal HY”D. The rebbe explained
“אין כל בריה יכולה לעמוד במעלתם ובמחיצתם של קדושים”.

The rebbe spoke with Mr. Yifrach explaining the level of the boys who dies Al Kiddush Hashem and the mission, they the parents were selected to fulfill. He explained “our existence as the Jewish People is dependent on our steadfast emunah in HKBH”, praising their actions during recent weeks.

When the rebbe finished being menachem aveil, he got up and went to the women’s section and spoke with Mrs. Yifrach, explaining to her that she and the other women were MeKadesh Shem Shomayim around the world.
As the search for the boys continued, the rebbe was mispallel for them as the Kosel.

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Anonymous said... dare you mention these two in the same breath? one is a Rebbe who loves every jew and spreads AHAVAS YISROEL and YIDISHKEIT wherever he can, while the other one is a jew hating Israel hating criminally insane piece of human garbage,who throughout his miserable life has spread MACHLOKES SINAS CHINAM,CHILLUL HASHEM.all over the world
This low life gangster has for the last 13 years been fighting with his other jew hating low life brother in secular courts causing one of the biggest chillul hashems in jewish history.
this FARSHTINKENE BAL GAIVAH,has the audacity and chutzpah,to rule that whoever was married in KY,WITHOUT HIM BEING MESADER KIDUSHIN,is livving in sin because the marriage is not valid,and has blacklisted the children born from these marriages as POSUL children born out of wedlock.
I have no doubt in my mind had this jew hating low life lived 70 years ago in Europe he would have been one of the chief KAPO'S torturing his fellow jews.

a former satmarer who baruch hashem saw the light