Thursday, July 3, 2014

Satmar will Partner with the Zionist Israeli Government to grow bug-free vegetables in Jordan!

Masgichim in Jordan dressed in the Arab Kafiyeh
The Satmar Yiddish Newspaper, Dee Zeitung, reports that the Eida Hachareidus, the Satmar Hashgacha Organization, has decided to partner with the Israeli government to grow bug-free vegetables in Jordan.

The Agricultural Dept of the Government of Israel did a study to see how many Jews refuse to consume Israeli Products during Shmittah. The results were, that 15 - 18 % will not rely on the Rabbanute Shtar Mechirah.

The Eida Hachareidus therefore agreed to be the Kashrut Supervisors.
In the picture above, see Chassidishe Mashgichim wearing the required Arab Kafiyah!

The Israeli Zionist government rented or bought over a million square meters land in the Jordanian dessert. The Jordanion dessert is in Chutz L'aretz and therefore not under the Shmittah regulations. The dessert is also conducive to grow bug-free vegetables since there are no nearby wheat fields that attract bugs!

What Satmar won't do for money! I don't believe it's about the vegetables, it's all about the almighty dollar!


Anonymous said...

Edah Charedis is not Satmar although they share the same anti-Zionist hashkafa which is why they generally get along.

Anonymous said...

Both are multimillionaires.