Sunday, July 6, 2014

Shelly Dadon was murdered by an Arab Cab Driver

Nearly two months after 20 year old Shelly Dadon was found stabbed to death in a parking lot in Migdal Haemek, information about an arrest made in the case was cleared for publication by police on Sunday.

Hussein Yousef Hussein Khalifa, 34, a resident of the Arab village of A’ablin in the Galilee, was arrested on June 16 for suspected involvement in Dadon’s May 1 murder. He later confessed to committing the crime.
Khalifa was a taxi driver who provided a daily employee shuttle to the industrial area of Migdal Haemek in the Jezreel Valley.

On the day of the murder, he was waiting at a cab stand in the center of town when he was approached by Dadon, who asked for a ride to the industrial area, where she was scheduled to have a job interview, police said.
Instead of dropping her off, Khalifa took her to an abandoned parking lot near her intended destination, and stabbed her to death before fleeing the scene.
Khalifa’s motive had yet to be fully verified, police said, but the Shin Bet evaluated that the murder had nationalistic motives.



Hey Taxi! said...

When in Israel I have paid top dollar to find alternate transportation to avoid Arab taxi drivers. One of their giveaway identifiers is the bloodshot eyes from their inbreeding

Unknown said...

Label me evil if you want. From my viewpoint as a non-Jew within the USA I wonder why the countries of the West do not extract severe revenge from murderous Moslem filth. Perhaps one-million Moslems dead for ever non-Moslem a Moslem murders? The West should never allow Moslems to enter our lands. A war of annihilation is inevitable.