Sunday, July 20, 2014

Satmar Yiddish newspaper Dee Zeitung says the biggest threat facing Judaism is ....... כוחי ועוצם ידי

The Satmar Rebbes are terrified that the Jewish World is looking at the IDF with admiration and respect, and are worried that their irrelevant "Shita" is now being looked upon by their own Chassidim with ridicule.

This week's edition of the Dee Zeitung, a Satmar Yiddish newspaper, writes that Rabbonim are "worried about the Hashkafa part of the situation now in Israel"

They are not worried that many people, may G-D Forbid, be killed by the thousands of rockets from  Hamas, Nooooooooooooooo, they are worried that after the war, thinking Jews will attribute the success of the campaign on the greatness of the Jewish Army proclaiming         כוחי ועוצם ידי    ,  and forget that there is a G-D up there doing all the work.

I would like to ask my fellow Satmars, don't all the biographies of the Satmar Rebbe , proclaim the same   כוחי ועוצם ידי
 Don't they attribute hundreds and thousands of miracles to the Rebbi?

Don't they say that this lady, and that lady, couldn't have children, and the Rebbi promised them children? Isn't that כוחי ועוצם ידי

Don't they say that the Rebbi gave them parnassah? Isn't that כוחי ועוצם ידי
What about their attribution to the founding of the town of Monroe to the Rebbe, isn't that כוחי ועוצם ידי?

Why is it ok for the Rebbi to have כוחי ועוצם ידי
and not the Zionists?


Yerachmiel Lopin said...

What's about beating up their opponents whether between Zaalis and Aroinis or Chabad, or Klausenberg or Bnai Yoel. Isnt that kochi v'atzi?

Anonymous said...

It's not worth writing about them, every rational person knows they're insane and looney. Without the Zionists they couldn't give their papers away.
Everything that happens is the Zionists fault
except annexation in Monroe.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

to 9,51
What about GOARIM BO?

Anonymous said...

Take down the koichee oytzem yoodi signs plastered on moysdos that announce which guy paid for the building limk Nisyased al so and so. The big sign should say nisyased al the Ribboinoi shel oylam.

Anonymous said...

To 6;27
Add Bloomingburg to hisgarus b'umos.